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  1. Well a house is only worth what a lender will allow somone to pay for it, The lenders are one of the main reasons for the mess we are in, If they stop giving cheap credit then the prices will have to come down surely? But what will it take for the lenders to stop doing this whilst they are making so much money?
  2. Hi I have been a frequent visitor of this board over the last few years and due to what I read on this board I had become convinced that there would be a crash or at least a correction in this country. Their seems to be a lot of people who talk sense on this forum, I could not see how the prices could keep on going up and up as the only thing that I could see pushing these prices up were low interest rates and cheap credit. I have seen people laughing over the statement “Its different this time” but……… There are a lot of differences this time the main 3 being 1. Bank Of England Govern Int
  3. The number of FTB's may well be on the decrease but what about all the BTL investors who will keep injecting money into the market?
  4. Why would you be throwing money away? A lot of people on here are waiting for a crash , thats the whole point isn't it? So that they may be able to afford their own homes one day if it happens! Im really interested to find out why, Im sure you will have some clever answer for me but Im just a bit confused by that statement above
  5. I totally agree! This is the problem though, Will they ever see what is really going on?
  6. I hope that wasn't directed at me!! As I said in my previous post I dont pretend to be an expert in economics, Im just telling it how I see it, Most of the people on this board are bound to talk about the reasons why the market is going to crash and I know that a crash is likely if certain factors occur but Im just trying to show you the other side of the coin and tell you what I think the general public are thinking.
  7. Yes Its not affordable for a lot of people but then again *A LOT* of people can afford houses at these prices especially in joint mortgages, most other people who cannot afford to buy will just continue to rent, The only was there is going to be a crash is if the Interest rates rise rapidly, a slow Interest rate rise or more houses being built will just cause the prices to level out or come down a little in my opinion. I am no expert on the economy and don't pretend to be, I'm just a normal lad with some common sense
  8. Yeah I am also starting to doubt that there actually will be a crash, I have my reasons though, There are plenty of For sale boards up around here and a lot of them also have big SOLD stickers across them, Also I have 3 friends whom have also just bought homes (FTBs). I think people are now just resigned to the fact that house prices are expensive now and thats just the way it is, A year ago I was convinced it was going to happen but now I am not so sure, I wouldn't personally buy property now but I won't leave it much longer either
  9. Totally agree! I think the people who are set against the greenbelt being relaxed are living in the past. We are moving forwards as a country and we are expanding at a very fast rate, We need more houses, not more green fields! Don't get me wrong I am not anti countryside or anything but a lot of this greenbelt land that certain groups are desperate to save is just going to waste, Its not as if its helping wildlife flourish or anything like that, Most of it is just farming land that does not even look nice! When you fly over England you can see how much spare land there is! Its time the govern
  10. It seems things are just getting worse and worse! I think the main problem is that people are just blind! Some people honestly believe that money grows on trees, The government should have put a stop to this a long long time ago. Instead they have allowed this to go on and now millions of people are in crisis, From where Im standing this countries economy is on a knife edge, I work in a manufacturing business and its losing over a million a month, The sales are just not there and its not just this business, Its happening everywhere, Many Industry sectors are losing money. It won't be long b
  11. First of all HELLO! Been watching these forums for a while now, thought I would add my 2p's worth! I live in Solihull in the West Midlands and about a year ago I was sure a crash was going to happen too *but* the houses round here still seem to be selling well, There are a lot of For sales signs everywhere but most of them have big SOLD stickers over them. This doesn't do anything for my confidence! I think it may have to do with the fact that Solihull and Knowle are rich areas therefore both the demand and money are present but It does go to show that the market is still active. I would lov
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