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  1. I think i've actually been in that flat, before it was occupied, walked around the block as my friend new the access code. I knew those flats were overpriced, but surprised how quickly they have dropped. The problem is, the area it is in, Digbeth, is a lively area with a lot going on, and is near the city centre, and over the years the city will expand into it, but all of this and some was already factored into the sale price unfortunately.
  2. What a load of shite, 'a made up city' what do you mean by that? aren't all cities man made, how else would they be there? I don't think birmingham is the greatest place, but its not the worse, and I will always be proud to be a brummie. I also would like to say that I lived in Liverpool for a year, and though it was a great city. Both cities with amazing histories, and more than meets the eye if your prepared to scratch the surface.
  3. Sorry, I should explain, the wage is 3,600,000 Yen, and thats how much it has increased in value in stirling in the space of about 3 weeks!
  4. Unbelievable! The other week I was investigating the JET program (teaching english in Japan) and the wage worked out just under £20,000. Just checked and its now just over £25,000!! If it keeps going in that direction, it will be very well paid work soon.
  5. Clearys closed due to the block around St Annes was meant to be getting redeveloped, and the developers bought them out. Shame, but when I last went there almost a year ago it was dead as a door knob and that made it all the more clear how much of a dive it was! There are plenty of good pubs around digbeth though, I like the white swan, and the spotted dog is good, but its a shame it has to stop the live music due to complaints from this very same apartment block this thread is about! I still think digbeth is an up and coming area, its where the citys alternative night life happens, for i
  6. I'm still quite New and Naive to this. I hold some gold and silver via an ETF, and know the advantages of physical gold over this method, but really am waiting to see Golds next move before committing more money to it. If it does sky rocket as some seem to think, at least I have exposure to it via the etf. I read a lot of people talking about $2,000 an ounce gold, or even $10,000 the other week, these articles are clearly very bullish, but what do the commentators expect to happen then? Will it just be a spike to these prices? I know from reading here and there, a lot of you beleive this i
  7. It was an article about the end of the 300 year old credit bubble from the formation of the bank of england up to today, didn't get to read it because I was at work, and now its dissapeared!
  8. @ Impartial How do you buy your gold? Whats the best way for a UK based investor to get hold of physical gold? I currently hold several PM ETFs, but at some point wish to get out of them and into physical. I'm not going to buy a massive amount of gold, but just some to hold in case of an actual economic crisis. Gold could crash 50% overnight, it doesn't matter, i'll just leave it in a draw, but I know that with fiat currency at some point in the future it will be worth far more than it is now in fiat.
  9. Also, I know inflation figures are a lot lower than the real rate of inflation, but inflation in the 70's was far higher than now. I guess its the expectation its going to go far higher?
  10. I hear what you are saying, I guess it comes down to what you beleive will happen. I don't really have a massive amount of money to play with, but have a few K in some precious metal ETF's. As long as Gold goes up steadily then I should get the gains, its in an economic crash when these could dissapear on me. But if you beleive it will peak and need to capitalise gains before it crashes, ETF's are a decent way to profit from the volatility?
  11. A couple of questions, i've got a decent idea of the case for gold. The thing is though, certain people talk about the end of currencys as we know them, whilst others talk about it peaking at certain values in dollars. well what happens then? is it going to correct massively? It came crashing in 1980, Inflation was rampant then, how did they turn it around? why not this time?
  12. whoops, the article was actually about brazlian property, my mistake. But here is a good moneyweek article on Africa. http://www.moneyweek.com/file/26059/why-yo...for-africa.html
  13. Yeah, I read about that. Anyhow, I really just want to read out of interest to see what it said. I'm sure in 10 years time some African countries will be no better off if not worse than now, but others should of hopefully moved on, a lot of people are tipping Africa as the next emerging market.
  14. WH Smith never stocked last weeks issue of Moneyweek, there was an article on African Property I wanted to read. Don't suppose anyone read it and could give a summary of what it said?
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