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  1. The trick is to limit your personal involvement in this. If you're absolutely dependant on house prices crashing to enable you to buy, this is inevitably going to affect your judgement. You'll be looking for signs which aren't there and getting increasingly despondant. This forum isn't just about bitter and jealous FTBs. While I have now saved up enough to buy my desired house outright without the burden of a mortgage, I have decided not to do so as I believe UK house prices do not represent value for money. If this state of affairs continues, I will buy abroad instead and I urge others to
  2. This is true. I am an average IT banking contractor. My colleagues rates vary between £400 per day and £800 per day. I find myself in the middle of that bracket. Mind you it's stressful yet tedious and you can expect to get kicked out on a corporate whim. Then rehired a week later for a higher rate
  3. Forgive my ignorance but are not estate agents legalled obligated to pass on the details of an offer to the seller? I didn't think they could just laugh and refuse.
  4. Agree with you absolutely. One thing though; 'Morron' is spelt 'Moron'.
  5. "Two factors are thought likely to stay the MPC's hand. The first is that there is some evidence the Bank has managed to pull off a soft landing for the housing market which, after weakening steadily for the past 15 months, is now showing tentative signs of stabilising. Mortgage approvals have started to pick up, even though house-price inflation is still falling." 'The housing market has been 'weakening steadily'. So not falling then just going up a bit less dramatically than before. 'House price inflation is still falling'. We don't have house price inflation - we have deflation. When hou
  6. Well maybe stupid. Anyway.. How exactly is the average property price calculated? How do monthly rises/falls affect the average house price figure? Two methods of calculation spring to mind; 1. Just take the combined price of all the properties sold in the last month divided by the number of properties. Compare it against the previous month's. Very simple. 2. Take the average sale price of the properties sold in the last month as in 1.) but weigh it in proportion to the nationwide average. If, as in method 2.) you assume that houses either not for sale or that are for sale but haven't so
  7. No idea how many yet, & no press release as far as I'm aware. Fortunately I work in a department not subject to the changes.
  8. It's true. I work there. Don't think the impact will be noticeable in the wider context though
  9. http://firstrung.co.uk/articles.asp?pageid...&articlekey=668 Olympic feel good factor fails to stop London prices losing their froth In a dramatic reversal of fortune London has lost its mantle of being the most expensive European capital for property. To shift from first to fifth inside twelve months indicates the severity of the slow down of property values in the UK according to a new survey by the property firm Era Immobilier. Cities regarded as financial centres rank highest, whilst the administration engine of Europe, Brussels, represents the best value for money. The city of Lu
  10. As for trying to convince others - I've long since given up. Seems people will do almost anything to avoid taking the trouble to think for themselves. Everybody loves a tip, a snippet of advice. They don't question the source or the competency of the analysis. And for those thinking that come the crash people will be stoning the windows of building societies and burning Kirstie at the stake, you will be dissapointed. They won't do this for fear that they won't receive any more advice.
  11. Is your life getting a bit dull & repetitive? Fed up grinding out the 9-5 hours each day? Why not fantazise the end of the western world. Feel free to ponder scenarios including nuclear war, economic collapse and the end of civilisation as we know it. Who knows, perhaps a deadly disease could break out from the deepest Congo infecting all society rendering the authorities helpless and the population decimated. How would you survive? Maybe something a bit less dramatic.. how about the world economy continues to convert from an industrial to a service based economy and nobody grows food
  12. I tend to agree. Being bearish on the house market and pessimistic re the economy is one thing but predicting the downfall of western civlisation does little for the credibility of the forum nor the posters involved. Get a grip!
  13. FYI An increase in the volume of transactions is not the same as an increase in house prices. House sale prices cannot fall without sales. The more sales at lower prices... well you get the picture. Any piece of housing news is generally twisted to represent an imminent recovery.
  14. I cycle to work - it's 11 miles each way into central London I don't have to spend extra time going to the gym or paying the exorbitant fees Nor do I have to pay for public transport Nor do I get sick from breathing in other people's germs And it burns off an extra 1200 calories per day (approx) - which is the equivalent of 2.5 big mac's!! http://www.mcdonalds.co.uk/resources/img/s...t/Nutrition.pdf I'm lovin it
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