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  1. Not that huge with the right property; those eventualities relating to fire/boiler/rent no pay can be covered, relatively cheaply, with insurance. The biggest point here is the bulk of capital is preserved for the next generation. It is in fact the annuity that goes up in flames should you be in the unfortunate position of pegging it in the near future..Remember there are 3rd party leeches sucking from the annuities system as well.
  2. Not just Nat West, they keep playing the FSCS advert over and over on the radio as well, assuring us that our money is protected. Yep, time to panic!!
  3. True, but the trouble is how we, the sheep, put the central bankers out to pasture, when we are in fact the ones that are being farmed and shackled by these policies?
  4. This chart was pin point accurate until one of those kunts on the MPC spilt a flute of champagne all over the paperwork at the rate setting meeting..
  5. More kids walking than relying on the car, good news all round. Although it would tend to suggest that tax revenues from drives will be falling which will be bad news for govt finances as I bet they had it increasing on their magic extrapolated graphs. In the London Boroughs the problem is mainly due to the "choice agenda". 70% of the kids at our primary school are driven because the parents choose not to send them to the school which is within walking distance, despite there being a perfectly good school at 0.5 mile radiuses all over the borough. Their reasons; chasing bullsh1t OFSTED sta
  6. We have ours set up like this. The hot water circuit of the combi supplies our kitchen and bathroom sink. The radiator circuit also heats up a quick heat 40L hot water tank which supplies a pumped bath and shower (because the combi can't suppy water fast enough and the shower doesn't go cold or slow when someone turns a tap on in the kitchen). The 40L tank is supplied by a preheated solar tank so have the best of both worlds of having some heat on demand and some preheated water for faster supplies like a pumped shower..
  7. Yes, I know, I was just trying to give an example that a combi was sold as a "more efficient" boiler, in that the water is heated on demand. But in reality, in the whole scheme of things the cost of ownership even including all the money saved in gas is blown out of the window when the cost of service visits due to their extra complexity is taken into consideration. especially when you include the petrol burnt running around in service vans, and parts logistics etc as per the original post. This could be compared with the further levels of complexity that exist in condensing boilers in their
  8. [quote name=Oh Well ' date='09 December 2009 - 07:26 PM' timestamp='1260386813' post='2288288] As with everything to do with politics the truth is hard to see through the vested interests and down right lies. The efficiency figures quoted for condensing boilers are NEVER achieved in real life. These only occur in the laboratory with a 70C flow and 40C return on the central heating. The new boilers are more complicated and need servicing more often. This additional service cost will be much more than any notional saving though increased efficiency. There will be no saving in Carbon, as the
  9. How do you think the employment situation will affect this scenario? Surely pent up demand will be dependant on people's ability to earn money especially in an environment where cost of living inflation (food, energy etc) is eroding disposable income?
  10. Last IFA I spoke to said house prices only ever go up He accused me of being a "bitter and gloomy" doom monger! Good job I ignored the [email protected]
  11. Which one of those kits did you buy and how long did it take to set up?
  12. A favourite one peddled around our way (SE London) "House prices to soar because of the Olympics"
  13. As per the other thread on the off topic forum; I remember deriding my girlfriends Grandad for his advice to panic buy petrol 3 or 4 days before the petrol strikes started, way before the real panic buying started (based on his greater wisdom of human behviour through experience). Whilst he drove where he liked for the duration of the strike I was stuck at home without transport whilst the local supermarkets were cleared of bread and milk. All that was left for me to say was - ee aw ee aw ee aw!!!! Now, would be a perfect opportunity for terrorists, who no doubt wait in the shadows, to stic
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