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  1. when i put mine on the market in August I had 10 offers within 3 days. now im seeing similar taking a while to go under offer.
  2. It seems like a bit of a two tier market, houses perceived as having lots of space and room to work in getting snapped up and anything else seems to be sitting on the market. definitely getting the impression its cooling off though
  3. and the key assumption of the democratic party/blm movment
  4. we had the roaring 20s last decade, this is the great depression
  5. i don't have a choice, my negotiating position as a citizen has been undermined
  6. well lets hope so because you're going to have to bend over and take it now, no opportunity to leave. im sure that kind of power in the governments hands can't lead to anything going wrong.
  7. +1 not tax efficient at all the reason for doing it is so you can build one thing and sell it many times, so that you're getting paid for the value of what you create rather than your time. many of these creations will get sold abroad adding massive value to the economy the govt can't shut everything down and then just decide to throw people who create all this value to the wolves, it's beyond belief
  8. you didn't answer the question, how tax efficient is it exactly? do feel free to add in the cost of admin, accountants etc. you'll find it's far less than you think all you're doing is banging a puerile point about ukgov not holding our hands, well, find an accountant that doesn't recommend paying yourself in that way i suspect i paid more tax last year than your salary and that i've been wiping your backside for many years
  9. They designed they system didn't they? What are the pluses exactly over someone who's employed exactly?
  10. It tells you what the priorities are. Estate agents are the backbone of the economy, Entrepreneurs and innovators are expendable
  11. Many of these will be people who have put their savings on the line to start a business. Think about the ones that have just started growing where the director(s) are taking minimal salaries in order to make the businesses work. This is how businesses get started, these are the people that create jobs, employment, and wealth. Unforgivable.
  12. Government encourages small businesses to pay themselves in dividends, takes 20% corporation tax, takes tax on the dividend and income. That tax should therefore entitle them to furlough. If the government argues they have paid less tax than your employee taking home the same income, then reduced the furlough by the same ratio, 70% instead of 80%. 0% is unforgivable.
  13. You would be surprised how many people don't have a survey done, and how many ignore the risks. HPI has backed people into a corner. Over 3.5 million houses are at risks of flooding, this is set to get worse as the weather continues to get more extreme. Of course I wouldn't want to live in a rental with a cockroach infestation, but I'm only bound to the contract for a short period of time. I don't disagree that housing can be a better option than renting, in my case now, I am looking to buy again when things are calmer. But for a lot of people rental does make sense over ownership, the people that went out and bought these high rise apartments that they can't sell would have been far better off considering the risk they were taking.
  14. And although I've paid rent and have to fork over hard earned cash to someone who's done nothing but sit on a property for a while and paint their fireplace, I've built a business. Who do you think is going to reap rewards over the long term? Who do you think knows how to use their resources to create things?
  15. By the way your statement is blanket (owning is better than renting) and depends on circumstance. For example I spent my time building my business and can afford to pay cash now rather than putting a large deposit on something that would have messed up my cashflow. Like you say this country having economic activity sucked away from it both from the renting is dead money and btl mob.
  16. Thinking it's a bad idea to buy somewhere that has a chance of flooding/subsiding/being unable to sell due to cladding and other issues is thinking of a home as investment? Would you take living in an unsellable property over renting from a LL? Would you take a neighbour building a large extension which causes a ground shift over renting from a LL? How many properties in the uk do you think are prone to potential difficulties?
  17. Uncertainty about the virus has pushed house prices up continually as people are rushing to purchase security. Uncertainty about jobs can just as easily make it go the other way.
  18. Yes because a mas exodus from HK will sustain their house prices. Think about it.
  19. They can afford the mortgage payments but they are leveraged in one asset class. Not just all eggs in one basket but eggs you can't really afford in that basket too. Renting is indeed dead money, but the alternative of owning isn't any better. The millions of properties that are prone to flooding, subsidence, aging stock with crumbling mortar, increase of neighbourhood changes, location sensitivity, and other risks means that many people invested in property are continually a small step away from bankruptcy without realising it. It will only take a gust of wind to blow that house of cards over.
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