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  1. Been said many times before I've not doubt: Lots of very slow moving (6 months and no sale) expensive (very nice area) houses still siting for sale near my home. A few are back on the market again, sold, for sale, sold, for sale etc...... Anyway has any one of these people had it pointed out to them that if they have no offers then in fact at that point in time their house is worthless, zero, worth not bean. Only when and if you sell is it worth anything. Should make some sellers realise they have to obey market forces at last. Have the tables turned, can it no longer be a case of add a f
  2. Check this, look to the bottom of the page.... http://patrick.net/housing/crash.html
  3. This is in relation to a few topics on here recently: The subject of lie to buy mortages (nice term by the way, who ever...) About 4 years ago I remember watching Newsnight (or a program of that sort) and the interviewer asked the building society rep and bank \ mortage lender that 'isn't the amount of money being lent and the resultant rise in prices a bit silly, dangerous and irresponsible. Its allowing the market to get into the dangerous situation that caused the 80's/90's crash?' The reply from both? wait for it, wait for it............... 'Ah but we're being much more careful who to
  4. I must be a bad boy then (i'm not) as my expences were 150.00\month if you exclude the rent (which would become the mortgage) . salary not bad, not brilliant mind but no bad. Ahhh key word OUR expenses were low. Only me to pay.....
  5. One phrase: Stick your Head in the sand and hope it goes away or don't happen. Must be part of this human condition everyone goes on about. Turns out no matter who, how much or position people do not seem to want to stand up and be counted. Although he did warn all that would listen not to buy your first house last year. Think he knows whats coming? Now that most are enslaved by their debts, you have a complient (scared) work force. They have to work @ Chinas wage rates they got to pay the mortgage....ah conspiraces...(can't be bothered to look u the spelling!!) 'I stand alone amoung my
  6. Glad I'm with Nationwide and Not Northern Rock then. Nationwide would still only lend me 3.2x, they wont let me fudge my furture. Lend it then grab it mortgage lenders are going to be worried?
  7. Check out homeowners reply on David Smith site....... I had to add my rant to it, wake you bastards were aware of what it really costs!!!!!! :angry:
  8. See this advert, it been a bad 12 months, from the horses mouth....... I thought it was just a little blip in Jan & Feb and the spring bounce will sort it out....... Will they make up their bloody minds. What do you think of advert? Looks like the last attempt. ryan_2.pdf ryan_2.pdf
  9. I suspect its little to do with BOE rate (thats a smoke screen) and more to do with loss of earnings else where in the group. How about their mortgages take up being fornicated, this hurts a banks books. Idea?
  10. Hey how to beat the censor and get to swear on HPC, don't learn the queens english and don't learn to spell.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I went past a few EA shops (what do you call an EA's shop?) on a small highstreet, looked like they were picking their arese they were so bored, hey perhaps they'd already been kicked?
  12. The King (EA) is dead, long may they stay so......... I don't wish them actual death you understand! , but most are due a kick up the **** . Its all been said before I suspect, but if this goes all the way (looks like its really going to go to hell). The EA (& Mortgage advisor) were king, making loads of people rich (really, actually rich, are you sure, then sell your house, show me the money, whats that? you still need somewhere to live, so this is money you can't get at then? (I suppose STR is one way though)), bullying people into bad situations, praying on the weak of mind. King
  13. Onlyme that graph is terrifying.... Its what I've waited years for but blow me down thats bad. Soon be the BTL lot shiting their pants, Amature BTL to agent : What do you mean theres no one viewing, I haven't rented it for 4 months and I want out. Its worth how much? can't be I got 50k of the equity of my own house tied up in it. Now whats going to happen here? both houses devalue, they sale the BTL at less than paid( or no profit?) now the bank still want their money for the BTL, as many were Interest only. The equity they withdrew has not just disappeared its now a liabilty, any rent
  14. Shared ownership: Been registered with a few charity's(?) and last year got sniff of a two bed, happened to be on hoilday the day of the letter, went round in an hour for a look. Called back organisation, I'm interested (and desperate) they will interview me to see if I'm needy enough! They never did, I was way down the list of the needy (no problem, that's true I imagine), however this week got letters for property on thier books. One was 150k (75k 50% share) the other was in the same street as the story above, maybe the same place. Should I bother? Not yet I have'nt they made it clear la
  15. Firstly I'm not a expert and I want to raise some questions: 1, Last big crash IR's went from 7% to 15%? 100%+ increase then? 2, What happened first : House price rises dryed up the money then recession and then job losses. or Joblosses, then no money supply then house price crash? (what caused the job losses?). 3, When rates were recently 3.5% friends and others said rates are not going to go up, their the lowest they've been for 50 years (or was it ever?) 4, What have rates gone up; 40% in a short time scale? 5, Now if its a rate increase that's caused this deading of the market, quie
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