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  1. im perfectly aware that the UK has imperfections, just as im perfectly aware that Germany does too being part German myself I take a keen interest in the country. That was my point
  2. well said Jake, Wuluf is a self satisfied gimp who seems oblivious to his own countrys imperfections. Germany's been in recession for the past decade, unemployment there is in double figures, their economy actually contracted last 1/4, the World Health Organisation now rates the NHS as superior to Germany's equivalent, Britain's economy has on average grown at double the rate of Germany's for the past *20* years and last year overtook Germany in GDP per capita, and as the icing on the cake last year the NDP (neo nazi party) made sweeping gains in the Saxony regional elections finishing just
  3. You said yourself the place was a hellhole so it doesnt sound like decent housing. If you wanna live on a sink estate, get 40 odd quid a week, have no prospects and spend all day watching Trisha then go for it, 'play the game'...personally tho I think it sounds like a really shit game. Better to wait for house prices to crash imo and carry on renting in a nice area for now. The cost of buying a house is definitely frustrating as hell but I dont think the ones to blame are the unemployed living in public housing...
  4. lol well said mikthe20. I love the way after your post, it starts to degenerate into a 'political correctness gone mad' rant too. lol.
  5. in a word, no. Its merely knocking off 20% plus on the first rung of the ladder but what about when someone needs to move up to the next step due to getting married or having kids or whatever...do the next 2 up give that person 40K to keep the house of cards going? Its just a bureaucratic version of a house price crash. I think the fact you took the time to come up with this system shows that FTBs are still very important...its the johnny come lately 'investors' who are about to go extinct if anything
  6. lol come off it, you cant say British women are gruesome...true theres a lot of overweight people here which isnt exactly attractive but I see plenty of nice looking girls around...plus weve basically been a bunch of mongrels for about the past 1500 years so theres lots of different types of people with roots from all over Europe and now the World. Something for all tastes Anyway probably getting a bit off topic this.
  7. Britain was the *first* country to abolish slavery in Europe in 1807. Infact you could argue the industrial revolution helped facilitate getting rid of slavery because machines could do the work even cheaper and you probably know in which country that started in...and that it was that revolution that played a major part in Britain achieving economic might...or maybe you dont... Also which country do you come from? A country without crime, without poverty, a place whos rulers have never oppressed other people/ weaker countries and all its women are beautiful. Not sure if i can think of a E
  8. the UK is actually 12th! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UN_Human_Development_Index Personally I like living in England a lot...longest ive ever been away is for 2 months in Canada (British Columbia, nice place)so im not saying im an expert or anything, and obviously there are some things Id like to change, but for me theres no place like home.
  9. http://www.proviser.com/regional/postcodes/ This any good? You can search by postcode (click on the letter the postcode begins with in 'alphabetical index' on the top left hand side, scroll down the page to find the code, then click 'Property Prices' in the yellow box) and it shows stuff like the average price, change since 1995, change for the past 12 months, number sold etc - all under the heading 'Property Price Analysis', left hand side. Pretty interesting site but no idea how accurate the info is - dont think they say where they get their data from...plus theyre a mortgage company.
  10. An interesting essay from some free newsletter i get. This bloke is not a permabear and seems to know what hes talking about. Pretty long - and ive cut some of it out - but interesting. you can read the full thing from: http://www.frontlinethoughts.com/article.asp?id=mwo121704 The Canary in the Coal Mine In 1996, the New York Federal Reserve did a study on what indicators were the most reliable predictors of a recession. The only one of six indicators that was significantly reliable was an inverted yield curve. They later did a private study with over 20 factors and still the only depen
  11. good thinking...they can hire the estate agent who valued it as the headline act (bound to be looking for work by then too)
  12. Couple more from Oxford. student slum or £560,000s worth of prime real estate.. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-374..._t=buy&chnl=buy a bargain at £250K. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-391..._t=buy&chnl=buy Bring on the crash
  13. hi people, thought you might be interested in this. The local news tonight ran a report on how house prices in this part of the world have 'tumbled' and said that some property owners have been 'forced to drop their asking price by as much as £50,000'. Heres some of the other facts that came up: * Oxford - houses currently taking 6 times longer to sell than they were at the start of the year *Gloucester - the average house is now selling for 93% of its asking price compared with the start of the year when it was @100% *Milton Keynes - typical home losing £3500 a month *In the central
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