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  1. Reigate remains a bit of an enigma. I work in London and there are plenty of early 30's types planning on their first child (not produced it yet!) but already talking about schools. This conversation always seems to include Reigate. The Clapham chattering classes have decreed that Reigate is the place to head to for 'outstanding' schools. (State or Private) Depressing. Anyway, I suspect this recent trendiness is leading to some of these pricing oddities. Elsewhere in Reigate my post of November still holds true. I pretty sure the mid market is getting soggier by the month. More property
  2. I think they mean one is a sock puppet if they do not agree with the 'its all gone to hell, don't worry it will crash any day soon, you will need a gun, some bully beef and a bunker mob'.
  3. Somebody's 'gut feeling' did all that? I thought it was the greedy bankers and lazy public officials that 'done it'.
  4. About the best advice you will get on here these days. Given the nature of the site you do have to ask yourself if it was wise to listen to mainly constant negative views? Unless you were also on housepricesoar.co.uk as well. Still nothing is lost. Stop waiting. Live your life, enjoy your family and do what your gut tells you.
  5. You doubt people earn over 15k? That makes no sense. These new build homes are full of professional couples/young families. Joint incomes. Even if one was a schoolteacher and one a policeman you could expect £60/70k salary between them. Does not seem 15k in that area would be the norm....
  6. Well Guilly, I am not claiming the whole high street is independent. My point was and is there are plenty of independent shops and cafes. Calling it delapidated surprises me. The initial question was best towns in the Gatwick area. This is always subjective.
  7. You make a reasonable point. However you seem to be operating some reverse snobbery on the benefit of Redhill. You are just swapping middle class nappyville in Reigate for a type of benefit class nappyville in Redhill. Horses for courses. Reigate high street is not really dog eared and many people love the independent nature of the shops. The council are trying to redevelop Redhill centre as it has no 'anchor' store(s). Frankly I doubt many people from Reigate go to Redhill to 'get everything done'. Lastly, everything was a swampy field at some point, what has that got to do with where
  8. [*]What this means is that HSBC has always paid a large element of bonus in stock. Stock that vests in three to five years NOT something you can turn into cash today. [*]The new rules coming in do nothing to change thois because HSBC was always paying a more stock heavy bonus system that is within the new rules. [*]This 'delay' was announced in Feb 2010 so this is old news.
  9. There is little doubt that in Reigate, if you are in the right area for a school and you have at least 4 bedrooms and a decent garden it is likely the property will still get more than one offer and head to sealed bids etc. Overpriced stuff sticks as it does anywhere. I am sure the market is moving weaker as we head to year end and I do not forsee rises but flat and slightly soggy is about as grim as I can paint the Reigate area in general. Firm if the property ticks the boxes.
  10. can i do my victory dance...your two years are up....how did you Moroccan adventure go????

  11. Yesterday I did not see it sold off much at all on the 'rumour', today its ticked up, maybe a relief rally.
  12. I assume you were in Crown Passage where there are 6 or 7 sandwich/lunch venues. It is true, I used to get my morning coffee in Pret and queue, now I rarely queue. Still not sure where this £6 sandwich is tho?
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