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  1. This could work 2 ways couldn't it? Since the cost of building materials has gone up, the value of the house has increased. But the value of the land decreases. Strange times.
  2. Firstly in the context of a house worth 335k, 5k isn't that much. Also there may have been a big problem with it, which might have caused the reduction. But regardless, that post goes to show how difficult the market is, and why there is such a premium when people are trying to get enough space and the right location.
  3. Family homes in nice areas Plenty of supply of flats out there, nobody wants them!
  4. I've just downsized and it's been a massive hassle. I've lost almost a year of my life to this all consuming process. Sellers flip flapping, issues coming up on properties, things going after a day or two. Also if you're a landlord and you start selling property where do you put it? It's easy to come onto a forum and say, yeah, sell this, do this, put it into bitcoin, but I don't look at any investment right now and see steady gains, it's all a massive risk. Risk landlord putting up your rent, risk housing going up down, left or right, risk stocks rocketing or capitulating. Nobody has any clue what they're doing and that's the bottom line. I have my house paid of in a nice area, it goes up, it goes down, whatever, I'll be able hold onto my health and sanity..that's a long term strategy. Money only goes so far.
  5. People don't sell or buy houses in the same way you buy shares..
  6. I just exchanged today, found somewhere tail end of feb If it had fallen through I'd be waiting it out right now, it's just too crazy
  7. Majority of people WFH aren't doing much of use, which is the irony. The ones who have been on the frontline have taken the hit in this pandemic.
  8. At the moment people don't have to be there 5 days. There are two great unknowns right now 1) Will people decide the WFH thing doesn't actually work so well and go back to office life 2) Has winkie ever missed a wink at the end of their post
  9. FOMO. It's a new paradigm and we will never be able to get a house again because everything is going up and the government won't let it stop. Incredibly dangerous with no good outcome for anyone.
  10. You can't really tell till you've moved in. Over time things change, and people don't like the place or the house.
  11. Also things only need to go down about 5% to trigger panic as so many people are dependent on continual HPI. People talk about affordabiity and low interest rates, but they haven't factored in that they have to pay back off mortgage at some point which is... quite large.
  12. People are currently operating out of fear, stuck indoors for a year, little to no social contact, sick of being cooped up. The pendulum may swing back once life starts to get back to normal. When faced with a load of repair bills in an area you don't really like and you're fed up of country walks, a large garden you don't have time or money to maintain, and cowboy tradesman in and out of your life, the reality of your new purchase might well be different.
  13. Get 8 people together with 10 grand each and buy this: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/89039479#/ No more rental costs
  14. I own a business in the UK. Plenty of areas in the UK are to me still "affordable". No point tearing all that up just to get a cheap house and start from scratch. Although it is an appealing idea....
  15. "Retired farm worker, 83, is found murdered after 'burglary' at his £450,000 bungalow in idyllic Essex village as police launch hunt for killer 'who stole shotgun and Volvo from driveway'" Plenty of these in the DM
  16. There's also multiplier effect at play here. For the families of HPI benefactors, more housing is available. The mad gainz on property are filtering back down to create more mad gainz on property. Does it all come to an end and many millions of people are in the doodoo, or do the same people trade houses back and forth to each other with everyone else in the doodoo and a select few making it into the club? Either path leads to one set of people being in the doodoo.
  17. Nobody can afford houses now yet there's 20 odd people viewing anything half decent. I would just up and leave if I could.
  18. Well if you were starting out today then move abroad would be my strategy.
  19. Depends if the Directors are deemed to have acted improperly
  20. Well they can by declaring themselves bankrupt.
  21. The mumsnet thread just posted down on the forum is interesting. On there someone is complaining that house prices have gone up since when the price was first agreed with their buyer and now they can't sell it to the buyer because whatever they wanted is now out of reach. However, if you have multiple properties you are indeed coining it. The problem is that if things keep going like this you'll soon have to spend all that on medical care and personal security.
  22. Well I'm part of a collective consciousness that gets what it deserves. For a long time that has been crappy leaders and voting doesn't make a difference.
  23. Really Anyone that's not taking to the streets demanding that we sort this mess out is getting what they deserve
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