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  1. Hydrogen looks really appealing as a portable energy store - what's not to like about Hydrogen plus Oxygen giving energy and water waste which can then be turned back in to Hydrogen. Except that Hydrogen gas is so buoyant that it can easily accelerate to escape the earth atmosphere. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere could be the last of our worries once we've sent all our water out to space.
  2. I sometimes can't believe what I see on Rightmove - mostly the high numbers, but sometimes the estate-agent pictures to show what an unmissable opportunity the potential of this house has. All for the basic asking price of 28 average annual wages. 4 bedroom detached house for sale in Beaconsfield, HP9 (rightmove.co.uk)
  3. I’m not sure if this is tongue-in-cheek, but I was experiencing this 10 years ago when failing to move up the “housing ladder”.
  4. I’ve looked at crypto right from the penny beginnings, but remain a no-coiner. I still can’t get past the the stench of the only profits being made at the expense of the greater fool left hodling at the end. How is it any different from the “piece of paper”
  5. Please vote- it sends a stronger message than non-voting indifference. My local election only gives me a choice between names I have never heard of Labour or Conservative. I want neither to register my support. My PCC slip has party politics somehow being related to how the police should be run. I can not abide the concept of voting for a PCC - a role if it’s needed which should be recruited on merit. If I vote for any of these strangers it would be a random prejudice lottery and nothing to do with democracy. If I make the effort to spoil a vote at least it adds to the numbers of obviousl
  6. I think I have vote at every possible election since I turned 18 a long time ago and probably held my nose and voted for most of the parties at one time or another. The PCC vote just annoys me though: What has this got to do with democracy? What qualifies me to select a random name from the ballot paper to do this job based on nothing more than party or name prejudice? They certainly don’t waste any time letting me know who they are or why I should vote for them. What should political parties have to do with how my local police are run? If the job is important why is it no
  7. 30% drop at least gives hope that it's not all madness out there. Until you consider this is a starter home requiring a six figure salary to mortgage. 2 bedroom flat for sale Pump House Crescent, Brentford Price Change History 23/04/2021 Price changed from £750,000 to £700,000 29/03/2021 Price changed from £799,950 to £750,000 27/11/2020 Price changed from £825,000 to £799,950 06/10/2020 Price changed fr
  8. CPI+ is so much better than any cash savings I have access to. I'd snap their hands off before they change their minds!
  9. Utter, utter crap. There is never a signal when you want one and data is also pretty poor compared with my wife's Vodafone. Customer service? Don't make me laugh! So why am I still with them? Partly inertia - I know what to expect when I go abroad (where you could REALLY fall fowl of billing issues) and my contract is cheap enough to compensate for the crap service. I will leave them the second an equivalent deal is available on a different carrier.
  10. I expect most of us have felt politically homeless for much of the history of "democracy". I consider myself liberal, but sick to the stomach with the undebatable woke and cancel culture being thrust down my throat. I breathed a sigh of relief when Cameron came in promising to make housing affordable and balance the books again 😆 but every time HMG offers a "help to" policy it makes things worse. They REALLY missed an opportunity then to raise interest rate, have a reset and blame everything on Gordon Brown. I believe in encouraging equal opportunities for all and supporting the underdog but a
  11. If you replace [colour/race/creed/sexuality] for “men” in these calls for restricting all men from going out because some men don’t know how to be civilised you would have the kind of statement which would have the woke brigade going apoplectic maybe even a hate crime. It’s odd that such things don’t apply when directed to certain parts of the population.
  12. About 10 years ago when every estate agent in Surrey was pushing a "no-stamp duty" scheme very few of the houses I tried to buy ever appeared on Land Registry. The reason? This scheme was to have an offshore company set up to buy the property (and that is apparently one of the many reasons not to publish the price). I told them all I thought it was fraudulent (but never managed to complete a purchase).
  13. Because it costs the council more to enforce than any benefit they're likely to get and could also lead to expensive appeals. They seem reluctant to enforce planning rules for the same reason. It's quite lawless out there except for the few examples they advertise in the hope of deterrence. Law enforcement is very expensive. Lawlessness seems to be an acceptable business risk for vast swathes of the population (including politicians). The law only seems to apply to us ever fewer suckers willing to follow the law.
  14. Rishi needs to be careful not to kill off the goose that laid the golden eggs: I was already upset about my 62% marginal tax rate and have been withholding my labour as a result (l work in a safety critical area and the difficulty getting people to cover shortages has already been subject to government enquiries). Now tahinis to tapered pension allowance a have a marginal tax rate closer to 200%! I pay extra to go to work. If I do en extra days work I lose the equivalent of two days pay! Imminently I get to lifetime allowance levels which would take my de-facto tax rate to more than my annual
  15. Are we going to have to lose the BBC before we realise what we had? It sickens me that HMG are meddling by appointment of the Director General and board, but even now the BBC is able to broadcast excellent programs which would not exist if they had to chase advertising revenue (or ratings). Is it any wonder that RT, Murdoch, China et al don’t want us to love our BBC? Of course they don’t! That’s all the more reason not to listen to their organised campaign to be rid of it. PLEASE keep paying your licence fees.
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