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  1. Well if they start taking property off people forcefully, then I guess not.
  2. Write into the contract it's based on functioning electricity, gas and that's only when you've got a certificate from an electrician and a Gas Safe engineer. Mention to your solicitor you want to hold a retainer in case of any issues, unless they can reconnect, test and get it approved by both of the above. Once you've exchanged contracts you won't be getting any help from the seller or their solicitor.
  3. Didn't say I knew or was predicting anything, apart from I need somewhere to live. Clever clogs 🙃
  4. House it is then. I suppose it was above inflation, but it's still a pretty depressing return. And I suppose everything's safe until it's not. If the whole world come crashes down and I'm paid via a guarantee after a tonne of money is printed, it's not worth anything at all really is it.
  5. Alternatively, I could put everything into Bitcoin and "if" that drops 80%, I suppose I can dig out my tent and live in that instead. It's quite roomy in all honesty 🤣
  6. Ahh sorry, must of misread. Got you! Well most of mine is going in a house. Whether I like it or not, I've got to live somewhere. Whether they go up or down if it's paid off I have somewhere to live
  7. I won't be moving abroad. Done it a few times in the past, so would prefer to stay "local"...ish!
  8. Luckily mine went through before end of SD. I guess end of SD will be telling. I don't want to hold chunks of cash but at the same time I do need it for a house, so not much I can do about it really. Not going to rush into anything. I'll buy something when the right thing pops along.
  9. That's my plan. It's not from lack of trying. Looked at plenty, just not for me. Probably doesn't help as I'm set on having a garage! I would have a big deposit but buying on my own so can't mortgage a huge chunk, so if they go up much more I'll be looking at a completely different kind of property. If I had tonnes of cash then I'd be looking at spreading it around a bit, but I don't, so I'd prefer to just put it in a house but as you say, in the mean time, I'm just holding cash which is risky in the current climate. I'm sure they'll be a decent chunk of inflation, let's just hope
  10. Yeah, worries me a bit too, but everything else is just as risky, rather just put it into a house. Just sold my property & not got a new one. Apart from a few vehicles, I've got cash and that's it!
  11. I know those areas, and never really thought of it like that (2 up 2 down miners cottage). Circle of life!
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