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  1. This If the value of my house crashes I can still live in it. If the value of my company crashes I can still keep doing whatever I do to earn an income. Bitcoin is just an unregulated electronic token backed by no one, backed by nothing. There won't even be any souvenirs to be had when its dead. At least tulips could be looked at
  2. My golden rule - the runabout must be reliable, bought 5 years old, and able to do high miles. My Passat still drives like new at...wait for it...220,000 miles. Everything else must be bottom of the curve. Its odd buying what people struggle to give away, then have people chasing you for it as an appreciating "classic". The XKR was the odd one, the only non 2 wheeler I've ever fallen in love with. 17k was the bottom of the curve - 5 years later still 17k. I nearly died spending that much on a vehicle, especially one that hardly ever gets used, but every time I look at it I know it was worth it. Yes get that toy, my argument is the kids can turn it into cash when I'm gone
  3. You've just made me homesick. Was raised on the Island. Didn't go to this years TT because Le Mans beckoned, but it was a close call. Funny how the TV and family pics were ok, then I get homesick seeing a map on a bitcoin thread?!? I must be tired from all those late nights drinking in France
  4. I often think about the car thing - someone said to me success where do you live and what car you drive. My wife was driving a cheap Toyota when I met her. Once I persuaded her to leave practice and go into industry she's increased her salary x 5 over the last 6 years (obviously helps when you land at Director level). She now has a 3 year old Range Rover, but still drives the old Toyota to her workplace, parked at the station she takes the train to when she goes to the office - its the most scruffy car in the car park. I've been very canny and fortunate, and though I make more than her I've always said I can't afford a Range Rover, and that's true - I can't afford to chuck 58k (price of hers second hand) at a car, never will be able to, in my head it just doesn't figure. So I drive a 12 year old Volkswagen. Ironically most of the people with swanky new cars can't afford them either, they just make monthly payments, but there's a perception they must be doing well. Most of our neighbours think the wife is the bread winner and I'm some sort of mechanic because I drive the cheap car and I'm always working on vehicles - my collection of slowly appreciating toys. Was speaking to someone the other day, we said it at the same time, soon as we see someone in a swanky new top end motor we think "leased!". But you are dead right, the options for Chartered Accountants are extremely good, but then they are so well qualified its a bit of a no-brainer. It was in fact a CIMA accountant who got me out of Production and into Consulting for Industry, I owe him my life. He was such an incredibly clever bloke, and I still operate according to the way he did with my clients, and it works. Practice however seems to be a fairly crap life for many, certainly away from London, its odd how so few accountants in it fail to see the light and make that move over to Industry - the ones who do say its like the light came on for them. Sorry for the digression. Lets go back to talking about tokens that have no physical existence. To be fair its one of the most entertaining threads I've ever read, and yes one day they will be teaching about it in schools.
  5. Im married to a Chartered Accountant, Finance Director in the UK of a US based company. I can promise you the salaries I see quoted on here that led to the excitement of mad "gainz" are nothing to what she's earning. Virtually all my clients in industry are Chartered Accountants- they call most of the shots in most of the companies I've worked with. Just pointing it out...seeing as you so rarely ever get anything wrong
  6. The problem has been that those who believe in it see it as the new beginning. Way back on this thread I asked the question - how can something that is just tokens actually have anything that can be called a store of value? It is nothing, backed by nothing. I was told to keep shouting at the moon, to learn about game theory, to not miss the boat, don't understand etc. It still no matter what the theories looks to me like a complete nothing. All the comparisons I made to the dot.com crash had the same blind belief replies I got when I question it - .dom companies not making anything but cash just for being associated with .com. I have a couple of friends who have banked their life on this stuff, who genuinely believed they were going to be the Kings of the Citadel, enclosed in their fortresses while the rest of the world starved outside. It's bizarre. Yes its poor form to laugh at people losing their money, and I'm sorry this is likely to happen to a lot of people. On the other hand it was extremely poor form for those thinking they had found the new gold to brag excessively the way they did about their new coming fortune at the expense of everyone who missed the boat, the gloating was excessive - this usually occurs in bubbles. Bitcoin may yet produce a few more bursts of hope before, as I suspect, it erodes away to something of little or no value. Whatever it does I still see it as nothing. Not the future currency, not the electronic currency (all currency is electronic ffs), and definitely not a store of value - its just a store of speculation. However, the next time a mania begins, no matter how stupid it looks, I'm going to try to join it while everyone is predicting it to be the only way forward...then I'll quietly jump of the wagon just as it looks likes its gaining momentum to the top of the hill - some proper money to be made that we all could have enjoyed a share of I'm sure
  7. No you really should, its as if it was made by an HPC er - read this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-60114588
  8. A lot of price reductions for such a "manic" market - someone ought to tell these sellers to stop reducing their prices - especially with all the overseas enquiries flooding in. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/property/isle-of-man/?page_size=25&q=Isle of Man&radius=0&results_sort=most_reduced
  9. And they're still at it, pumping worrying news about the crazy runaway housing market. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/local-property-market-manic-says-estate-agent/ "Manic" Anyone with even a grain of sense will know where this is heading, and nobody wants to talk about the looming cloud of the G7 Remarkable I've now learned that tow caravans are allowed on the Island with a 12 week permit. That's what I will be using - no bills, mail, damp, or long term depreciation sending me into negative equity. Very pleased. And it means i can use a car to drive around rather than a big motorhome
  10. Yes I will in the Isle of Man in race weeks, in England I'll use camp sites. Its really flexible on the Island for campers when TT and MGP are on
  11. Well that's good to hear. Ive got 2 little ones and a teenager who loves camping, and we like going to N Devon where the wife tends to spend far too much on hotels. I can't really see a catch, especially as im very mechanical and best mates with a mechanic who spends a lot of time at my house tinkering on stuff. The one I went in yesterday had the solar panels as standard which I think the guy said was a standard on his Fiat. There are so many well equipped sites these days too. I'd like to do more of Wales as well. I think I'll start looking with a view to picking one up next year as people start offloading theirs
  12. Yes you are a absolutely right on every point. Thank you so much. I really needed you. I think the other threads do too...there are hundreds of them that all need your input. Top man
  13. Today i went in a modern motorhome, fantastic. I'll buy one in a year or so when everyone starts getting rid as holidays in Europe return. I'll be able to park on the coast wherever I fancy, no hassle or mail to deal with, and I can use it for weekends away etc in England too. The cost will be the same as the deposit on a flat, and the hassle and depreciation will be less without the rates and bills. If I was buying a home to live in it wouldn't be such an issue, but for 2 weeks a year I don't really want to be a mortgage slave for something that will probably end up being worth less than I paid for it over the next 20 years or so
  14. If only...however...more opportunities lie ahead
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