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  1. I think I'm a dinosaur but I made many of my lifelong career contacts who opened doors for me later from going down the pub after work. Perhaps the next gen will manage it different but I just don't see how that can be replaced
  2. I've been hybrid since around 2001. I find it amusing that people are just discovering this is a better way to live.
  3. The first thing we did as a tech startup when we could afford it was get an office. You could google meet 8 9 years ago no problem so it's hardly any different. We had one remote tech because he was cheap - which says it all. But he was never going to be top level. You cannot be creative that level and work from home. I've had the option for many years and hybrid working is the way to go. I moved to a place specifically for that purpose. Also there are many people that just do not want to work from home because of the isolation. It's unnatural.
  4. That sounds like a good idea, I'm going to need a new way of filling my time that involves something completely pointless and unproductive to fit in with the new normal.
  5. Try going on an hpc forum telling everyone you're buying a house and then getting annoyed when a lot of people give you an opinion you don't like,and then getting upset because they're all massively wealthier than you.
  6. Lots of remortgaging going on.
  7. Yep unfortunately it's more likely he was trying to put you off wasting his time than bsing you.
  8. House prices dropping in price? Are you serious? Try mass unemployment, social unrest, no ability to get medical attention. Just for a start. Been banging on about this since last year, and momentum is building. House prices are the least of the worries. You're so economically illiterate you don't understand the implications when an Entrepreneur tells you it makes no sense to run a business in this country anymore, and I am far from alone in this. No I'm not angry fullstop, life is good, I'm angry about this situation and I think you're a tool.
  9. So yeah basically I'm angry because there is no system in which to operate anymore. Which is a natural emotion. The reason I've had a successful business is because I'm honest with myself. Burying your head in the sand a singing la la la like yourself leads to trouble.
  10. The tenner is devaluation of the cash in my business which is there to protect the business, that instead has been given away for cheap mortgages for the likes of yourself. Wind down the business, get the cash out at 10% tax, stop bothering, because what's the point.
  11. Let me put it another way for you If someone robs a tenner off you, do you feel happy because they didn't nab 40 quid? Or do you feel violated and angry that they robbed you What do you think is actually happening right now?
  12. What are you on about? I made a lot of money from property I made a lot from my business Not buying into the ponzi scheme? I just bought another house. It's your generation that's screwed you muppet. Just because you place a value on wealth doesn't mean that other people don't. You have no idea why I'm angry about it because you're not wealthy.
  13. Why would I not be angry about it? I stick my money into overpriced property, or take my pick from volatile/overpriced assets. Meanwhile the costs to service my business go up and my margins become lower. The country is the wrong way up and nothing good will come of it. What's the incentive to continue with my business? If I feel f*cked how does the rest of the country get by?
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