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  1. Absolutely right. At the moment with ultra low mortgage rates anyone not buying a house for £250k is wrong. But what if the choice starts at £350k and you haven’t the luxury of parental support or a Bitcoin windfall? It all becomes a significant stretch and a risk that perhaps isn’t justified.
  2. As I posted. Sentiment will turn. Today’s fashions be it finance or tight white shorts become tomorrow’s laughing stock.
  3. Absolutely right. Until you have to sell at a huge loss because you have no job. Sentiment will turn.
  4. I wasn’t. I’d originally gone with a small provider with huge reserves. They were taken over twice, eventually by a company who I will never deal with again. Who were happy to pay shareholders but absolutely shafted the endowment mortgage holders.
  5. Precisely. Repayments since then were a doddle. I was overpaying as fast as I could. Luckily so as I had naively gone for an endowment mortgage which was eventually 20% short.
  6. I had friends who bought in 86, 87. They made 10, 20% on purchase price so long as they didn’t sell (none did). I bought in 1991 and remember the absolute panic on Black Wednesday. I’d factored in mortgage interest rates at 16% when buying. But 25% would have been a nightmare. As it happened Black Wednesday was irrelevant as rates then dropped very quickly.
  7. Biggest issue for us was that once we had been notified by the oil service engineer we had no option. Legally we were liable for all future spills. Insurance would be void if we weren’t seen to be replacing.
  8. Our oil boiler service people advised what to buy, our old one wasn’t bundled. Had to be moved from existing site (away from the house) so it now sits in an ugly spot in full view of us and our neighbours. I’ve got a plan to hide it with trellis and plants. Had to build a new base, old one is still there too. Eyesore. 2 weeks of panic all round. I had our old tank propped up with supporting timbers to prevent the crack widening. Most of the oil was removed as a precaution, heating on very low.
  9. We live in a nice village. Not in the Cotswolds though. Anyone who moves there is just moving to a holiday village. OK for weekends but not for life. For us 2 cars are essential. 1 for the daily drive to the station for commuting and 1 for everything else. 1 has to be able to drive through snow, mud and road verges. In the early days I struggled to get enough exercise as everything was a car drive away. We also only have access to 1 taxi. Not very reliable either. Several times over the last decade a second taxi firm has tried to set up. Each time they’ve failed. Demand is only F
  10. Anyone else had their Council Tax bill? Ours arrived yesterday. Up 3.6%. In the Telegraph today an article about loads of local authorities facing bankruptcy. And yet more articles about impending inflation.
  11. With depressing inevitability a house in our village in Warwickshire which I was convinced was significantly overpriced has “sold”. Offer just below asking apparently. Everything around here languished unsold for 18 months or so before middle of last year. All bar one have now sold. Several other properties sold within weeks of being marketed last summer. We seem to be benefitting from the move towards houses with gardens and space.
  12. To me that graph shows 2 things: 1) Generally the supply is decreasing slowly over time. Each year there’s a pre-Easter rise in listings. 2) This year that pre-Easter bit is missing. This time last year we were all optimistic (apart from Brexit). This year I expect to see a huge spike in listings and a small spike in sales once the market opens.
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