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  1. A lot of price reductions for such a "manic" market - someone ought to tell these sellers to stop reducing their prices - especially with all the overseas enquiries flooding in. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/property/isle-of-man/?page_size=25&q=Isle of Man&radius=0&results_sort=most_reduced
  2. And they're still at it, pumping worrying news about the crazy runaway housing market. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/local-property-market-manic-says-estate-agent/ "Manic" Anyone with even a grain of sense will know where this is heading, and nobody wants to talk about the looming cloud of the G7 Remarkable I've now learned that tow caravans are allowed on the Island with a 12 week permit. That's what I will be using - no bills, mail, damp, or long term depreciation sending me into negative equity. Very pleased. And it means i can use a car to drive around rather than a big motorhome
  3. Yes I will in the Isle of Man in race weeks, in England I'll use camp sites. Its really flexible on the Island for campers when TT and MGP are on
  4. Well that's good to hear. Ive got 2 little ones and a teenager who loves camping, and we like going to N Devon where the wife tends to spend far too much on hotels. I can't really see a catch, especially as im very mechanical and best mates with a mechanic who spends a lot of time at my house tinkering on stuff. The one I went in yesterday had the solar panels as standard which I think the guy said was a standard on his Fiat. There are so many well equipped sites these days too. I'd like to do more of Wales as well. I think I'll start looking with a view to picking one up next year as people start offloading theirs
  5. Yes you are a absolutely right on every point. Thank you so much. I really needed you. I think the other threads do too...there are hundreds of them that all need your input. Top man
  6. Today i went in a modern motorhome, fantastic. I'll buy one in a year or so when everyone starts getting rid as holidays in Europe return. I'll be able to park on the coast wherever I fancy, no hassle or mail to deal with, and I can use it for weekends away etc in England too. The cost will be the same as the deposit on a flat, and the hassle and depreciation will be less without the rates and bills. If I was buying a home to live in it wouldn't be such an issue, but for 2 weeks a year I don't really want to be a mortgage slave for something that will probably end up being worth less than I paid for it over the next 20 years or so
  7. If only...however...more opportunities lie ahead
  8. I met loads of women who wanted to be a couple, but when you see them treating colleagues etc like shit it really helps you dodge the bullet. Dating doesn't give you that opportunity. Ended up meeting my wife through a hobby instead at the local dogging club.... Just kidding...it was in sport, and I was her teacher. The missus is British Asian, and they generally have a far better approach to finding a partner if they aren't signing up to a mindless family managed arrangement. It was hard work and felt like a long series of interviews. I was used to 1. get drunk, 2. bed together then 3. see if you get on...a sure recipe for long term success
  9. I did interest only to buy out the ex, it was the only choice I was given too. However i took out allowed overpayments. It was very handy for a whole bunch of reasons, gave me the chance to do a whole lot of things that have now put me in a good position to actually clear off the capital over time. Repayment only would have left me fooked now
  10. I agree. I don't like this bragging - was just discussing this with my local Rolls Royce dealer when I went to purchase another one for the summer - he totally agrees with me
  11. That reminds me...I need to buy a flash house I can show off in with designer rock hard loaves of bread that I can impress my friends with. My Instagram account will be buzzing with envious fans
  12. I work for myself with clients, both projects are home based now for the next 3 years on the main one. Wife in the same position. To us every day is the same, so I definitely miss going to an office. The lack of hassle is a bonus, but the sameness and lack of people is a total drain. My clients are all abroad so it can't really be changed, but I would say I'm usually happier going into a workplace and keeping home separate. The difference is I've got used to home working now, and like being on holiday or retired the idea of reverting back feels very tough. The reality I think is I'd possibly be happier but like when you sleep in all the time there's that whole thing of not being bothered to make the switch. This must be the issue facing an awful lot of people. I always chase the money. If there was no money difference I think I'd choose home, but would in reality be better off at least mentally going to the workplace. I do feel like someone who is unemployed but sitting on screens all day despite being busier than I've ever been
  13. I didn't realise it had hit cars as well, seriously?? Road tax was less than half in the Isle of Man vs UK when I first left the Island, now it seems ridiculously high, however the government cannot balance its books and is going to have to keep finding ways to bring in the money. The roads seem to get worse every time I go over, in quite a state in some places. They haven't made a single road infrastructure improvement since Richmond Hill got an overtaking lane in what the 1960s? And traffic just gets heavier and worse. I'd back Paul Quine (MHK), he wants to reinstate the Douglas - Peel line as a commuter and heritage line with modern and old rolling stock to serve both - top man. People on the Island are in their own bubble, and when optimism is in full swing there really seems to be nothing else to consider - saw it in the 80s. The leaving governor warned this could end in tears and he was heavily discredited for doing so, but he was spot on with his assessment. Never heard of manx move, I will go onto it now. Really interested to see how quickly this bubble will deflate again, and more importantly when. My own interest in buying somewhere knowing its costing me per month in terms of loans, rates, bills and depreciation more than a nice hotel has completely killed off my enthusiasm. A good friend of mine over there who is in the property game even told me this is a deck of cards waiting to fall, and advised me not to jump in - better opportunities lie ahead he feels.
  14. 1. Nowhere have I judged anyone, I'm stating reported facts. People buying properties are mainly speculators on prices rising and people hedging against covid. If I said I would consider doing absolutely the same thing if I didn't think it was a flawed plan then how can I be judging them? 2. I'm English not Manx, I was born in England. Last time I checked however I found I could move to wherever the f I liked if I could get in, and so can anyone - that is until the revolution when I'm in charge - then I will make everyone stay in one place, only I will be allowed to move around in my helicopter. 3. Ducks don't walk, they waddle. If you are going to use well known quotes its "if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck (or talks in your world probably) then it probably is a duck" 4. I sense you are looking for an argument that doesn't exist. Is that you Helen? Seriously why are you following me onto a house forum, please can't you just find someone else and move on? Lots of other men will happily fall for your good looks and be suckered into a life of misery without realising it Hugs x
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