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  1. Zero yield is a necessary but not sufficient criterion though? It also has to have zero economic activity in any shape or form whatsoever...?
  2. Maybe it isn't a Ponzi by definition. Ponzi is often just used as the word that is closest definition of crypto. But, imagine an investment where some random man in a room says: 'I will give you 1 token for £1' You agree. So person A has 1T and he has £1. Then person B comes along and the man says: 'I will give you 1 token for £2' So person B has 1T for £2. This continues as some sort of social meme... and the cost of 1T reaches £60,000... Essentially it is a token of 0 intrinsic value. It is similar to a Ponzi scheme, but not exactly a Ponzi scheme, I agree. It is I think an interesting gambling product... imagine if it didn't have all the 'crypto' framework, and was a pure investment product... what would happen?
  3. There's always room at the top for brains, money, or a good pair of titties. That's what they told us at school anyway. What we currently lack is brains...
  4. Are there any investments that are actually 'pure Ponzi'? i.e. it is made clear to investors that the scheme is simply a Ponzi scheme, yet you can invest anyway. It is a test of the greater fool theory. Could be an interesting gambling product... What would the range of outcomes be?
  5. I thought you were some sort of petite bourgeoisie land owner in their 80s? I feel like you know more than you are giving away...
  6. Crazy... really isn't it. Basically it is a house of a peasant pig farmer, now selling for city money... One theory is that altering the price on Rightmove triggers email alerts to be sent to people watching the property. So it might encourage business. Apparently Rightmove penalises this strategy however somehow. Still not sure who would pay £800k for this property, unless you were worth 100M to be honest...
  7. Curious as to how anyone who has been involved in these Ponzi schemes (i.e. work for or operate an exchange) expects to get work in finance when Crypto blows up? An indelible mark as one FT commenter put it.
  8. Not entirely true. There is a separate freely available register of properties owned by Ltd companies or overseas, so you can narrow down some of the properties. This is not entirely unaccounted. Property held in trust is normally registered to the (primary/senior) beneficiary and land agent. If you download the title you will see this. It would be amazingly simple for everyone to hide property ownership if they could just stick it in a trust. In fact lots of trusts of the landed gentry are not good at hiding ownership information at all as they are normally will trusts, which are publicly available (pay for the will of Xth Lord Y). So not only are you able to work out who the current beneficiaries are, but you have a formula for working out future beneficiaries too! My main issue with the LR is that ownership information should be in a publicly accessible database. Why do we have to pay £3 for the information? What I am curious about with regards to the second ownership issue, is what actually enacts this? Presumably bylaws are deficient and therefore this requires an Act of Parliament... not sure that's going to happen any time soon. It is implausible that any ownership restrictions are going to be placed on any land in England... Did Whitby seek legal advice on this, why did no one tell them not to waste their time? Worst case you can side step the issue by sticking a second home in a Ltd for about £250 a year (accountant managed)... not really a deterrent for those with funds to buy a second home. Limiting second home ownership is unfortunately a completely deficient idea, that just will not work.
  9. Anyone know what scam is happening here? 1.75M-->0.8M 54% drop Posted on reddit. https://old.reddit.com/r/HousingUK/comments/vbyot7/ambitious_initial_ea_pricing/ https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/111480164#/?channel=RES_BUY
  10. There are very interesting employment tribunals, reviews on Glassdoor, and posts on reddit that might give you some insight into TPP. The EHR systems you describe are essentially duopolies in the NHS AFAIK. I think when software grows to such a size (either in terms of records/users/complexity) a lot of development becomes reactionary as the software is hopelessly complex (not procedurally but on an a systems level). I think there might be a shakeup in this area... Oxford hospitals are integrating some amount of records with Apple HealthKit (e.g. prescription information) so this will necessitate improvement to EHRs. AFAIK companies like TPP are more focussed on selling their products to emerging markets at the moment, rather than NHS. Why improve core product when you can earn more elsewhere?
  11. Law supersedes tenancy agreement. You don't need a TV licence.
  12. I am surprised that there is no policy to abandon HS2 and instead redirect funds to give every home in the UK the right to 1Gb/s symmetrical fibre. It seems crazy to me that there is not a national infrastructure project to make this happen within about 5 years. The UK is going to get left behind. The concept of heating and maintaining a home and heating and maintaining an office building is going to seem so alien in 25 years time... the economic gains must be massive if offices were to be closed and efforts redirected elsewhere in the economy...
  13. Interesting that pay at pumps have £99 limit... people now cannot fill up tank in one go...
  14. Honestly I'm now more confused than ever about QE. Doesn't this describe an interest rate swap?
  15. It's probably about right... by my last analysis about 5 years ago it costs about £600,000 just for education if you want to send your child to public school, uni+masters+contingency for PhD years. So that's at least £1.2M in earned income per child... Lots of privately schooled people under the age of about 40 are going to realise they cannot replicate the childhood they had. I think it will bring the total demise of private schools for all but the International elite.
  16. This likely means unregistered land in this context. It is land that has not been sold since 1990 or voluntarily registered and therefore has not been subject to compulsory registration. I think a lot of it is accounted for by roads/rail networks that just have not been registered. There are also allodial titles that can be held in Orknet and Shetland that are held absolutely and not in right of the crown. AFAIK 10,000 acre estates might sound alluring, but the truth is the cost of managing these estates and the rent extraction is so low that the estate only has value in land/tax vehicle and not rents, especially where the estates are fragmented by lots of tenant farmers. i.e. all of the rents go on simply managing the estate itself.
  17. There must be a scheme to offer 'support' for all houses not just new builds incoming. Anyone have the inside information?
  18. It's a bit like saying that when the letter box was first invented, that it was a cost for home owners to have a letter box fitted into their door. I think everyone will have delivery boxes in the future, possibly even ones with refrigerated/freezer compartments (or at the very least heavily insulated) so that even grocery orders can be delivered without anyone being in. The delivery box will also function as a collection box so that one can have their returns picked up, again asynchronously and securely.
  19. How do you sell the additional items you buy? Do you sell them back on the same online marketplaces you buy them from (Amazon, eBay etc.) or do you sell them through some other way. I can't see how you can make a profit, until the item goes out of stock from the main supplier? Not sure how much I would pay for that particular item, but would be interested to know exactly how you could make a profit on that item.
  20. Get a delivery/collections box. There is no reason to wait in for deliveries these days.
  21. haha? I am not being facetious, but I don't honestly believe the majority of your social engagement is made from a town centre. I think you have lots of friends from other places. Why should uneconomic activity be the basis of friendships?
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