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  1. yep as soon as I mentioned not in full time employment both LA's inthe area put the phone down on me, they have got dozens of properties empty for months but still dont want any benefit claimants. Its a lowish employment area as well as its seasonal work mainly.
  2. how do I know what cannabis smells like as I have never used it. also I reported my neighbour as a suspected cannabis grower, the police werent interested, they were so laid back it was unbelievable.
  3. Ok I am needing to move mainly for health reasons and as I claim houising benefit have very limited choice in the market. I found by chance a private landlady not using a letting agent in the area i want to move to and negotiated with her and she is willing to take me on, however I negotiated too far so then renegotiated saying I didnt have so much ready cash and now the deal is this. The reason i did that is I feel the risk of them doing a runner is too high now as they seem desperate for cash. I pay 3 months rent in advance. Bond to be sorted out during the initial 6 months. initial 6 m
  4. interesting, is first I heard of this. So the tories made no ammendmants etc. they simply made people aware of it?
  5. if only we could all print money. Now if wages inflated then no problem I believe debt deflation could work, the problem is official inflation figures will be spoofed and wage inflation will remain low.
  6. The nhs is bloated for sure, my opinion of it is low at the moment. As some already know, I am on incapacity benefit, I am 31 years old and have had my health problem since I was 25 and a half. When my problem was new to me I must have made easily 30 or 40 GP visits within a year, out of those visits I had maybe 5 or 6 hospital refferals which led to some MRI scans on my head and back and was told no obvious problem found. At that point the GP's gave up and all my latest visits I get the impression they think I am either lying or they don't consider it serious. Now when nhs direct first wa
  7. such a policy splits britian into two and a civil war would start. I guess thats why the police are needed to defend the new upper class this would serve?
  8. watched the clip, I only seen him talk about raising muslim representation in the parliament, nothing said about housing.
  9. Well the flaws of LHA are raising itself. LHA for a start has to a big of a catchment area, so as someone else has said it can lead to high rents for grotty properties because it also covers better areas. But at the same time it should also mean it underpays for the better areas. For example me a current housing benefit claimant if I moved on to LHA I would get less benefit as the LHA rate in my area is not enough to pay my rent (395 a month). This shows how some areas have got out of control, my area the LHA rate is just £80 a week for a 1bed property (55 a week for a bedsit/room) and £95
  10. that graph is someone's dream? seems very detached from reality. or perhaps bankers bonuses have pushed the averages up.
  11. 18% average? some people must have very low interest rates, mine is 34%.
  12. then how can he afford it whilst property empty?
  13. I dont sign any tenancy agreements now until landlord has signed first.
  14. Here is my story. First severn trent are sending 2 bills to this address, one for me, and one for some guy I have no idea who it is. I told them politely 3 times to remove his record at this address and they said they would do it but clearly havent, so I am now witholding my own bill until its done. Strangely I get no reminders but they keep coming for this other guy. Second lloyds tsb sent a letter to someone else, I opened it and some guy has brought and paid for house insurance at this address, some months later after various monthly statements a letter says they have cancelled the poli
  15. LL's make me laugh at times. It seems 90% of property owners feel young proffessionals are the ideal tenants and then start rejecting what is otherwise. What they dont realise is they cutting themselves off from chunks of the market.
  16. yeah I see no problem with the death tax. What I have a problem with is people whoring cash, sure people should save up for things they want to buy, but then to just keep saving more and more without putting it in the economy is bad for the rest of us. Forcefully taking 10% on death seems fine to me.
  17. I am not surprised one bit. There is what I see 3 different shopping scenarious. 1 - Town centre, lots of walking, pay to park, dingy looking (mine is). 2 - Out of town shopping park, free parking, nicer looking, less walking. I put supermarkets on this category also. 3 - Internet shopping, cheapest usually out of the lot, dont need to leave own home. Funny enough my council I feel did something very silly, they pedestranised big chunks of the city centre. The result was, people with mobility problems such as myself seriously upset, even fit and healthy people who catch buses etc, now h
  18. can I ask why you been age discriminate? the fit and healthy should be actively looking for when when claiming benefit regardless of age. But I do see and hear time and time again the young getting special preference when it comes to abuse aimed at the unemployed.
  19. That article wasnt what I expected it raises a very good point. Take a person on benefit. They try to start been a sole trader for example. But they need a period of time of financial security whilst the income from what they doing would not be enough for them to live on. The only workable solution for that person is to not declare the income and then declare it when the time is right. One big weakness of the current benefit system is its a all or nothing on specific benefits, if you doing any kind of work you lose the benefit and as such anything you declare needs to be enough to live on
  20. to be fair to shelter they are the only organisation I know that pubished a housing benefit rule that allows claimants to stop waiting for months on end for a decision. The rule been can get 'payment on account'.
  21. food for thought, 30-50% sacked. so lower public services bill. However unemployment as a result shoots up so higher social welfare bill. Who is going to give these people new jobs? I guess the motto is its cheaper to pay them JSA than a living wage.
  22. From my own experience, a wealthy person or someone who owns a company will have a fixed figure in their head on what they consider acceptable tax. If the government increases the top tax rate then I assume all that happens is they declare a lower income and as such still only pay that fixed figure. So to me it seems obvious the problem. The government either doesn't have the means or the willpower to come down on the wealthy, so new tax revenue generally has to come from the poor since people on PAYE have no choice it is taken directly out of their wages. I have come to the conclusion mon
  23. If FPTP was scrapped I believe they would have far more seats then they have now. I am sort of in the category you said, I know labour are a problem but the tories are not the fix.
  24. Here is me at the bottom of the scale. Income per month 720 - excluding council tax benefit that factored into outgoing council tax rent 395 council tax 17 food 120-160 landline 12 broadband 20 mobile 35 sky 20 electric/gas average over year I would say about 40 water 10 tv licence 13 debt commitments 15 I think thats pretty much it of regular outgoings, in terms of cuts well sky is planned to go and I will be ok with freesat, Virgin media cable now available so I am considering dropping the BT landline, broadband and getting a combined cable package. Mobile phone contract ends i
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