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  1. where do people live though? the rental market is jammed up and overpriced.
  2. Just out of curiosity Simon for what possible reason would I have to come here intermittently and 'boast'. What's the point?
  3. Just cos you think it's boasting doesn't mean that it is.
  4. What about people who aren't priced out but think this is all insanity?
  5. This is a forum for people priced out of housing?
  6. The market is truly broken, no rentals, no houses. I'm having to move again unfortunately and it's ridiculous. Under offer at 10% above what I paid last year, but nowhere to go.
  7. I think you're jealous. It's not that hard to have become a millionaire or benefitted from HPI at your age, you must have made some pretty poor financial decisions. I have no idea what you're doing here. This forum is called house price crash, that tells you that people are going to be angry with HPI and the negative effects it has. If you're happy why don't you go off and get on with life then, you use this forum a lot more than me. People that accuse others of being liars are usually liars themselves. There's something very off with you.
  8. They appear to be continuing to go up round my way no houses on the market
  9. I've had to move 3x in the last couple of years due to covid and illness with one chain falling through on me and twentysomethingpratt wonders why I'm not happy just cos "I'm a millionaire" and can buy a house in cash. Ever had to move 3x in the middle of a pandemic when HPI is insane and there's no rentals. I don't know what he's doing on these forums. Bought some crummy house somewhere and thinks he's living in the promised land. Probably comes here just to attempt schadenfreude cos he's got no life.
  10. Yes they are thieves, but we knew all this in 2008, so if it's been allowed to continue then it's cos the population have allowed it.
  11. It's not exactly a big deal these days with hpi.
  12. Ah it's technology now is it? If a thief steals from online bank accounts is that technologies fault? If you know the thief is stealing from online bank accounts but you turn a blind eye because you get a backhander is that the thiefs fault?
  13. It wouldn't surprise me if you were being serious
  14. I suppose they couldn't turn of their telly when location location location came on either. I suppose they just had to borrow the largest amount they could get to secure the best house eh.
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