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  1. Eric, Welcome to the 6 year club, Kinda got boring over the last 3 years as our friendly BTL trolls left the forum.... I especially miss TTRTR. ( maybe he's had to finally get a real job and can't spend all day on here) If anyone still has contact with them it would be nice to invite them all back for a recap of the last 6 years.... I would definitely reignite an old war and bring back the crowds. I have enjoyed watching the sheeple believe they are rich over the last few years, but not as much as I see them struggling to make payments on their 1.5% IO Mortgages and putting £10 of petrol i
  2. MIDDLE class families face no longer being able to use child benefit to buy wine, it emerged last night. Who will pay for this spoilt little ******* to make a total racket twice a week? Ministers have spent two months searching desperately for ways to cut the UK's soaring welfare bill before finally realising they should just stop giving money to people who obviously don't need it. A senior source said: "We looked into who would be adversely affected by scrapping the £87 a month child benefit for middle class families and realised pretty quickly that it was Oddbins and Majestic. "We may as
  3. HOUSES GO BAD 09-07-10 HOUSES, for so long the friends of mankind, have finally turned against their masters, according to the latest property market survey. Mortgage lenders have reported a sharp rise in houses uprooting themselves from their foundations and embarking on murderous rampages, caused by either a comet which recently skimmed the earth's atmosphere or the tightening of credit conditions since April. Tom Logan, of the Halifax, said: "We're definitely seeing the start of an uprising by sentient houses and bungalows hell-bent on chaos. "They are using the jagged glass of the
  4. BBC link Living with Latvia's burst bubble By Shanaz Musafer Business reporter, BBC News, Riga Ilze Latisenoka's dream apartment soon turned into a financial nightmare Ilze Latisenoka gazes around her top-floor apartment with a sad smile on her face, wondering what might have been. As the sun streams in through the large skylights in the sloping roof, it is easy to see why she fell in love with the flat. But things did not work out the way she planned. She bought the apartment for 280,000 euros in July 2007 with the aid of a huge bank loan. She realises now that she made a mistake in
  5. This is serious, During January no imports passed through our boarders for 4 days in total due to the snow. The supermarkets were running out of food and the government got involved trying to get essentials into the UK (food). How long can we last with this kind of dependency? ............not long me thinks. We'd better pray it does go on for too long. suddenly allotment owners will be rich with their own supply of food on tap. We're all kinda obese now so maybe its a blessing disguise.
  6. Port workers vote in favour of strike Last updated: 3/22/2010 3:11:00 PM WORKERS at Felixstowe Port have voted in favour of industrial action over pay which could potentially cripple work at the site. However, management is hopeful that further talks with the Unite trade union will avert the threat of action over what they have described as a “generous and final” offer. Members of Unite are understood to have voted decisively in favour of industrial action at the UK's largest container port over their pay claim. No-one from the union was available to comment, but it is understood just ov
  7. I very sad day when you can't express yourself through the medium of filth, now where that Cherie Blair to defend your human rights and freedom of speech
  8. B3ta.com well worth a look and vote B3ta is a site with a massive global following, the media are constantly stealing its content. The best and funnest site on the net i'd dare to say better than facebook. Enjoy, mad_dan
  9. Unsold home prices 'fall further' Disused "For Sale" signs in a yard in Hull Asking prices continue to be cut on unsold homes, with the average price down by £22,061 in the past week on properties where reductions were made. This meant 3,293 unsold homes had an average 7% fall in their "for sale" price, said property website Globrix. Southend saw the sharpest level of price cutting, with 2.9% of sellers reducing their asking prices last week. Earlier this week the Halifax reported that selling prices were now down 14.9% over the past year. 'Penny has dropped' "As the weeks go by
  10. Glad to see you've entered into the spirit of this thread! haha, brilliant
  11. When immoral lending backfires on the banks, this will be the only way they'll get my money to bail them out. Cheer up Friends, we'll all be laughing when we are buying decent houses at 2 times our salaries in 12-18 months. Just because the rest of the UK population are boned, we can still smile, or a smug grin at their stupidity. I don't really care much for all the greedy folk whom are currently losing everything. Karma to all, Mad_dan
  12. They are the only thing going up today, put your money on them!
  13. FTSE now down 8%, This country is run by idiots, at least talk the UK up for christ sake. These morons (MP's) are selling us out, How can we trust Darling, White hair and jet black eyebrows, what the hell is that image portraying, mentalist...
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