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  1. Hi Realistbear Thank you very much for trying to bring this thread back on topic. Unfortunately though I feel that “Not So” Casual Observer has spoilt it for everyone, especially the bears……. Woot ! Go Bears !! So I wonder is it possible to get the MODS to lock the thread (not delete it) and let it fall down the rankings. Then if you have the time could you please post the interesting news item again on a new thread so people can enjoy it without having to wade through the cr@p ? I am sorry your thread got sidetracked as it was always my intention to keep it going and to stop Casual Observer from spoiling it but his refusal to go to another forum left me no option. I don’t regret it one bit though as I have made more friends from this thread than on any other I have been on before. So thanks again Realistbear and please keep on posting the good stuff !!!
  2. Hi New Darker Law Thanks, CO is just looking for a fight and he picked on someone who gives as good as he gets. If you look at the start of this thread you will see that I was actually being nice to CO when he decided to have a pop at me. Well I suppose it gives realistbear a break which was the whole idea !! I’ll bet , but he tried to imply it on the other thread. Yeah I know but it is implied. “graduated as a teacher same time as me”. Also it was his post when he pretended it wasn’t when he said “You read someone else's posts - Prat!!” You have got to have a laugh at this from this thread. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=30852 I didn’t want CO to destroy this thread as he has clearly done. So I suppose it doesn’t matter now but I wanted to take it off topic where I could give him an intellectual kicking so to speak !! Thanks for your public support anyway, I have also had a few e-mails too, nobody seems to like him !!
  3. Ha ha what Hutton Mount, Shenfield has a different time zone does it !! Gimp. You really are so full of it. Lost again I see.
  4. Are you still very tired from your sleepless night ? I believe what you really mean is, oh no I can’t answer any of these points either, what sort of trouble have I got myself into ? Show me where. You still haven’t answered my points over nearly 2 pages !! Still desperate to get out of it I see. You started it I gave you opportunity to get out of it, so now I will finish it. Only in your dreams, Although I know you’re not sleeping too well recently. Ha ha I’ve caught you out !! ….. Again ! Gimp. From here. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...pic=30144&st=45 It was your post !! Gimp. I notice you still need to edit your posts, you really are breaking down now. Don’t worry I know how you are feeling, I have seen it before. It will all be over soon as you are only coming back with shorter and shorter posts. Eventually you will fade away. You want to take a look at Casual Observer’s previous post history. I only looked at the first few pages. He does this sort of thing quite regularly. He gets quite nasty in some of them, for example. You have been sussed Casual Observer. AAAWWWOOOOOGGGGAARRGGHHHHH !!
  5. Shame you were too tired to do that in the first place ! You had an early morning didn’t you ? Or was it a sleepless night !!
  6. Ok I gave you the opportunity to take this to another thread to avoid polluting the main discussion forum with your one man attempt to preserve your ego. You decided not to take the opportunity to do the decent thing and take this to an appropriate forum. From now on you are responsible for this threads new direction and should the MODS decide to take action then it is solely your responsibility from now on. On your head be it as I will be able to prove I was provoked into replying here even after offering to take it elsewhere. I haven’t seen any “de-bunking” going on, just ego self preservation and trolling. Show me where you de-bunked Realistbear. This is another lie. Please quote me where I said I wanted to end it. You are not going to win by lying. It makes you seem a bit silly, almost like you are looking for an argument or a way out yourself…..hmm maybe that’s it. Have you got “special needs” or something ? I joked about having to explain things to you several times before you understood. I will repeat what I said earlier “If you want to continue to troll and bitch at me I suggest you start a new thread in the troll sub forum or at least the off topic forum. I am sure neither of us wants to cause trouble in the main discussion forum and I am certain we can have much more fun down there. Just don’t write on this one and get it taken off because it’s not fair on everyone else.” “See you there, if you dare !!” is hardly “desperate to end it,” Idiot, what part of “See you there, if you dare” means end it ? Err….I did that because you said, in a very pompous manner, the following. “P.S You like the old emoticons don't you? What's up, can't you express yourself very well with words?” There were also other points which you couldn’t answer. Also if you look back, you go back over your posts and edit them, I don’t. I wonder what other errors you have covered up in the edit ? Or are you so flustered you just rant away and then retract it ? You’re cracking I can tell. Another lie, please stop these lies as it is very difficult to put things straight when you just lie. How can I argue against a lie ? Please try to avoid things like that as it just makes your whole post nonsense. You have failed to answer any of my points and that’s why you cr@pped yourself and started on about emoticons. If you look back through the thread you have, rather conveniently not replied to nearly all my points. It will be interesting if you can back up your ego and actually answer some of them. I very much doubt it though as you know you are struggling already. You are so easy, it’s one of the first signs of breaking when you start to lie. To think you were the one accusing me of being “desperate to end it”. You called it too soon. You are so keen to finish it aren’t you, are you feeling tired now ? Do you just wish you hadn’t started on me in the first place ? Your keenness to finish it just makes a mockery of the whole thread and I am beginning to think you are simply trying to get this thread taken down especially after your refusal to take this elsewhere. I have had another look over this entire thread as something about you puzzled me. You seemed to try to pick a fight with me right at the start and strangely after I stuck up for you. I just couldn’t understand why you felt the need to try to make yourself seem important. So, I decided to look at the first