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  1. Plan began a year ago. Sold my house in London, bought a less expensive place in cash, rest of money is in various investments. The house buying process was horrific and cost me more time than I care to imagine. The plan is to focus back on my business and live day to day as fed up with stressing about all of this
  2. This is a core driver that led me to purchasing a house recently which I didn't really want to do. Rental is sh1t.
  3. I've seen about 2 houses come back onto the market since December. Things are still going under offer quickly so doesn't look like stamp duty is the key driver
  4. Could your son live at home? People often can't just 'wait it out' due to personal circumstance.
  5. This Are you happy where you are? Can you sit it out without being subject to getting moved around? 20 rejected offers, you must have spent a lot of time. What's your time worth? What if the market doesn't fall for another year? Are you going to continually obsess?
  6. Why will the chains collapse if the deadline is not made? I mean, it seems obvious, but is it? Won't people just renegotiate?
  7. Market is deadlocked as no-one wants to move due to the madness - bit of a chicken and egg situation House prices have to come down, how and when that happens is anybodies guess though Family homes in good areas will always have demand though It's a bit of mugs game trying to time this as the rental market is also bunged up, the whole thing stinks.
  8. It's not funny at all, the last year has been one of the worst, totally all consuming to move. If you have a family or other reasons it's incredibly difficult. There's a lot of people in this boat. Just from personal experience of this a lot is coming from BOMAD.
  9. Just speaking from personal experience 3 of the people that bid on my house were cash, this was in the 600k range. And just from experience of buying a house there seems to be a lot of money sloshing about.
  10. What makes you think the flight involves people having to sell somewhere? The first step in a city can be a third step in a suburb.
  11. Case in point it would still cost me the same to buy a 1 bed flat on an ex la block in shoreditch as what it's just cost to buy a 3 bed semi 45 mins away. Have I spent too much? Probably. Will I be cooped up in a 1 bed for the next decade though?
  12. It's a flight from cities to suburbs and beyond. Not specific to London, but that does have an effect when you consider that prior to covid, many were saving to spend 500k on a small flat in London. People have looked at hybrid working, decided they are going to save x amount, and figured they can buy a house out in the sticks for what they would spend on a flat.
  13. This is ridiculous. On LLL they've had people come in and spend 500k+ on a flat in London. But all of a sudden people realising that it's better to buy a house for less than that with a greater utility and intrinsic value cannot continue. Tool.
  14. The market was still heated before Sunak announced the stamp duty extension. People were still bidding up houses that were never going to make the deadline.
  15. I managed to get mine tail end of January after the one from last August fell through. I think to bring it down to FOMO or stamp duty is simplification. The task of finding a house is all consuming. The rental situation isn't that great either. People have families and fundamental needs when it comes to their living arrangements. People cannot just sit around living with parents or in a van waiting for a crash or something. Blame the system not the people. I have bought in cash not even half of my wealth so am not really bothered what happens as being settled is going to save me more than whatever falls might occur.
  16. Reading some of the comments on this thread, I have to ask what do people hope will be achieved? Personally I would like prices to fall so that we can rebuild the financial system and economy to replace the social contract whereby a decent days work allows you to live well. I'm not sure whether some people just want prices to fall to buy a big house and become wealthier, I don't see how this is any different from the existing model.
  17. It will continue to be the same situation. Whoever can afford the property gets the property. So that will be the people who have profited from hpi over many years No change on that front really
  18. Gold won't buy you personal protection or healthcare. The events in New York and Seattle last year are a sign of things to come. I don't think a lot of people are bedding down in shires just because of WFH
  19. Can you read? I think that we will have a full on collapse and mass civil unrest. You think you're just going to be sitting around snapping up some property?
  20. The 70s are far more applicable than the 90s. This forum says house price crash, think I've stated what's to come is way beyond a house price crash., and people rubbing their hands in glee are just as gullible as those who don't think it's coming.
  21. Why the sheeple? Writing has been on the wall for the STHF for a while now, do you honestly think it's just going to result in some lower house prices? People sitting it out laughing and snapping up some cheap property? Think again.
  22. I have a cat. I honestly don't get why this is a problem for 70% of landlords as all she does is sleep.
  23. Indeed you have to factor in extra cost spent in rental and the premium on your time Place I just purchased needs very little work doing to it for this very reason.
  24. Good luck renting when you have a pet. That was a horrible experience.
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