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  1. Educate yourself and stop posting conspiratorialist rubbish.
  2. Hmm, and the rapid increase in hospital admissions requiring critical care? I suppose you can just set that to can you ??
  3. Rishi Sunak looks like he could outpace them both, considerably ! (sorry, off-topic)
  4. Yes, although according to the vaccine calculator I won't be recieving it until August!
  5. Well he said as much in his own words this June actually... There is plenty of medical research to back up those claims by the way: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/landia/article/PIIS2213-8587(20)30160-1/fulltext
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Social_Dilemma The Social Dilemma was a reasonable summary of this phenomena- I also worry for the new generation who have had social media throughout their entire lives - the increases in self harm and suicide are tragic and worrying. Sorry for going off-topic. On the Brexit debate I must admit I voted remain but it was a not an enthusiastic remain vote (mainly I saw who I would be aligning with if I voted leave), and found the whole debate utterly toxic with advocates on both sides of the debate exaggerating the supposed benefits and disadvantages of both options on the referendum ballot. Clearly it divided and tribalised the issue to the extreme point where an MP was even murdered. However, we are where we are now- can't see rejoin ever gaining traction because of the need to join the single currency.
  7. Is this sarcasm? The guy literally contracted Coronavirus and had to be admitted to ICU. Hardly a figure of fitness when most under 65s who contract the virus don't even need to go to hospital.
  8. Isn't it known as 'Hypernormalisation'?
  9. Assuming that there is a correlation here, correlation is not causation. It is much more likely that harsher lockdowns were required in countries where the virus was more prevalent in the community and out of control, therefore more infections, more hospitalisations and more deaths. Unless you have strong evidence to prove that harsher lockdowns have directly led to more excess deaths than in countries with looser restrictions this statement is utterly meaningless.
  10. For some reason I cannot quote your post - I am not arguing in favour of lockdowns by the way. I feel that they can be counterproductive if relied upon as the blunt instrument that they are. We are in the position in the UK where they are probably doing a lot more harm than good now, but we are probably left with no choice. I am in favour of using them as a last resort to get the prevalence under control (as was achieved successfully in for example Taiwan and Vietnam) but then using other measures (test/trace/isolated) and light touch approaches to keep the virus managable and to prevent mutations. Anyway, I don't know enough about the health service of Sweden, Norway etc. nor the policy that Norway used at the start of the pandemic (regarding lockdowns etc.) to add meaningfully any further to this debate but I will concede they are interesting points.
  11. Nope - they've been updating it daily: https://www.vg.no/spesial/corona/ Wikipedia is not a reliable (or useful) resource.
  12. Norway borders with Sweden - I'd say that wasn't being particularly selective. Sweden has similar demographics to Norway. The UK for many reasons has utterly failed to control the virus, that's in spite of draconian lockdown measures, not because of them. Imagine how much higher the death toll in the UK would have been without these measures? Our inefficient and underfunded healthcare system just cannot in any way cope. This pandemic has exposed how piss poor the UK is, after years and years of neglect and austerity. I do think the population health may also be a factor, obesity and diabetes (Type 2) are much more prevalent in the UK and the US compared with many other countries. The main point though is that their initial approach - to not intervene and allow 'herd immunity' to develop has not worked. They have had to change their approach. Ergo, a failure.
  13. Deaths per million Sweden: 931 Germany: 471 Norway: 87 That is a failure IMO - don't even begin to compare to the UK because we are such a basket case it isn't comparable to anything. Not only the largest economic hit in Europe but the 2nd largest death toll per capita. Failure doesn't even begin to do it justice - complete catatrosphe more like.
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