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  1. Thanks so much to all for your input, I own a home with mortgage .. wife and 2 young kids, wife is looking to move to a new/ newish detached house with nice garden etc, I appreciate that raw materials have increased etc. but can't justify paying prices that houses are currently especially new builds that generally tend to be small houses with box gardens , in my humble opinion it's madness, approx, 2years ago I would have been able to get a good house for 215k, ( max budget I'd be comfortable with) today same houses wd cost over 290k, I'm just going to sit this out and visit the market again in 6 months, hoping a correction has occured, then again prices could keep on rising for some daft reason.
  2. Thanks Joe Davola, it's complete madness to me, going to sit this out before buying at these prices. Hopefully prices will have stabilised or even slightly fallen hopefully...
  3. Hi all, just wanted to get the general consensus out there... What is going on with the prices?? Ex council houses a few miles outside Newry are going for 160k, newish 3 build semis are going for 190k in South Armagh, it's madness to me, is this sustainable? When do you think a price crash/ correction will occur? Is it possible that these price increases will continue, I see no real long term reasons for this madness to continue, please correct me if I'm wrong, just looking some insight, thanks
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