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  1. So many people have easy access to stock markets where you can buy silver ETFs. Silver is a real asset with an industrial use...it will never go to zero. Everyone saw what happened to GME and don’’t want to miss the party this time. It is global. Nothing to lose. I am chucking a reasonable wedge of cash in silver today and if it goes down 50%, I’ll just hold for 5 years, but it could go up many fold if the short squeeze materialises, and could easily be up thousands by Easter. This, and Gold are the battles to join. Bitcoin doesn’t hurt these ****ers directly, but silver and gold going to the moon does. Silver first, then move over to Gold to kill the beast. And the press are actually on to this at the start, which means it will gain momentum quickly. https://apple.news/A99R3PVh0SdSo7uhYUGIYIA
  2. I know, it’s all about getting ahead of the curve, riding the wave, and jumping off before you hit the rocks. The same applies to Bitcoin. They will find a way of taxing gains...only they are allowed power and wealth, not us stinky proles.
  3. I thought the Chinese government were refusing to recognise these passports, and not letting them leave. I have mixed feelings. I think it is the right thing to do, and I like Hong Kongers having been there about 5 times and worked been friends with a number over the years, on the other hand I don’t want to competing with potentially wealthy people for homes. If we were building new homes to meet the demand, fine, but we aren’t. However, my gut feeling is that many will want flats in London and that will help soak up some of the excess there.
  4. +1 Quite embarrassing seeing these people who have been on the earth 15 years saying that something that has and always will be desirable, will suddenly not be. I understand Bitcoin, but gamestop is more of a tangible asset than Bitcoin. There is no fundamental reason that Bitcoin can’t go to zero...I don’t believe it will, and that it may well go to 100k, 400k whatever, but I won’t risk serious money on something so abstract when there are more obvious choices. Gold is something you can hold in your hands that has been a trusted store of wealth since forever. Governments are petrified of it, which is why they continually try to crush its price. Gold and silver are the ultimate anti-establishment assets, and represent true freedom.
  5. This for me is the establishment thing to target...Gold. Look at yesterday. Gold started to break out, then in overnight trading gets monkey hammered back down. This has been going on for years now. JPM are the bastards doing this. At some point, if enough money floods into physical Gold and ETFS, they won’t be able to to stop the flood and there will be all kinds of damage done.
  6. Also, I do think it would be good if those who are following the different reddit or Twitter threads that are driving the mass buy ins, share it on here. Get a Revolut account, chuck a few hundred quid in and start having some fun, and at the same screw these bastards.
  7. Back to the OPs point about buying silver, or indeed Gold ETFs. You can actually also buy little chunk of physical gold on platforms like GoldMoney...albeit with a flat storage fee. People buying Bitcoin does not hurt the system really. If everyone moved their money over, then of course, that would, but not going to happen. However, what would happen if there was the same mass move into Gold or Silver ETFs. The Fed and so on have spent years suppressing the price of Gold, with JPM being the major patsy from my understanding and doin massive overnight selling of gold when it starts to rally. Would this be more effective than targeting the odd hedge fund?
  8. Exactly, just because they have wrote a bit of code, or trampled over others to the top and become successful they believe they have all solutions for the human condition. More often than not these types are complete sociopaths, hence their desire to control others. They are the very worst people to making decisions for others.
  9. I was going to post that after reading it on ZH. Really good analysis, and not nutty at all.
  10. That us precisely where we are. We have made a couple of offers over the past 6 months, one accepted, but we withdrew, one was at asking, but the seller got cold feet. We are conscious of the money we are burning in rent (and it is lots as we went large with our rental), but at the same time don’t want to “buy an average house at premium prices” because the market is nuts. We have banned ourselves from Rightmove for a month (1 week in now) as I feel things are changing, and I want to get a better line of sight with the budget. Before we stopped looking, things had started to turn on our area with a third to half of houses “NO CHAIN”...and many being reduced significantly...that was not happening up until Jan 7th.
