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  1. Thank you so much to Mohammed for posting and to Mark and Ian for their incredibly sound conclusions (supported by Gill). I can honestly say I would have voted "yes" but finding this forum and other voices has been a lifesaver - whatever happens. Over the last few years as silence ensued from FLCC, even before Marr's exit, I found myself ringing around to establish Citadel/Highpoint's credentials. I was directed from one source to another, most of whom did not want to say much except they no longer had ties. Liquidation seemed to come up a lot... So I'm happy to abstai
  2. Thank you again Ahlam. A lot to digest... For me this is telling "MNP is a licensed insolvency trustee for bankruptcy and one of the leading Corporations in this field in Canada, it is highly professional and reputable and we invite you to visit their web site for more information.... You are also free to contact MNP with any questions or concerns you may have through the following email [email protected]" I have not only e:mailed, but phoned and left messages. Serious doubts as to the "professionals" entrusted to sort out this mess. Nasreen
  3. Thank you Ahlam Mohammed for posting this. I realise I am missing out on not being part of Facebook for this, so appreciate your coming back to this forum to inform. As no-one had posted since my last comment, I felt I was back on my own after finding some hope of support. From my first reading of these comments, I realise there are many who are not on Facebook, so keeping this thread going would be wise. Any chance of replicating from Facebook? I returned to this forum today after the voting request from AVCS on Forest Lakes potential recovery plan cane through. I am in favour - not
  4. Has anyone on this site invested in the above project. Looking to reach out to other investors as current management expiring 31st December. Hoping to come together for concerted action.
  5. Wow, I can't believe a late night search enabled me to come up with this discussion. Like many commentators here I invested in 2008 for the half acre and the amount that most people seem to have paid for it at that time. I recall I got the information from a site called Motley Fool I was signed up to and received information in my email inbox regarding Forest Lakes. Hindsight is a great thing, but this was not just a knee jerk reaction to making lots of money. The fact it was in Canada and the fact it was tied in with SIPPS: everything seemed to indicate it was a good investment. So
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