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  1. Back from a visit to parents in cornwall and spent a day in plymouth and exeter and was surprised at the number of luxury shops in exeter with very few empty and loads of students and wealthy looking shoppers everywhere. Plymouth has a nice shopping centre at the top of the town but the rest at the other end very poor with lots of empty shops. My old workplace in 1991/2 (Norwich Union now Aviva still empty aftwer closing in 1993). Plymouth hoe and the royal william yard and mount wise views still stunning as ever and lots of flats been built looks like many have wood cladding and balconies which might be caught up in the claddi9ng crisis. I would rate Plymouth similar o bradford and Exeter similar to Oxford with good university and lots of wealth.
  2. Might explain why surveyor's won't do valuations of blocks of flats in our area as can not get PI Insurance due to new fire safety rules and no one qualified to do an EWS1 either. As a potential cash buyer of a flat I gave up due o leasehold laws and most surveyor's I spoke to telling me no a good idea until an EWS has been done.
  3. Our new department store Bobby's has opend dog food section to take advantage of this boom. https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/19569045.inside-bournemouths-new-bobbys-department-store/#gallery7
  4. The RNLI HQ is based in Poole and are thinking of renaming to Royal National Leg it over to Kent Institution and even provide ladders to help them onto the beaches. They might supply ps5 consoles so the young men can play FIFA 21 whilst waiting to be shipped across the channel and a prayer room to praise allah for being rescued.
  5. My parents live in Saltash and it has amazed me how much industrial and housing has been built over the past 20 yrs on fields not brownfield sites. It is a key gateway as everyone has to go through it to get to Cornwall once over the Tamar bridge if coming down from exeter via plymouth on the a38. We are going down next week for the first time in 3 yrs so will be interesting to see any recent changes as we explore the area, hopefully a bit quieter now kids back to school.
  6. hey bournemouth beat chelsea and man utd a couple of seasons ago in the premier league but I am a man city fan and we are used to beating man utd and chelsea on a regular basis. Glad we didn't buy Harry Kane after his shocking misses against Hungary still tough opposition for him tonight in Sam Marino. Yep I live at the top of he gardens by coy pond so can cycle down to do shopping go to beach/cinema etc weather generally mild in winter and sunnisest spot in uk in summer without excessive heat, great palce to retire and if from London you will feel at home as most common accent not dorset but cockney. Property a litle on the expensive side this one not far from me on the market but needs a full refurb. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/112795790#/?channel=RES_BUY
  7. they were lucky the plane missed them today only a few hundred metres away. https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/19559447.wingwalker-plane-crashes-poole-harbour-air-festival-display/
  8. The poor with little savings in cash and renting have missed out on this hence the huge gap between the two not sure how this will be fixed as a worldwide proble. I was surprised at how sharp and quick the sell off and recovery in equity markets happened last April could it happen again if new strain and lockdown again.
  9. Still awaiting a mediteranean climte in bournemouth was freezing on thursday watching the airshow, swimming in the sea on friday as too hot and London to hit 30 degrees by next tuesday what is going on?
  10. thanks for your usual detailed insight and glad we still speak english and live in a democracy (albleit with a clown in charge and probably the worst government since the end of the war and reminds me of the fawlty towers sketch when the german tourists famous phrase 'how did they ever win the war').
  11. its not a city, ah an american report so not surprised if they think bournemouh and dorset is a city when dorset is a county and bournemouth is part of the bcp conurbation of 3 towns although could be a city based on its population size 400k+ and it has a university but no cathedral.
  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9956317/Ministers-preparing-crackdown-second-homes-councils-free-reign-ban-outsiders.html Interesting article which I can relate to as I cycle along the sandbanks peninsula on a regular basis and see no lights on any of the blocks of flats during autumn and winter months.
  13. Interesting and unusual for newsnight to dedicate whole programme to this must be lots of BBC employees caught up in this alongside many newspaper reporters. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000z947/newsnight-02092021?page=1
  14. If only the little austrian corporal and the fat goring had not been in charge of strategy who knows what the world would be like today if rommel, von manstein and his ilk were allowed to make the key decisions. Could they have won the battle of britain by not switching to bombing london instead of the radar stations and runways after our daring bombers upset hiltler by bombing berlin when molotov said those famous words if britain is beaten why are we sitting in an air raid shelter whilse being bombed by the british. Would Moscow have fallen had they not invaded yogoslavia and diverted to encirlce Kiev again Hitler's decisions and not his generals.
  15. Might explain why so many flats left in the dark in parts of London and other major ciies in uk. Just imagine if they had used the equity on their chinese homes to buy flats in UK now hit by the cladding crisis. Not sure what the rules are in china for declaring bankruptcy but future wife and her parents will not be happy.
  16. and those 5.5 millions on universal credit/disability benefits, blimey how did Labour lose the las election by so much if all these groups voted for them.
  17. They went from 8% to 15% less than double so 0.1% to 2% would have the same effect. Also 2 wages needed now rather than 1 plus p/t wife and no help from universal credit and most people do not have redundancy cover after the ppi miss-selling. What could possibly go wrong when buyers have 40 yr repayment mortgages and maxed out just to buy a flat/shoe box withthe help of the govt through shared ownership/help to buy.
  18. Our local art gallery in bournemouth just opened and they thought it good to have conceptual art in the form of a display of suicide vests bet that would go down well over there. We are taking in many hundreds of traumatised afghans over the winter just hope they do not visit the new gallery.
  19. yep they are fooked as the newsnight programme tonight exposes. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000z947/newsnight-02092021 Most flat owners don't know they are in trouble yet and will have to go bankrupt as only way out unless tax payers intervenes in a big way I would not want to be dishy rishi at the moment might expalin why he wants bojo's job quickly.
  20. Many of the pimps and drug dealers are albanian with many pakistani couriers who are looking forward to greater amounts of cheap heroin from the taliban in afganistan, so the price will fall further and the next wave of misery will begin as 2 million on furlough will boost the number of users as will the university students and school leavers leaving home and looking for work in the cities and trying recreational drugs then the dealers will try to get them hooked on crack and heroin much more dangerous and addictive than coke.
  21. Newsnight had a whole programme on leasehold system and building safety crisis why the uk is the only country in the world that still uses it and will cause the greatest homeless crisis ever in the coming years. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000z947/newsnight-02092021
  22. weekly update for europe we are well ahaead in new cases and 3rd in the world whilst 2nd for deaths today in europe, does not bode well for school returns this week amd university next month. 100k a day by november and 500 deaths a week would this cause bojo to shutdown again?
  23. 6 mths trading figures for uk exporters make grim reading bu once the pound gets trashed and below 1 euro to pound should recover but will mean an increase in interest rtaes if ti goes any lower as imports and inflation will go up quickly as will uk wages.
  24. Just had a text from my gp surgery asking if I want the flu and booster jab this month at the same time, might be a good idea based on what is happening in Israel at the moment in the chart below:
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