few pages of your post history and all became very clear. You were a teacher !! Ha ha you just can’t stand anyone standing up to you as you must be used to bulling kids ? That must be why you use children’s arguments in an adult writing style, name calling and oh I win, I win !! You are such a gimp. Imagine if the parents of the kids you taught could read what you have written here. I bet you were one of those really nasty teachers aren’t you ? I am sure you loved the power you had over those children didn’t you gimp ? You also seem to have a fetish about correcting people’s grammatical abilities. This must be the pompous teacher in your personality. On another thread you wrote. You are obsessed man !! You’re a bit kinky about it aren’t you ? You have also confessed to trolling before, as you are doing here in fact. I think you are heading to get banned here as well. There is no need for me to go on reading back posts as that is a bit sad after all and bordering on obsessive. Actually something you might do. What is said here is much more important. I suggest if you wish to carry on defacing this thread then show me how clever you are and answer all my previous points instead of cr@pping yourself and trying to pretend they are not there. If you can’t answer them there is little point in you claiming any sort of victory as you will have clearly just avoided the argument ! I just noticed, you couldn’t sleep worrying about me, you got up at 05:17 AM on a bank holiday to sneak your post onto here in the hope I wouldn’t notice it, so lame. Well at least you are spending your time trying to have a go at me instead of stopping Realistbear from posting some useful content. I told you before, its working ! I will give you another chance to take this to an appropriate forum, I think the fact you insist on continuing your ego trip on this thread is selfish in the extreme. Try to be a man about it and do the decent thing. If you wish to try to recover a little self respect do so by starting a new thread in the off topic forum or I would assume the troll sub forum may be more appropriate ! If you reply here, particularly with a smart ar$e smug, just want the last post sort of a comment then we will stay here. It’s your call teacher.
  7. Ha ha you got me, but I wasn’t getting uppity about using emoticons to be fair. Actually is that all you got me on ? There was an awful lot of other stuff to reply to or do I win all those ? Well I suppose loose one little battle to win the war ! Clearly. This thread was essentially dead earlier this afternoon and until you dug it up again to bitch at me it was a relatively good one. I don’t want to allow you to get it deleted as is clearly your intension. Realistbear has put a lot of good points across in this thread and others may find it interesting in the future. If you want to continue to troll and bitch at me I suggest you start a new thread in the troll sub forum or at least the off topic forum. I am sure neither of us wants to cause trouble in the main discussion forum and I am certain we can have much more fun down there. Just don’t write on this one and get it taken off because it’s not fair on everyone else. See you there, if you dare !!
  8. Then funnily enough you came out with this !! What’s “raed” and “may not feels so” You are such a good laugh. Are you doing this on purpose ? I hope you are really this funny and not just faking it. You shouldn’t put the word “and” after a comer. I’m flattered, I and many others didn’t bother to read yours. You walked straight into this one. I said this earlier, if you had paid attention. "Now Casual Observer please leave Realistbear alone so he can continue to provide something constructive to the forum. Many here really appreciate his efforts as he makes a sizable contribution to the “quality” posts. If you still feel compelled to have a go at someone then please have a go at me. This way I will be able to do my bit for the forum by keeping you occupied and prevent you from taking up Realistbear’s valuable posting time." Quote me. Yes I saw them play at Donnigton Park. It was a good gig, I particularly liked the stupid sounding one, rather like now. Ha ha you cr@pped yourself then didn’t you ? You thought I might think I had another supporter there !! Ha ha and you felt it necessary to point that out, you are so lame. Come on I’m sure you can do better than this, anyway at least it’s giving Realistbear a break from you. It’s working.
  9. Yes unfortunately it seems necessary to do that to get through to you. Ask Realistbear !! Actually….yes ! Occasionally, some members here give me a feeling of superiority. How patronising is that ? I may not be as slow on the uptake as some and as a result need less time to understand things. Challenge, yes, constantly asking the same question and failing to comprehend the answers given is quite another. Ha ha “We are considerably richer than youuuseee”. Sorry but I couldn’t give a to$$. Oh please don’t change sides now I was just starting to have a laugh with you. Oh dear are we feeling bullied ? Name calling is a little bit sad, but whatever gets you off is fine as long as you are just venting at me and you leave Realistbear to do some serious posting. Rant away , come on give me a good handbagging. I’ll give you a tip, I’m pretty much unshockable so make it good.
  10. Hurray !!!!!! God bless ya !! Err… just one small question, how many weeks will it take..... Oh no not that one again.
  11. How the f#ck can they call that detached ! My God is that what they call detached nowadays ? You couldn’t walk around that place if you had your arms stretched out.
  12. Ha ha Jesus, that’s got to be the winner ! £229,950 for that dump. Do you think that if you paid the asking price they would chuck the van in with the sale ? It looks like the Dingles house ! Good find jonewer.
  13. Great idea for a thread !! I bet there are going to be loads on here !! I nominate this dump. This tiny house has just changed estate agents and has reduced a further 9K. Mind you, my mate who actually took the time to view it ( and regretted it bitterly ) said it is worth more like £170,00 to £190,000 instead of the £369,000 they were asking !! It’s actually on a static home chav caravan site with an open sewer behind it !! The worlds gone mad ! Read more about it here. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...05entry387888
  14. We do, we do, but it’s so painful waiting for the correction !!
  15. , a simple, efficient and elegant sentence, you could almost say it was German engineered ! “Vorsprung Durch Technik”.
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