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  1. 3 principles of mumsnet: Buy in an expensive area Buy a detached house Use DH's money to do so
  2. I quite agree apart from the last bit. Even if you'd have bought in 2009 everything would still be at the same level of uncertainty. Houses do require money to keep up and they have a disadvantage in that you can be hit by a big bill at any time. This is why with 7 figures I refuse to have more than half of that in my home.
  3. What now is a mass of uncertainty with a small percentage of winners and a large number of losers.
  4. Sunak just provided London with a bounce, expect 30% uplift in short order. Living with mum and dad wont offset it
  5. If someone like me with 7 figures is feeling it how the f*ck does anyone else not get it?
  6. I'm also right, if you're not suffering from this ****** your head is in the sand. You'll get it when a member of your family is struggling to access health services or such like
  7. It's not decades away, we already have an overburdened, overstretched populous. If you aren't one of them your head is in the sand
  8. So someone can 'afford' 5 multiples of their salary. But their wages don't go up within the next decade, how do they actually pay the debt down?
  9. Of course he will back it. Starmer's sole role is to try and be popular. Strange that this move seems to be universally loathed though from the comments around the web.
  10. There is no long term right now. That business/motorbike/car could be taxed out of existence The stock could lose its value easily There is no economic model for valuing things anymore
  11. Yes but the point is, had this have happened about 7 years ago I would have been screwed. Now I am paying for everybody else. And please don't tell me about dividend tax efficiency, the govt has made more off my corp tax in 1 year than if I'd been sat around as an employee for a decade.
  12. Why should anyone get furlough anyway? Do these people on 30k make a net contribution in tax when I'm paying more than their salary in tax? Why should I bail out all these people for not having the guts to go and start their own business?
  13. I have plenty of cash reserves and resilience in my business model that means my company has kept going. Why should I bail out all these companies that distributed their cash reserves to shareholders when I haven't asked for a penny from anyone? Do you see the directors of these companies cutting their salaries to zero?
  14. Same risk as all the other businesses that have furloughed their staff, no? Why don't they just cough it up or fire their staff?
  15. Can you then amend your original statement to people like you who used it as a vehicle to avoid tax rather than those of us who used it because we didn't know what our salaries would be while risk taking, creating something of value, and doing something else than sitting behind a desk programming and imagining that everyone else who starts a business has their limited abilities.
  16. Is an opportunity a spin at the roulette wheel? Seems everything is.
  17. I don't get what you're saying It's a very simple equation, if a landlord thrives while a nurse struggles we are all in trouble. It's already clear. Why am I giving my tax to inflated the landlords earnings and not make the life of the nurse easier?
  18. It doesn't need to end for it to not have been good for many people. The last decade has been rubbish for most people, this last year has exposed how bad it truly is.
  19. The problem isn't the tax The problem is it's not flowing into the services you pay for, it's just going into the back pocket of people that create no value
  20. Any incentive do do anything other than become a landlord? Nope. Sunak is a criminal.
  21. Nothing has a risk profile anymore Tesco shares could go down 1000% against bitcoin Bitcoin could go down 1000% against gold etc.
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