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  1. The property is listed with an estate agent, it says so in the advert.
  2. Problem is liability. Builders will claim that they didn't mislead the buyer and aren't liable because the cladding was deemed firesafe - this is true. Same with the building inspectors/regulators will claim they were lied to, so why should they be liable? The cladding company that doctored their results are liable, but will the homeowners actually be able to bring a claim against them.
  3. That's like asking if she didn't think to get out of the way of an AK47 pointed at her. She, like many others has had the dream of home ownership programmed into her head since birth, and allowed to walk into this mess with a "help to buy" scheme. Did the lenders, the government schemes, btl brigade, the tosspots running property porn not think they were screwing up a whole generation of people... hmm, maybe not.
  4. I made a lot more than that over 5 years from my business, but I paid a lot more tax too. Just from first hand experience, if the reward isn't there to create things then no-one will take the risk. We are not creating a better world, just a load of anxiety and trouble for the youngsters. Not much point to it.
  5. It hasn't, and won't work. Your house is worth nothing in a country that isn't functioning correctly, when will people wake up to this.
  6. Lots of people do this, many benefit individually, but collectively we are all losing out. We are not producing things we can sell, that's the bottom line.
  7. Welcome to modern Britain where the most value you will get for your time is DIY. No incentive to do much else. No offence OP.
  8. We're in a situation where whatever you do is betting on red or black, gold, bitcoin, shares, property, bonds, cash, doesn't matter. Anything can give way at any moment.
  9. There's still stuff going quickly in certain areas but they tend to be chain free, need doing up, and priced accordingly. The stamp duty thing is confusing when it comes to pricing something up which isn't chain free and the general turmoil and uncertainty surrounding it. It's a weird market. People can talk about affordability, low interest rates etc., but fast rising unemployment is going to have a severe dent. It feels like a house of cards waiting to fall over and I don't see how the Government has any tricks left up their sleeves.
  10. That horse already bolted, it just went to Landlords instead of the masses.
  11. That's already happening. People sitting on property are creating naff all and getting free money - the biggest benefits payments of all!
  12. Benefits payments are naff all in the grand scheme of things. We've built a highly automated society, and most people are doing non jobs. Billionaires do not create the value they extract, nor do people who own property, nor do people who invest in stock markets. Anyone that's made a profit from shares or property has no leg to stand on. We need a UBI and to start creating a society of inclusion rather than division.
  13. When you factor in stamp duty, it's questionable whether house prices rose at all in 2020 The thing that pushed the index up was people moving away from London and going for larger houses, these are the things that sold. If flats and smaller places had made it through to the index you would see this offset the rise, but they're still sitting on the market.
  14. People without this kind of understanding and compassion will get it at some point. Good luck holding yourself to that standard for the rest of your life.
  15. Paying corp tax and a dividend instead of a salary means tough nuts when you commit suicide because "A person and a LtdCo are two entirely seperate legal entities." I hope you've got a patient wife
  16. I hope you've got a patient board since you've just explained to me everything I already know, but still haven't got your head around the idea that you end up paying tax one way or another.
  17. tell you what spyguy why don't you write to hmrc and tell them you don't want your salary to count against corporation tax as you're such a model citizen and believe that these two separate entities are distinct from each other 😄
  18. Of course I didn't count VAT Well if you're going to try and make out that this is fair due to separate legal/tax entities, why isn't there equivalent support for the business proportional to the amount of corporation tax paid?
  19. Anyway you still haven't done the sums to prove what you're saying. What's the difference in tax paid by someone earning 60k as an employee or as an IR35 What kind of business do you run? Some kind of consultant talking hot air?
  20. However, had the government interrupted my business in y2 I would have been on the streets. So I've no idea why I'm paying this tax.
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