  11. West Sussex here. The market was red hot up until the first week of January, but suddenly frozen solid. Not much new coming on, and those that do are often kite fliers, but also seeing lots of “NO CHAIN” and significant numbers of reductions. I also sense that quite a lot of the new builds are sitting around a long time. I have deliberately decided to not even look at Rightmove for a month now until the whole SD debacle is through the system. We will know before the budget if Sunak is going to extend the holiday, but the fact that there has been no announcement suggests that it is one of two things: 1. No extension at all. 2. An extension only for those who have exchanged contracts but are stuck in the system and will miss the deadline for logistical reasons. The latter is the most likely, but if he was going to extend for the whole market, it would have been trailed by now so as to avoid the cooling we are seeing. Maybe he is a decent bloke after all.
  12. Too late to change it now, so suck it up, they own you all (and me). Just glad I don’t have kids.
  13. I saw the press conference for the preview for Davos. Old Klaus looked quite disturbed, but determined. TPTB are indeed nervous, the Dems are now allowing discussion of the virus having lab origins...maybe they weren’t planning on quite such an ability for it to mutate.
  14. I was phoned by an EA that I had made an offer through a few weeks ago. Despite offering asking price, and being nearly all cash, the vendor pulled out because of lockdown and uncertainty. Anyway, the EA called me to say that a local builder needed to offload some properties that weren’t selling. I had been eyeing them for a while, and was considering a viewing. He said that they were likely open to big reductions. Current asking k600. I have also noticed lots and lots of No CHAINS on RM, and quite a lot reductions. I am hoping this gas are finally starting...of course with budget round the corner, the vile Tories will come up with something to stuf the builders pockets with more cash.
  15. He may, I suspect he will create a cut off date for exchange of contracts or something like that.
  16. That is it...you have nailed the enigma of Winkie...a stoner!
  17. I sometimes try to think about who you are. What is the inspiration for your thinking? Your evasion of conflict, or controversy, and yet a subversive undercurrent. Intriguing, enigmatic, evasive, and a touch annoying at times. Are you the Budhha?
  18. Oh dear. Referendum. European elections 2019. GE 2019. I guess you want best of 7 now.
  19. And there we have the problem with modern education in a short passage. Take the stinky stick out of your but, insert it in your gob and do us all a favour.
  20. You are the problem. Yours and the millions like you who have complete intolerance of all views that don’t align with yours is the source of so much ill today. It is (collective) you and your arrogance that pushed so many from the centre and created Trump. Your conceit that only you are able to think correctly and that anyone who deviates from that position is a “Mail reading idiot”. In my life I have adopted positions both left and right on different issues, but you...you are incapable of nuance, empathy or reasoned thinking. You are the disease at the heart of our society that was once tolerant and pleasant. You will reap the whirlwind you sow.
  21. Lol, oh the irony hearing someone like you talking about the idiot end of the population. Teehee.
  22. The Mail is a mixed bag in terms of reporting and those who never read it and use generalisations to smear all those who visit the site are very ignorant of not only the broad range of views but also its power. It is very popular in the UK because it is free. It is also one of the few sites that represents the center right viewpoint that has dominated UK politics pretty much forever. People here and on the Guardian seem to forget that outside of London and Brighton, most people are small c conservative and detest the BBC/Guardian type thinking. The Mail has writers who are dead center, and those who on the right, like Peter Hitchens. Their editor in chief is very much of the center. If you never visit the Mail, then you you will never understand what other people are thinking. There is lots of tabloid trash stories, but some reasonable analysis as well. It is the lower middle class yardstick of public opinion, just like the Sun/mirror are working class, and the Telegraph/Times/Guardian are middle class yardsticks. I look at most newspaper websites....subscribe to the Telegraph, but visit the BBC, Guardian and Mail. That way you get a better viewpoint. The comments sections are often the best bits, especially the Daily Telegraph, and I would be very surprised if senior Tory politicians didn’t have underlings reporting back on the most up liked comments on some articles. It is, as others have pointed out, a cheap way of doing focus groups.
  23. I bought a fairly huge chunk of Oil stock here, the US and Canada a few days after you. Everyone in the know was screaming how ridiculously under priced BP, Exxon et al were. Not made out like Bitcoin, but I will be holding these for years and one day they will pay big dividends compared to the price I paid. Yummy.
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