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  1. I've never been a very prolific poster but have been a HPCer from the start and we have also just bought in Cambridge. A few years ago I thought we would see a huge crash but I can't see it happening even though I still want it to. Buying has been a ridiculous process - open houses, bidding wars, sleazy agents and I'm just glad we are out of it now. We feel we have got a bit of a bargain, a charming house that has risen no more than 25% in the last 7 years. Our timing was pretty good and we are grateful to our sellers for refusing to accept buyers in a chain, it meant we avoided the 8 person
  2. I thought that, but I'm pretty sure it is at the Mill Road end of Barnabas Road, at the end of a long row of grand (but less grand than the rest of the street) terraces. I believe houses there were selling for the mid £500's, 3 years ago. I think the £800k house was one of the larger ones on the other side of the road. It does, however seem a more reasonable price than perhaps it might have been put on at a year ago. The volume of houses in my search has almost halved in the last 9 months, in central Cambridge. Other than that, I am still as exasperated as ever with Cambridge prices. 25% off
  3. Habitat Ireland have gone into liquidation http://www.homebug.net/2008/05/homebug-bid...to-habitat.html Dutch friend say that they are going the same way over there. I've been buying some pretty nice furniture on Ebay, thanks to over Mew'ed homeowners. I got £3000 worth of sofa's for £350, from a 2 up 2 down terrace in Coventry. Was waiting to buy a similar style from Habitat, but the christmas sale wasn't good enough.
  4. There is another one here. Different situation, much lower earners, looking at bankruptcy http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showth....html?t=1454181 but..... "Yesterday I sat down to work out our money situ to discover we are in debt of about £8000, and we have no way of paying any of this off!" then, talking about rent arrears "we could prob clear half if we really put ourselves into it and tried!" No one tries any more, this is the problem. People just sit on their sofa's getting fat and working out how best to screw over everyone else. Makes my blood boil. Things need to change.
  5. Another deluded seller, asking £550k for a semi. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-239...p;mam_disp=true Instead, you could have this, detatched, for £465k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-233...=1&tr_t=buy
  6. This one was mentioned on another forum. This is what you would need to do to restore it's Grade II "ness". (Posted by Debt Free Chick on MSE) Here's a list of the authorised work to "regularise" the situation reinstatement of brick pamments in kitchen and lining kitchen walls with blockwork; open up inglenook; replace window, dry line walls and retain new timber floor joists and tongue and groove floorboards in room F6; install partition in bathroom. Internal and external alterations including installation of brick floors and plasterboard ceilings in rooms G1, G3 and G4; apply lath an
  7. Fantastic post. Couldn't have put it better. I have no idea why the "rich" family choose to live there, given the mother's beliefs and the fact that daughter has been mugged on her doorstep twice. Smacks of the same sort of lack of concern for her child as "poor" girls mother. Edit :- that comes across as a bit snobby but is not meant to be. I just feel strongly, that if mother has those strong points of view, they would move their daughter away from it.
  8. Why is poor girl not getting help with her brother? He should be in school and should not be her responsibility. Yet another blindingly obvious failure from our government. She's a sensible, bright girl and her life has been wasted. Social services should be involved and should have ensured he was in school a year ago. Rich girl has been set up. Her views are disgusting but seeing her mother, it is no surprise. Shame on them all, and shame on them for being so daft to get involved with a program like this. I expect it will haunt them forever.
  9. They want ceiling price for the street..... so 2007. Cambridge is just dead at the moment, I am noticing a lot of unsold houses are successfully being rented out. I think/hope panic will hit 2nd quarter of 2009. Edited to add : I haedly see any estate agents driving around the city any more. Don't think I have seen any for months.
  10. This is the area we are looking at and anything by the station is still selling, with no real obvious reductions. That one is hideous, the layout is bizarre and would cost a fortune to put it right. I am stunned by Cambridge prices... still! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-227...p;mam_disp=true This one is still amusing, another £700 off and the rental price might be pitched correctly. Why can house prices not crash, like rents? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-232...=1&tr_t=buy This is another one, that to me, is similar to Devonshire Road... it's a terrace! It's 600k!
  11. I do too, but they have been up for sale for at least a year. I bookmarked them all on rightmove and saw that one of the 739k ones went SSTC last week. I have tried nethousepricing the roads within the development and had little luck, so it's hard to see the actual sale prices. Kids have friends there so we have been able to have a look inside a few and the finish is really spectacular. Only disadvantage for families, in my opinion, is that it is outside of the Parkside school catchment, so, despite being priced well over our budget it would still make it a definite no for us. I have a frie
  12. The setting is nice, but I do know that as with all Cambridge new builds, part have to be offered as social housing. That flat is next door to the social (anti social) housing. As I have said before, I know this development rather well and there is enough trouble there for me not to buy that particular flat, but further away would be fine. These are nice flats, though, and the fixtures and fittings are better than others. The carport is a real bonus, but the communal gardens are a little bit of a dodgy agent spin, as they are just a bit of grass inbetween the car parking. If you have more tha
  13. Hi Bricks and Slaughter I had my eye on this one first time round (was it grey on the outside and on for about £550k?). Anyway...in my opinion the finish couldn't be more awful. The kitchen and bathrooms look very naff. It is the sort of house I am looking at, albeit at the original price, but to bring it up to the standard it deserves and for the higer end Cambridge market I think it needs another £60k spent....extending the kitchen and redoing that and the bathrooms. It has some nice roomsizes and good garden, I guess, I just can't see what market it would appeal to...it reminds me of the
  14. Has a Cambridge agent pulled out of Rightmove? My total number of Cambridge properties listed has dropped by about 12% overnight. Edit :- Is it Bradshaws? I can't find any of their properties listed and I wondered if something was up, I got a leaflet through the door from them a few days ago, offering a free HIP. It shouted desperation to me at the time.
  15. I've been tracking all houses in Cambridge, including newbuilds. At the beginning of march it was 429 and now it is 582. I thought Cambridge seemed fairly resistant to the nationwide falls a few months ago, certainly in my price bracket, but now it appears to be finally happening here.
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