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  1. Kirsty wasn't warning people not to bang 600k on a flat in dalston was she? I think she was encouraging people. People spending 300k on a house in North Wales may well see their property price plummet, but at least they'll be able to live there
  2. Here's another rental cost Your cat needs somewhere to stay. You spend dozens and dozens of hours looking for a landlord who isn't a ****.
  3. Unfortunately none of us have a cyrstal ball We are so far detached from reality that anything you do is massively speculative
  4. She can give them a lecture on how hard it was in her grandparents day like she did everyone else
  5. Nobody knows what to do about it. Protests are often seen as a waste of time, for the great unwashed. There's no other viable alternative to vote for. Even the mayoral elections sadiq is by far favourite, why is that? It's cos we don't live in a democracy
  6. I voted Labour to try and get another hung parliament. I can't stand either party. But what was the other choice besides spoiling the ballot?
  7. Must be a property porn show in here somewhere. A completely untapped market 'renovations on expenses'
  8. I remember the likes of hamish and that maidstone chap back in the day. I'm not refferring to that, some of the long term bears have thrown the towel in.
  9. It's like arguing trump v biden, conservative v labour, which flavour of sh1t sandwich do you prefer?
  10. It's relevant for mine And it's a sh1t option. But for someone who doesn't have anywhere easy to go should a landlord decide to make their life difficult, the other one is sh1tter.
  11. Funny No-ones observed that both options are sh1t and the fact that we're even having this discussion at all is symptomatic of extreme dysfunction.
  12. Yes. It's starting to look from a lot of comments like it should be renamed house price inflation.
  13. It's not exactly an authentic compliment is it? A small headshot of an average looking woman that you've never met doesn't warrant 'stunning'.
  14. Just reading in comments about housing on various sites. I'm not sure if this forum is actually going against the grain. It's like a reversal you've got krusty telling people not to buy houses and people here saying it won't crash Very odd times
  15. What happened in the end? Oh and next time remember first rule of rental, always leave a turd in the cistern when you leave
  16. Last election I voted Labour to try and stop Tory getting too much power as everyone was voting Tory to Keep Labout out Properly effed up decision.
  17. 126k is more than what I bought my first flat for in London in the late 90s. I was only a couple of years out of Uni, probably earning more than Rachel. 3.5x salary lending with 10% deposit. IR's were around 6%. People used to get put in prison for saying the world is round. Well the world is round, and this property mania is going to lead to a collapse.
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