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  1. It's probably less hassle to learn welsh than it is to buy a property in London
  2. how does it work, you pay 20% help to buy then modernise the property, do you then have to pay more to buy the rest when you've modernised it?
  3. Why don't you just move to wales or something
  4. FTB will have to pass it through the mortgage company etc Sold twice to two cash buyers, no survey, no hassle
  5. I did that when I sold my own house, it was a 10k difference. If I'm a seller I'm wondering who is most likely to come through.
  6. At that price level the differences aren't that great. I'd take the cash buyer at 120k over the ftb at 126k.
  7. I can afford a house where I want to live. I can't however afford to grow my business because people are either struggling in a rental cycle or have to live in a crappy area. Get your head out the sand.
  8. What is actually the social contract between system and people now? It just seems to be a jungle
  9. Cost of housing has totally devalued work
  10. I don't have an issue with doing that
  11. Anger is an issue? Thinking being minted = happy, is an issue in my book.
  12. Well no, you don't have to have a contract to own a home. Yes I'm very angry, and?
  13. it's amazing the lengths people will go to to get a detached place, probably easier to move to the us
  14. Not much of a timeframe to be lamenting your judgement, a year in an unprecedented situation? Regardless, I cngaf about a crash, no crash, whatever. I've made enough dosh not to care. The fact that we've gotten into a situation whereby people are effectively gambling on property due to market timing is a sh*t show of the highest order. Come back in a couple of decades time and tell me you weren't a w*nker for not understanding that.
  15. Lets talk about ignoring the obvious from the point of view of someone who for this argument is almost academic as I can own a house several times over in cash. Your house is worth f*ck all in a country (and world) that's f*cked.
  16. Mania for the last month yes. There seems to be a lot coming onto the market though.
  17. It's not stamp duty Couples in lockdown been cramped up in rented flats feeling insecure. A year to save money, some BOMAD, and hey presto you have a 300-500k ftb.
  18. Both are crap options On the one hand you get an overpriced house On the other hand you get an overpriced house Take your pick
  19. There was a victorian detached 3 mins from here on sale for 450k, nicely redone. Had a look at road and area, very busy road, cars passing front window a few feet away every couple of minutes, demographic looked run down. The house looked very "instagrammable" though. Had 2 offers at ask without viewing and many over on the day. EA looked shocked when I mentioned the road was crap and wasn't interested. People are fookin nuts.
  20. Bitcoins aren't as pretty as tulip bulbs
  21. Amazing you have claimed to have woken up to that but can't see that many hard working families have to use food banks and health services are crumbling. Financial ruin of the masses through reduced cost of housing?
  22. I'm paying devils advocate with you, well sort of, I have no idea what's going to happen. Why not buy now?
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