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  1. Will house prices come down seems like the wrong question now. How much mass unrest is going to occur, perhaps.
  2. I'm new again. I was here for a while in 2007, can't remember who I was. I think we've gone beyond a house price crash now, government interference in that market means we've gotten to the point of systemic failure. Way things are going the last thing people are going to be concerned about is the value of their property.
  3. I was here around 2007, I can't even remember my username. I didn't STR but I was about to buy a poxy studio in London, this site put me off. I put the money into starting a business instead, which did well. I've now got about 700k cash to spend and I didn't live in a poxy studio in London at any point The money I made out of my business feels good, the money I made out of my hosue which I recenly sold irks me, because it's a disincentive to get on and go through the hassle of doing anything challenging and productive. That's not good for anyone.
  4. I forgot to say, I'm glad I went into rental instead of trying to do the process again
  5. I sold my property at the end of last year, I'm sort of a forced STR as the seller above me pulled out before exchange. The whole system is a nightmare anyway, this SD deadline has made it even worse as people push on. I'll be sitting this out for a while
  6. End of what? What did we have in the first place? Being able to live comfortably is an ideal not a reality, life is always full of challenges. Mass suffering leads to enlightenment, there is nothing to be afraid of.
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