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  1. Well as a genexer I do lay the blame at my generations door. You don't know what I am or am not typical of, what makes you think I'm getting f*cked by this?
  2. I said nothing because if I was born a boomer that's how I would be, thats how you are. And you are very typical in your denial of the situation, which is what gets everyones backs up.
  3. So the boomers are a weak group that have no ability to influence the government.
  4. What would you have done differently if you were living in Germany in the 1930s? It's human nature to go along with things.
  5. It's not just this site though. That's a fair criticism of millennials too, but who raised them? As for doing things differently, nothing, thats how the boomers are and will be remembered.
  6. The weather is well modelled. There is nothing predictable about the current economic climate, we're in unknown territory.
  7. When I were a lad we didn't have an outdoor piddling pool, we had to go inside to piddle. These toddlers don't know how lucky they are.
  8. Older people think everyone should sacrifice themselves for their benefit, it's what their parents/grandparents did.
  9. Very unlikely eh? Well it's very likely that we've got a climate change problem mounting up. Perhaps at some point people will stop thinking that a 25 year timeframe to pay off an asset is a a good idea. How many houses need to get flash flooded before this happens? On the other hand house prices may triple. The point is there is no likely or unlikely as we're not dealing with scenarios in which you can rationalise. Nobody has ever been right about the housing market.
  10. How can you rationalise something that can't be rationalised? The property market isn't rational, it could go down 90%.
  11. 5.2 million properties at risk from flooding 3 million requiring fire safety rules Millions of terraced homes where you can hear your neighbours fart Countless ageing stock with dodgy diy which can't be made energy efficient And houses are affordable. What a load of p1sh
  12. And shafted an entire generation who now have no future. But nobody cares about that.
  13. I agree, but access to healthcare services is declining, the cost of living is going up, nobody's creating anything, and the kids have no future. So who gives a t*ss about a crash.
  14. Almost everyone I know from gen x blew a load of things up their nose at the weekends. Boomers in London used to get p1ssed every lunchtime. When I grew up everyone had a load of video games walkmans tvs/video recorders when their parents worked pretty average jobs. Nobody who works those same jobs could afford those houses anymore, they've mostly been bought up by wealthy foreigners.
  15. Exactly, as a gen xer it's a load of absolute nonsense. The truth is that these generations don't want to admit that they've royally f*cked up. A bunch of cowardly people.
  16. I did both. Partied like a rockstar and ended up with money. You're a bit too boring to be smug mate.
  17. People need to move sometimes, my circumstances changed dramatically in the last few months, it happens. I can ride this out because of my net wealth, but if something changes for you and you need to move then because of the increasing costs for stamp duty, agents fees, and the fact there's 14 people bidding on any decent house then you're in serious trouble. This is why there's nothing on the market, nobody can afford to move anymore. The middle classes are already royally shafted. You need at least a few houses in different parts of the world and a load of diversified assets to be in as good a position as you seem to think you are. You're all in on a single property, dependent upon it, and only one adverse event away from ruin like most mortgage holders are. People seem to have no idea that having wealth that they can't afford to earn back in a single asset makes them vulnerable. What exactly is the point of this? Is there any way this situation is good for anyone? Why are people so effing stupid to base affordability on a metric that only works in stable conditions? Didn't all these people that bought cladded flats think they were affordable?
  18. In the case of an hpc lets say, 30%, what would you do? Buy somewhere? If you own somewhere would you move up the chain?
  19. There's been hardly any property on the market for months! That's why there's no volume, because people aren't selling.
  20. Half the population of home owners
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