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  1. Every church going Christian I've ever met has turned up his/her nose at the real poor.
  2. I was over in Amsterdam just before the summer. The dinner table talk among my friends who live there, mostly English and Polish, was of a house price crash. Their opinion was that the Dutch had taken on much higher levels of debt than the British and that the situation was much worse there. I found that a bit hard to believe at the time. They also made an assumption that the UK has had it's crash and that our problems are over.
  3. You'd be a fool to believe officialdom these days. British bureaucrats no longer wear bowler hats if you know what I mean. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/geoffreylean/100222841/drilling-set-back-regulator-caught-out-as-fracking-opponents-draw-first-blood/
  4. My mate works for a local council and he told that it's always conservatives who block new housing developments.
  5. It's all getting out of hand now for the Conservatives isn't it.
  6. What did you expect would happen? It was easy to foresee! Labour's policies were completely irresponsible.
  7. This is what it's been like for years. For me the UK is the perfect study ground for lies, propaganda and the deliberate exploitation of people for money. One of the things the British are best at is lying.
  8. All you clever bods are missing the point. Most people understand a "unsecured" loan to mean that it isn't secured against the value of your house. Therefore you take a loan knowing that there is no risk that you will loose your home. If "unsecured" just means ..."secured" then it's just one more lie to add to the absolutely massive ******ing pile in your shit society.
  9. I remember when the banks almost collapsed Alistair Darling looked like he'd been put in there as some kind of fall guy for the Labour regime. But he behaved admirably I thought. He was an island of sanity in a sea of shit.
  10. Economic mismanagement by two successive governments is really something.
  11. After googling Japan I found this article written in 2006. Don't know how accurate this is. http://www.spectator.co.uk/columnists/any-other-business/24361/dont-mention-house-prices-to-the-japanese/
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