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  1. If someone is able to buy with BOMAD it means they are not putting pressure on rental prices, are not claiming housing benefit. Good luck to them
  2. I cannot tell the difference between bottled and the stuff that comes out of my tap.
  3. The people may not want the the EU overall does - they have just condemned Denmark for introducing harder rules for so called asylum seekers.
  4. I wanted to have a place that I was buying when I first entered the market that gave me security of tenure, that I could modernise and change the way I wanted to for my own and my families on pleasure and convenience. To change the garden layout, kitchen, flooring. I saw no point in paying rent for a place I could not change as I wanted. Since then finances have been good so we have moved to a house ina street which we love. We probably paid more for it than it was worth at the time but we did not care as houses in the road rarely come up and we really wanted to live in the road. The key driver has always to be in a nice home not to make money. I honestly did not think about it it was not a consideration. If I had viewed our home as a financial investment first and foremost it would have made sense to wait but we did not see it that way. As In said I did not care if prices went down so it was not a risk to me/us. Paying into a pension is a risk to me as that is what I see as a long term investment. Ditto shares. A house is not an investment to me it is our home. I do not care what it is worth as we have no intention of moving for many years. Exactly
  5. Personally I did not see buying a house as a risk for the reason I did not see it as a financial investment. I saw it as a home. I did not think about prices going up or down as I wanted to buy and not rent. I decided that I would buy as soon as I was able as I did not see the point in paying a LL rent. That was a conscious decision I made. Equally there are people who could have bought between 2008-2013 when the market was very slow but they made decision not to do so because they thought prices would go down further. That was risk they took which went against them.
  6. So someone who bought a house 10 years ago is an idiot? The guy who could have bought ten years ago but has decided to rent for a decade is what exactly? The fact is the person who bought 10 years ago is now 40% through the mortgage term. That is not luck it is a decision they made.
  7. So what i twitter is just an echo chamber Assuming an increase in property price of £10,000 - a fee of 1.5% = £150. Is nothing That is hilarious they cannot even win Hartlepool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Sounds like a total mess - buy something else !
  9. Rents costs are dictated by supply and demand - many LL will not have any mortgage so interest rates will be of no consequence to them anyway.
  10. The UK has spanked most other nations with the vaccination programme - the only other one that is on a par is Israel. I am not a supporter of any party but I think the vaccination programme has been fantastic.
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