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  1. I need to send my £ to € and haven’t found the clever way to do it without substantial sums going to the bank. Sensibly r2d26po and I should get together for a mutually beneficial exchange, but I’m far too cautious to achieve that. Transferring to and from € should be free via SEPA*, but I can’t find any details whither it can be done p2p and which exchange rate spreads are used. I doubt it is possible without a 3% charge one way or another. One thing I do know is that one should always take the advice offered by strangers on an anonymous forum with a large pinch of salt! *https://www.lloydsbank.com/business/international/sepa-direct-debit.html
  2. It would be worth a reminder of the historic efficacy of "I was only following orders" at war-crimes trials and pointing out how many years veterans have been pursued for such crimes. It wasn't the commander-in-chief answering to war-crimes either. As for the "denazification" of the area?!
  3. Aberdeen is very cyclic - if you think oil or renewables have growth in the area I’d buy now while you still can. Otherwise I’d see is as the equivalent of a former coal-mining town and run.
  4. There is no market. If you can’t move somewhere nice then there’s no point in moving. If nobody moves the market will collapse, then you may be grateful to be sitting on what was a fair price two month ago.
  5. Boris should never have been the best that the Conservatives could muster as leader and the opposition should never have been so weak as to make him electable (never mind with a huge majority). Paradoxically, now that he is weak he is quite dangerous (when you strike the king, you must kill the king) as he will see that if he can’t even be sacked for this year’s clusterfux he will never be sacked and can get away with anything. Once protest is criminalised and the “frivolous, vengeful, partisan” BBC is neutralised there needs be no pretence of working for anything other than to line his own pocket.
  6. Voted no. They get away with all talk and no action (until they can't), and they'll keep pumping while they can. I literally look at them as treasonous and the longer this goes on the uglier the resolution will be.
  7. It seems appropriate to resurrect this thread for a house that's been for sale since about when this was started. I can't remember exactly what the initial asking price was when I first noticed it a decade ago, but having failed to sell for all this time it's gradually increased so that they're currently not selling for about 50% more. 5 bedroom detached house for sale in Pine Walk, Surbiton, KT5 (rightmove.co.uk) KT5 8NJ
  8. All else being equal I prefer free* markets for most things - any market restriction seems to create bulges and have unintended consequences, however my simple mind at this time in the morning can’t see how rent controls make things worse for renters. Care to expand? *housing seems to have been manipulated a long way from free markets for my whole life from the subsidised council housing and mortgage interest tax relief of the past to housing benefit and ZIRP (and and and) of today.
  9. Note: The number of property transactions for July 2021 will increase as more transactions are incorporated into the index. See our Revisions Policy for more information.
  10. If they do this for financial gain wouldn’t that be the very definition of fraud?
  11. Inflate it away? I know they’re index linked, but RPI vs. CPI vs. Real Inflation for the plebs can quickly make it worthless.
  12. For HPCers able to cope - here's Radio 4s take on the housing market over ten episodes of 15 minutes BBC Radio 4 - A Home of Our Own Lets see what conclusions they come to - I bet it won't be free market capitalism with sensible interest rates bringing prices back to affordability for the workers...
  13. So many of the houses I’ve been gazumped or outbid on never appear on the Land Registry database. I can only assume that they were enjoying a SDLT holiday due to being purchased by offshore entities. Gives me a warm feeling inside (unlike the crumbling home I’m trying to replace).
  14. The BBC are inviting questions about the Pandora Papers. It would be nice if they were able to connect the housing crisis with dodgy money being parked in empty homes British... Pandora Papers: Send us your questions about the leak - BBC News
  15. Absolutely not hyperbole. Many people suffer a marginal tax rate of over 100% while getting past a credit or taper and this can make work not pay. My tax inspector accepts this, but doesn't make the rules. In my situation a small pay rise while sitting in two different taper bands lead directly to a tax bill roughly triple the pay rise leading to my take-home being less than it had been a decade previously. If I live long enough to draw my privately funded final salary pension for a decade I may end up better off overall, but that seems a long way off. The rules have now moved some of the pension taper away from most NHS and civil servants, but the injustice of over 100% marginal rate still exists for some.
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