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  1. I just used lido to swap some ETH for stETH. They stake the ETH on 2.0 and "pay" rewards by increasing my stETH balance. The stETH belong to me... my keys, my coins (well tokens). I've then added some of the stETH to a curve pool but that's just in interest of experimentation. Have mixed views tbh so far. Is good to gave an option to "stake" without running a node and whilst keeping keys. Downside is that - fundamentally - I don't own ETH. There are also a few tax downsides (converting ETH to stETH is a disposal and the daily stETH balance change is not accompanied by a transaction so record keeping is a pain... I've had to write a small program to log the balance change and gbp value). I think on balance I'm glad I did it but more for the learning than the economic value.
  2. Ledger has got an integration with Lido that allows pretty easy (though not super cheap) ETH staking... have dipped my toe in.
  3. There's definitely a bit of intertia on my part too 😁 I'm also wary of operational risk (user error!) I dont want to go and lose my ETH by ballsing something up to try and stake it
  4. The tax treatment of crypto - and the fact that I cant use funds as wrappers is starting to really nark me. In the interest of "protecting me" the regs are really distorting my behaviour and are probably increasing my risk: - Disincentivises rebalancing portfolio because of CGT (and reporting overhead) - Massive barrier (to the point I wont currently do it) to staking because of recording and reporting and income tax admin - Have to manage my own keys Is a really crap situation - I hope that as adoption increases these rules are amended but I can't see it any time soon sadly.
  5. I can't do quotes 🙂 Cheers Marky. How could I buy pulsechain at launch. I dont think I'm sold but it sounds like it might be worth a grand or two. What's the use case for Nexo?
  6. About 55-57 I think (I made a sale at similar time) I am thinking of diversifying. Feel like my btc/eth holding is too concentrated... I'm not a maxi or super evangelical about either, I just see them as "high upside" plays and don't see why other cryptos couldn't offer the same. I'm not sure what to go for though... I'm not interested in meme coins or quick pump/dump- looking at 5+ years holding. Any suggestions? (Is bloody annoying I can't just buy an etf to do this and also manage staking for me!)
  7. Is interest from these platforms paid in fiat or crypto? How do you declare it for tax? How does their business model work? 6% / 12% is really high - how do they manage to pay that?
  8. I've been using bitpanda lately Payments from natwest been fine
  9. Anyone else a bit suprised it didnt bounce up off 30k?
  10. Sure... but it's not really possible to time the tops and the bottoms. You're just as likely to cash out and see the price keep climbing as you are to see it fall. Some folks will have success doing it but it's more luck than judgement and so the HODL/DCA advice is to form a view of the price over a longer period and to ignore short term movements.
  11. I think this is very sad and I hope you dont leave and think it will be a shame if you do. I'm barely more than a lurker but I value this thread because - whilst it's predominantly "pro bitcoin" - it's not entirely and uncritically "to the moon". I think some balance in commentary, expectations, how we play our positions etc is useful. I also took some money off the table earlier this year and dont regret it. I didnt cash all my chips in but each to their own. As to where I see things... as ever I dont know 🙂 I think sideways for a while probably but big moves up or down wouldnt really suprise me - its bitcoin after all! I'm starting to think that all the bad news / scare stories etc are out now so expect news flow to start to turn a bit more positive (paypal outside US etc) and also think the greater institutional positions will give a bit more stability to the price floor and so I'm guessing we start to drift up again before the year's out.
  12. Cheers all. I'm not paying 2% on principle. Their spit fee is a couple of fractions. They can poke 2%.
  13. Are you doing manual buys each month or have you set up an autobuy? Am thinking about setting up an autobuy but I'm not paying Coinfloor 2% for the privilege so am curious if there's anyone with a low fee. (if not I guess I can do manually but I could do without the faff).
  14. It's weird anyone wanted to buy them... loads of downside not a lot of upside. The potential issue MS has is if these end up underwater and they need to raise any further finance - I've no idea what their cashflow is like.
  15. Dont believe so - think they've issued stock and bonds rather than buying on margin.
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