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  1. Thats an interesting belief, but personally I don't agree
  2. Understood. The two bubbles I followed and timed I would have been ok - the dotcom and Bitcoin, very similar. With dotcom I actually rode the wagon for 6 weeks, but only because I started as an irrational fool then started to do my homework. With Bitcoin I completely missed out. What I have concluded is the following - as soon as any normal non-investor talks about it as a good idea jump in. It could be via Facebook, TV or Radio. Once people mention it as something that only goes up like that jump in, because it means the groundswell are. Lets say you put in 10K. My remaining strategy would then go like this: 2 weeks later - Sell out 5k 3 weeks later - Sell out the 2.5k 5 weeks later - Sell out 2.5K (the risky punt, probably going to get burnt with this hand That scenario would have worked on Bitcoin, mid November I saw people going nuts on it on Facebook and on here...I questioned it and decided it was mania - I would have just survived and made some money with the above strategy. For Dotcoms easily - I got out 1 week before it crashed
  3. That's a very interesting outlook, however, would it have worked for Beanie Babies? It definitely wouldn't have worked for the majority of dotcoms because they went bust. Tulips never recovered to anything above cheap. So I'm thinking only with property and share indices would I apply your theory, for general irrational mania I'd just join for 2 weeks for a quick return.
  4. I never bought into the concept of Bitcoin being the future to take over from FIAT in any way, shape or form, without governments behind it forget it.. It has however taught me to pile into any bubble for a short time rather than argue its a bubble - there is money to be had from irrational thinking. I'm not saying Bitcoin made no sense, as a like-for-like token offering anonymity I see how it could have worked. As the holder of the worlds future wealth and power, absolutely no chance. The irrational thinking blew it out of all proportion. Still made a lot more sense than some bubbles - I mean Beanie Babies??? How the heck did anyone ever think they were a valuable commodity without being on drugs. Again...money was there to be made. What will the next bubble be, there's a question???
  5. It shouldn't but I bet you it will...another ridiculous state of affairs propped up by lots of VIs
  6. I kind of work.to the following exit strategy: EVERYONE RAVING AND ITS BEING TALKED ABOUT ON TV + 2.5 weeks is a fairly good time. I was 1 week.out on the dotcom, and about the same on Bitcoin. You lose peak madness byt dont lose the shirt off your back
  7. I think you're right - the housing market is testament to that (luckily I couldn't be clever because of the wife, otherwise I'd have missed out massively) With investment fads definitely follow the crowd...then quietly sneak off when no one is looking. No wait a minute...HODL?
  8. Me too. Im so going to dive into whatever is next instead of devoting time to pointing out how flawed the mania is. Tulips, Beanie Babies, flowery cushions...just show me some irrational thinking and I'll be there!!!
  9. If it hasn't by now already then im afraid there is probably no hope for you. I am in the same club so you're not alone
  10. Its a speculative bubble with little behind it other thsn frenzy, mania and the need to not miss out. Next time instead of calling it as a nonsense im going to jump on the next bubble for a few weeks before quietly stepping off. Anyone on here is either still in denial and thinks the market is some great being that can raise itself from the ashes (rather than just a market price caused by some investors hoping to make an easy buck), is looking to say "I told you so" or is just here purely for the entertainment. Im just waiting for Jiltedjen to comment because he is apparently the expert.
  11. But...but...this is going to change the world isn't it? What about all the noble people who are currently "doing their bit" like Jiltedjen - such a hero it makes me proud to be an internet user

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