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  1. Hey Gabriella, I can't speak for the credit scores but its possible if the remaining 25% equity in the property comes in the form of a loan that could seen by the mortgage lender as the 'deposit'.
  2. Thank you for your kind messages of support. George
  3. Due to our hosting provider not providing an adequate service to HPC it has led to downtime and im afraid for the second time, missing posts. I want to offer our sincerest apologies and please know I really do mean that. That was the last time this will EVER happen, please dont loose faith in HPC. As of today we have moved away, FOR GOOD, from our previous website hosts. (there will be one just short update in the new year) It takes alot to keep HPC running and they simply weren't up to it, you deserve better, and we now have it for you.
  4. Between January 2019 and July 2020, food prices in the United Kingdom increased by 0.8 percent - according to statista dot com
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