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  1. Inflate it away? I know they’re index linked, but RPI vs. CPI vs. Real Inflation for the plebs can quickly make it worthless.
  2. For HPCers able to cope - here's Radio 4s take on the housing market over ten episodes of 15 minutes BBC Radio 4 - A Home of Our Own Lets see what conclusions they come to - I bet it won't be free market capitalism with sensible interest rates bringing prices back to affordability for the workers...
  3. So many of the houses I’ve been gazumped or outbid on never appear on the Land Registry database. I can only assume that they were enjoying a SDLT holiday due to being purchased by offshore entities. Gives me a warm feeling inside (unlike the crumbling home I’m trying to replace).
  4. The BBC are inviting questions about the Pandora Papers. It would be nice if they were able to connect the housing crisis with dodgy money being parked in empty homes British... Pandora Papers: Send us your questions about the leak - BBC News
  5. Absolutely not hyperbole. Many people suffer a marginal tax rate of over 100% while getting past a credit or taper and this can make work not pay. My tax inspector accepts this, but doesn't make the rules. In my situation a small pay rise while sitting in two different taper bands lead directly to a tax bill roughly triple the pay rise leading to my take-home being less than it had been a decade previously. If I live long enough to draw my privately funded final salary pension for a decade I may end up better off overall, but that seems a long way off. The rules have now moved some of the pension taper away from most NHS and civil servants, but the injustice of over 100% marginal rate still exists for some.
  6. Not just doctors, but many professionals across civil service, military, engineering are finding themselves literally paying to go to work. Hard to understand, but HMRC have created an Alice in Wonderland world where you do more work and pay more tax than you’ve earned. Remove the incentive to work and you’ll face shortages.
  7. The support I got from my relatively well-off parents wasn’t financial, it was stability and love. Knowing that they would be there for me if I needed them allowed me to take career risks at an early age that wouldn’t have been possible had I had no safety net. I’m significantly better off than they were now, but still living in poor housing and not understanding how it came to this.
  8. I think that even their fiat had failures: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00tn9vg Paper currency was first used in China as early as AD 1000. However, the Ming were the first Chinese dynasty to try to totally replace coins with paper money. The state issued too much paper money, however, causing hyper-inflation. By 1425 paper money was worth only a seventieth of its original value and the use of paper currency in China was suspended.
  9. I'm sure the experts will be here shortly, but the only way I know these days is Property Log only available on Chrome. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/property-log/
  10. This used to be true under a reasonable regime where one lump of income was only supposed to be taxed once, but thousands of workers key to the infrastructure of the country now pay tax (sometime at MORE than 100%) when they pay money into a pension (through quite low annual allowance then pension taper relief, which until recently occurred at the same pay levels as the normal tax allowance taper), then huge sums on the day they start to draw the pension (through lifetime allowance, which now kicks in at a pension which would be equivalent to tax-credit mother on housing benefit levels) then higher-rate income tax on the pension itself. It rather takes the shine off being responsible and setting funds aside for your old-age. Our tax and benefits system is outrageous!
  11. How about this beauty next to the railway tracks on a minimal plot with similar sized neighbouring bungalows suggesting little chance of building bigger. Apparently you don't need to market with plumbing or complete walls nowadays, just good luck finding a mortgage towards the £825k price. 4 bedroom bungalow for sale in Cranmer Close, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 (rightmove.co.uk)
  12. Presumably that is record rises (from a less crazy starting point) rather than record prices.
  13. I find it telling that Dickens (in the Christmas Carol) was worried about feeding the surplus population nearly two centuries ago and now look at us - 10 times as many of us each consuming twice as much, but still worrying about the surplus population. I'm sure we can continue to expand, but at some point (maybe in history) we will start destroy our environment with consumption and face the need to depopulate or starve or worse. As a selfish species we can't do this in an orderly way so our options will be war to depopulate the "wrong" population or the hope that pestillence (ahem) does it for us. I don't think it's coincidence that certain religions take the idea of "go forth and multiply" very litterally - they hope to play the long-game and litterally breed their idea(l)s to supremacy. Declining native populations while encouraging the importing of fast-breeding workers almost makes moderate, thinking westerners worthy of a Darwin Award.
  14. The more you means-test things the less fair the tax system feels. Nearly all income tax* comes from a small percentage of high earners, but those people gain almost nothing from the system. Surely you encourage them to stop p(l)aying. A fair society would give us all equal access to education, health, benefits, pension. It is an unfair society that says one has not been profligate so we’ll not help you until you are destitute. It is an unfair society that says the spiv next door up to their ears in debt has more right to state aid than the prudent saver.
  15. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/58811327/ 31% drop in Bayswater.
  16. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/87632465#/ On the market since Dec 2019 and reduced by 34%. Currently up for £3m. Last sold 2014 at £3.39m.
  17. The same surely applies to bank interest, but that also has zero index linking.
  18. Crash with random price falls could be the wrong goal: until an average worker can afford a suitable home for a modest family with payments over an average lifetime’s work* then house prices are too high. Government actions to prevent this are pure evil - all the more so when so many props are paid for by the taxpayer. *25 years seems about right bearing in mind a house would need full refurbishment in that time, there can be fallow periods of pay and the worker could possibly need a roof over their head after work ceases.
  19. £6 pints now commonplace and a favourite beer now sold in 330ml bottles for the same price as the 500ml bottles last year. Local restaurants all seem to have increased prices 20%-40%. Fuel forecourt prices higher than ever. Carpark prices up 50%. Definately pockets of inflation in my world.
  20. It's not just the NHS, but many professionals vital for the critical infrastucture of the country have already been doccumented in government reports shedding work and refusing overtime or retiring because of the cost to them of doing any more work. These people already captured by the income tax taper relief giving them a marginal rate of ~62% additionally find themselves over the annual pension allowance (further reduced by pension taper!) so paying HMRC for the privelige of going to work. This money already taxed at a marginal rate of well over 100% (by definition) is taxed again to the tune a a big lump-sum at the marginal rate in the lifetime allowance if they are lucky enough to live to retirement age, but that isn't enough so there is also income tax for the modest pension too. More and more people will just stop playing. [goes to llearn more about the "lie down" movement...]
  21. Radio 4 today were laying the foundations for further “help the tenants” (to help the landlords) lest there should be a glut of rental properties forced to the markets. The only down side I can see to the current situation is temporary pain in the transition back to a more sensible housing market.
  22. Hydrogen looks really appealing as a portable energy store - what's not to like about Hydrogen plus Oxygen giving energy and water waste which can then be turned back in to Hydrogen. Except that Hydrogen gas is so buoyant that it can easily accelerate to escape the earth atmosphere. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere could be the last of our worries once we've sent all our water out to space.
  23. I sometimes can't believe what I see on Rightmove - mostly the high numbers, but sometimes the estate-agent pictures to show what an unmissable opportunity the potential of this house has. All for the basic asking price of 28 average annual wages. 4 bedroom detached house for sale in Beaconsfield, HP9 (rightmove.co.uk)
  24. I’m not sure if this is tongue-in-cheek, but I was experiencing this 10 years ago when failing to move up the “housing ladder”.
  25. I’ve looked at crypto right from the penny beginnings, but remain a no-coiner. I still can’t get past the the stench of the only profits being made at the expense of the greater fool left hodling at the end. How is it any different from the “piece of paper”
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