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  1. The most striking thing about the Bitcoin cult is the way it reported on, by so called financial journalists who treat it like its a heroic being clearing the path to 100k to make the world (for Bitcoin holders) a better place. Stuff like this: " recover ever since. After falling to $8,000, the bulls tried to gain some ground, pushing the price to $8,400 per coin. But, by yesterday, the bears had had enough it seems, and an intense downward pressure on the price has confirmed that, for now, the bears are the ones in charge." Its like childrens adventure books.
  2. wsn03

    Proper hpc?

    I'm still looking, and those prices aren't shifting...but the Island seems to be making no vast improvements in its overall economic situation. Anyone have any insight into what is going on?
  3. Oh crap, are Labour doing that well? I was hoping they'd have a lower rating...im still scared
  4. I've been far too busy in my own future - industry. We're dealing with something too big to contemplate, so only been on this forum a couple of times in the last few weeks. I expect Bitcoin to yo yo around for the next few months, probably ending up back near 2k, but we shall see. Either way it doesn't have much consequence for me, though I will buy-in at the next big crash if (when) that comes along at some point.
  5. Before you get too carried away with your love for Dannyf, perhaps he can explain his comment that I'm constantly proclaiming that im the only one who understands that their value should be zero? Really? Show me where I said that. Can Dannyf read? Perhaps if so he should read through the posts on this thread to see that I've never proclaimed to be the only one to understand anything about crypto value. He needs to lighten up, as does his new fan club - I'm looking at you Ubermonkey. I haven't a clue about the value of most things, because I dont see the value that clearly others do.
  6. Ok, I have some 101110 110 011 Can you send me $100 please and I'll send you the password to unlock it
  7. Stop it, you're like my conscience - go away...stop talking sense to me
  8. Worked for me with property and the dotcom boom. Do I need to start getting advice from you now?
  9. I can see that is what should happen, but look at the all the other ridiculous perceptions of value in the world, including our very own favourite, property! I feel these numbers are "digital gold" - and yes I'll be a bitter beneficiary just like I have been with pwoperty
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