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  1. Newcastle sectarian, really? I agree about Kilkeel and Ballynahinch but I think Newcastle is lovely. No flags are ever up there, beside the Mournes and the beach, nice cafes and pubs.
  2. British M15 are still heavily infiltrated into Loyalist paramilitaries and they seem to be flexing at the moment, running protests with men in balaclavas through some loyalists towns. Whether the British intelligence is encouraging any violence or merely keeping a lid on things remains to be seen. I don't think there will be a vote on unification for another ten years at least. When there is a vote, I think unification will happen. DUP are just too sectarian and do not want to live in equality with their Catholic neighbours. So more liberal Protestants are finding a home in the Alliance party. Now would be a good time to get a bargain in the north before unification happens in my opinion. As I think prices in the north would rise to nearer the south's level after unification. I don't think it would head back to the violence of the 70's and 80's. As opposed to then, we now live in a world where everyone has a smartphone so the world will be able to see what is going on/ mainstream media can't cover everything up. If the loyalist paramilitaries do start killing innocent Catholics, the international community would definitely not stand for it and it would be clamped down on quickly in my opinion (not by local police but by international condemnation).
  3. Where do you buy your gold? Would you recommend sites like eBay?
  4. https://www.find-tender.service.gov.uk/Notice/005534-2021?origin=SearchResults&p=1 Yeah, the Executive at Stormont. Starts from April 2021 and lasts for 2 years.
  5. I think there may be a hesitancy to buy as people are waiting for the big crash that may never come. I have heard of a few people selling and renting out in anticipation of a crash but I expected more people to do this to be honest. A coronavirus awareness marketing ad campaign has been put out to tender and contracted to an ad agency- the as campaign is due to last until 2023 so expect 2 more years of this pandemic to come
  6. Cheers Satsuma. Regarding the rent a room scheme, I hear that it is only allowed if you as the landlord continue to live in the house? Otherwise you have to tell the mortgage lender and they can choose to accept or not/change your mortgage to a buy to let? I may have the option to rent out to some cousins who would be of university age- I could ask them to pay me in cash in hand when I come back which would not attract any suspicions from the mortgage lender
  7. Thanks Dave! More looking for somewhere to live/get on the housing ladder rather than to make an investment. Though obviously I do want it to be a good investment. That's interesting about the REIT, I'll look into it. I Ihink I'll stay away from the purchase of a flat- too many management fees, unknown future bills etc for my liking
  8. Cheers for the advice Joe. Yeah I could move back in with parents after also. I agree that prices are insane but I don't see a crash happening. Too many rich people have a stake in seeing that the house prices are propped up. That's good that you got out and travelled a fair bit. I tend to take the attitude that things generally work out well in the long term but it is a bit of a crossroads I'm at now
  9. Cheers 2buyornot2buy. That's true, I feel I would regret it if I didn't go. Hopefully travelling will be allowed soon. Do you know if it's legal to rent your house out to a friend /family member while paying a home owner mortgage? I have a feeling it's not legal but I'm sure it goes on all the time. Could be an option for me. If not I'll rent for another year , go travelling and then buy when I get back
  10. Cheers for the detailed response, appreciate it!! I am a first time buyer, looking to get a house in south Belfast area. Would be interested in ballyhackamore, ormeau, four winds sort of areas.
  11. A bit of background. 30 years old, renting and have a choice to make. What with all this talk of great reset, automation of jobs, QE, UBI and extension of furlough I am starting to think there will never be a crash. The aim of the elite is truly for us to won nothing and enjoy it. As someone who would like to travel for a period when all this is over, I can either : a) buy a house now and travel down the line (in 1 year for 6 months- a year) while paying the mortgage. Would get me on housing ladder, downside would be it would be outgoings with no salary coming in. Could get a friend or family member in to live in it to pay rent-would there be legality issues? b) continue to rent for another year and travel when allowed. Gives greater flexibility to do what I want but means I'm still not on housing ladder. Prices probably won't go down that much when I'm finished traveling for the price range I'm interested in (£120k). Thoughts?
  12. How about the torture detention camps in Kenya in 1950's- is that recent enough for you?
  13. Anyone think a crash may happen here after furlough ends? Can't see it myself...I think they will just keep extending furlough
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