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  1. No, it's luck. The conditions that facilitated it are nothing to do with judgement.
  2. And along the lines of help to buy and stamp duty holidays Less affordable is more affordable
  3. Or, Old is Young to keep to the thread.
  4. Old people are the future Protect them at the expense of the young
  5. I've been this path but HPI means it's very difficult to get out of the system now. People can be quite frugal, live inexpensively, but find their efforts dwarfed by someone who's leveraged everything and made crazy gains out of property. Also, protecting wealth is a worry and a burden particularly when there is so much boom and bust. Attempting to diversify has never been easier but never more complicated. It all sounds great, the good life, plenty of assets, but it's not that difficult to end up fixating on losing it. In short, life is pretty difficult.
  6. Indeed you chat to them, they chat back And that's all you'll get, a chat. Brilliant. It is different now from when it was in my day, and there's something gone very wrong with male female interaction/
  7. We're entering some kind of weird era where caveat emptor doesn't apply anymore. People are not longer responsible for their own decisions. Good that this got voted down.
  8. What would you prefer? Under what circumstance? Personally I wouldn't give a sh1t as I'm not intending to sh*g them.
  9. Staycation Staycation Staycation Krusty takes a few aspiring housebuyers to cornwall to pick up a holiday home, and finds that 10% above ask just doesn't cut it anymore
  10. I get what you're saying but that contract has been broken. You can do a lifetime of work now and get nowhere. Or, you can borrow money, buy houses, do nothing useful and become wealthy. And yes it does matter, a nurse is more valuable than a banker and there is no mechanism for the nurse to prosper.
  11. It matters in the context in which the post was made You don't need to do a lifetimes work to become wealthy, not even close
  12. London was throwing money at grads and housing was cheap. Many gen x parents bought up student properties for their kids to live in. There was still a stigma around house prices crashing. Most of the people that I know from that era were earning 100k+ by late 20s.
  13. It really wasn't that difficult as late gen x. Get into good uni, get into grad scheme, work. That was pretty much all you had to do.
  14. Late gen x born mid 70s, bought 1998 Most of my gen x mates are worth mid 7-8 figures
  15. A lifetimes work of what? Pushing some numbers around so that we can build and sell more useless crap? Just to get some money to buy more useless crap?
  16. This is such bull The amount of times i've heard this work 2x as hard thing trotted out for different types of people is laughable. People do have advantages and disadvantages, but they are not as great as the perception of them is.
  17. Venells needs to be tried on manslaughter charges
  18. Was anything right with humans? But really, the world is too overpopulated and too complicated In fact humans are doing remarkably well for humans
  19. No The fact he got told off in front of millions of people is the reason we're in deep trouble
  20. I still feel like it's a rubbish thing to do, and I've accepted there's a good chance I'll lose money I don't want to fuel HPI either The problem is that the rental market is a worse alternative for my personal situation right now If I was younger and living home with parents and getting a mortgage I would definitely wait it out
  21. I'm in this situation right know, buying a cheaper property in cash and we'll see what will happen/ There are too many factors for me to take a simplistic view such as wait it out and house prices will come down. My main concern right now is avoiding fallout.
  22. I don't think it would really matter actually. Either way everything is f*cked.
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