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  1. FT - FSA rapped over buy-to-let schemes
  2. I liked it. The only change I would make is a percentage box next to the capital appreciation cell, so the user can put in their estimated fall/gain. Having said all that I've just done a deal to rent a 5 bed, £325K house and the yield is only 3.2% for the owner. Even a Labour MP can work out I'm better off renting, although it's good to see it in black and white.
  3. FT Report - Greenspan warns of strains in housing market
  4. According to the BBC it' only 1500% increase to £1,000,000. BBC - Jowell steps in to London Eye row Not bad considering the SBC only paid £1 for the land.
  5. I post on ********** as much as I post here (not a lot recently due to workload). My personal opinion is that reading different sources gives a more balanced view and enables the individual to make an informed decision. I try to read bull and bear sites even though I'm happy to admitt I'm a bear. I would hope users here read and treat **** as a sister/companion site and not a threat.
  6. My father works in the building trade (steeplejack) and has been saying that theres work about but not heaps of it. He was also saying many of his friends who normally work on bigger contracts have seen work dry up and they're having to take on private work to get by. This is in the South East BTW.
  7. Was you banned because you posted it on the wrong forum
  8. Sorry my PC automatically logs me in so I can never tell if its a subscription article or not.
  9. http://www.reuters.co.uk/financeArticle.jh...storyID=8527379
  10. BOE minutes out this morning @ 9.30, so we'll see what they were thinking a couple of weeks ago. And average earnings out this morning also.
  11. What about Owens goal against Argentina or John Barnes goal against Brazil, oh no, Merv has to pick that cheating Argentinian. :angry:
  12. On it's own it's a little confusing but taken with Marion Bells comments about a possible shock to the markets, could it be an indication rates may go up. The clues there somwhere. It's like a 3-2-1 conundrum. Wonder who's gonna win dusty bin.
  13. Merv speaks Reuters - BoE's King says MPC watching inflation expectations
  14. Reuters on RICS - House prices fall faster Headline news with a nice title!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Is there a lift up to platform one???? I remember when all you needed to sleep under the arches was a cardboard box, not £200,000
  16. Hi ZZG, Expectations are for dollar weakness although I think the US trade numbers caught eveyone by surprise this week, hence the dollar now at just over $1.85.
  17. The current market has been stubborn in parts as sellers ask unreasltic prices and buyers sit on the sidelines. Why? I've decided it's "will" and "might" causing the problem. When prices are going up y-o-y with no end in sight to the HPI, everyone talks about the fact their house "will" be worth more next year. Positive and definate. However, as prices fall, people are only willing to talk about the fact prices "might" be less next year, especially owners who just a few months ago were talking about HPI always being positive. It's a fluffy so so word. Only when the masses realise "might" is actually "will", then we will see real falls. Just a thought for a Friday evening.
  18. As I've posted before I have to buy about $35M a year and we pay for F/X advice. The current dollar strength/sterling weakness is seen as a blip and expectations are that the pound will gain again back up just above $1.90. Then it is expected to fall in the second half of the year to sub $1.80. HOWEVER, I am begining to doubt if sterling will gain any strength given the wave of negative news recently (and it doesn't look to be stopping). Only dollar weakness will see a move back above $1.90. Lets be honest a $55bln trade deficit is still a very poor number. Just my thoughts on the matter.
  19. Don't you just love the phrase "Negative annual growth". Who on earth thought that one up??
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