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  1. Sounds interesting, although I don't know much about the Swiss economy. Do people invest in their currency in bad times like they do with gold? How are you going to store your Swiss Franks? Box under the bed or is there an account you can open somewhere?
  2. Doesn't the Eurozone have it's own problems though? Spain and Ireland seem to be in as bad a situation as us and Italy are vaguely threatening to leave the Euro altogether. If Japan is going to do well isn't it a good bet to buy Yen instead? Or maybe Japanese stocks? Genuine question as I'm new to all this myself.
  3. That might be true but it's actually only a one bedroom place. To be fair it is actually a reasonably nice flat, but the walls are like paper. When the flat next to me decides to play music late at night then I don't end up getting much sleep. God knows what it would be like if they reopened the bar that is at the front of the building.
  4. I started a new job in Nottingham a couple of months ago and am renting one of the new build flats in the town centre in the Lace market area. Apparently my landlord paid £150,000 for this flat new in October and I was the first person to move in with a rent of £400 pcm (according to the Estate Agent he wanted £650 a few months ago but no takers). There's a fair few to let signs around this area and they are still building huge blocks of new flats. Makes you wonder doesn't it?
  5. All this talk of hyperinflation and the eroding of savings has made me wonder whether something like Japanese funds might be a reasonable investment rather than putting everything into gold. Or will they be affected in much the same way as the UK and the US ?
  6. Ha ha well they're not everyone's cup of tea I suppose, but location is the most important thing to me and the old Lace Factory mill flats look nice to me at least. But I really think that they are building/restoring more flats in city centres than people actually want to live in so maybe they'll lose more value than traditional houses.
  7. Hope noone minds me bringing this thread up again. I'm moving to Nottingham and have been looking around apartments to rent and noticed that almost all the brand new flats in the city centre (that were very nice) had been reduced over the last few months or so according to the EAs. This seems to confirm that the BTL crowd are getting their fingers burnt (a flat that I looked at was advertised for £395pcm that would have cost around £135k). But what does anyone think will happen to these flats in the long term? When would be a good time if ever to buy one of them?
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