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  1. Agree Im afraid we are in a very different world to the one we used to be in Cheap interest rates seem to be part of life. The day that ends you won't want to buy a house, everything will collapse. Rather than wait for a crash start looking at the costs of long term fixed rate mortgages, then you will begin to see why things might not correct the way we all hoped they would. Then consider your options
  2. No no no no no...dont confuse big scale pump and dump with financial revolution of the future. It was a ponzi, the layers have gone for now, and you should have cashed in 2017
  3. No I wont...cause he will tell me when, and he will have good cause to be right - wink wink
  4. I've just had a very interesting conversation my best mate today, he swims with the sharks. I'd bet a rebound could be on its way...shock bl00dy horror! I might join you in a speculative ramp!! Go Bitcoin go! Yeesh... I still think its complete b0ll0x, but looks like it could be worth a punt. Never thought I'd say that. That said I believe house prices won't collapse - they should but the VI is too great. Bottom line is I don't believe in Bitcoin, I think its stupid - however if/ when he gives me the nod I'll buy some and see what happens. What a stupid bloody world we live in
  5. Here you go: https://news.sky.com/story/behind-the-collapse-the-real-cost-of-bitcoins-fall-from-grace-11585936
  6. I'm completely lost on why people will see a set of unregulated randomly generated digits backed by nothing as a store of value aka "digital gold". Lets see what happens. My guess is some of the technology might be used in the world of Finance, but I doubt it - we already have digital currencies. I don't use cash for anything anymore. All my FIAT is transacted digitally - how I get paid, how I make payments, how I purchase assets. So its only hope is a revolution by the young - again, doubtful - the only revolt they will do is if Facebook or Instagram, Twitter or access to credit gets banned.
  7. The bit most of you are missing is that bitcoin has now had its mania, the bubble burst and people lost the shirts off their backs. That was full peak mania, full madness, but most importantly peak publicity. It has no reason to come back, just like the dotcom boom didn't. The biggest problem with Bitcoin is it serves no purpose. It is nothing more than an unregulated and unbacked set of computer digits. You can't touch it, or even use it for anything. At least with other bubbles, like say classic cars, the people who lost were still left with something they could use, Bitcoin is nothing more than a speculation as far as I can see. The other thing no one seems to point out is that you can't even safely keep it. If someone nicks your car you can insure it. If someone holds a gun to your head for your Bitcoin passwords and you have no recourse - and it has already happened to some unfortunate people. Its anarchic, very unsafe as a so called store of value.
  8. I know much about the subject you are discussing here - the majority of the money and power does remain in the hands of the few, it is actually quite alarming to what extent that happens. The plebs clearly have the odds stacked against them. It is not fair you are right, but there are ways to ensure you don't suffer as a result. I really do not see Bitcoin rescuing any of that, and i really don't see it recovering from where it is now. Rather than hope for a miracle I suggest get your kids to be creative. I always do the opposite of the norm. As a result I can command a good living by working in industry doing work that everyone else chose to abandon years ago because it was out of vogue. It's the reasons plumbers have done so well the last few years. My step son is a very clever lad, teenager. He can do some serious mechanical work on motorbikes - he can do things modern mechanics cant because they long since gave up teaching them. I've told him to apply those skills later, but where the money is - not motorbikes, but classic cars. Lots of wealthy people in 20 years time will be sitting on classic cars as assets, but will have no one who can maintain them - no one to rebuild and balance carburetors for example. He can earn more money than most just by looking after rich peoples cars, and get to do something he enjoys in the process. Think I'm dreaming? A very good friend of mine became famous in the motorcycle world building parts for bikes, was always poor. So he took that skill where the money was, to the car world. Then he earned a big fat living driving to stately homes fitting parts he had built in his workshop for a few quid, charging each wealthy owner thousands in the process. You won't change the system, it's far too developed. You can learn to skim a good living off it if you have something unique that the people with money need. End of lecture.
  9. What he said... I don't like to see triers failing, but the Bitcoin revolution just isn't going to change the world. That said, the concept of digits being worth an ever multiplying fortune backed by nothing is bloody ridiculous in the extreme
  10. 🤣 i would have definitely sold in 2017 Your predictions are brilliant x
  11. And soon you'll be saying the same thing about the Mother of shitecoin with a "B" in front of it
  12. You're assuming it will end up as something more than a token for criminals traded at a very low value.
  13. 😅...oh God I love this thread...

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