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  1. 9 minutes ago, rollover said:

    In 2019, Afghanistan was the third largest recipient of UK foreign aid with Official Development Assistance (ODA) at £292 million.


    UK pledges £155 million aid to support peace and stability in Afghanistan

    The UK aid pledge for 2021 will help reduce child mortality rates and improve access to education and vital infrastructure. UK remains the third largest bilateral donor to Afghanistan.

    The UK’s aid commitment will strengthen infrastructure and government systems, improve health and education services and create the jobs and investment needed for greater economic independence.

    Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said: "Our renewed commitment at this crucial time will help deliver a more stable Afghanistan, important both for the Afghan people, but also for the safety of the UK and the world."

    UK aid funding will continue to be delivered predominantly through the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF)


    Compared to the billions spent on a failed track and trace system and the HS2 railway to nowhere it's a pittance , I'm sure the money made from the opium smuggling more than covers it

  2. 19 minutes ago, rollover said:

    If true, what has been the economic impact?

    It's not looking so clever now is it. However when you run the World Reserve Currency and can print to infinity you can gamble on weighing up the costs and the benefits of taking control of other countries riches and infrastructure . At the end of the day the little people pay the bill and suffer the consequences , their objective was to expand their influence and their Empire

  3. 24 minutes ago, coypondboy said:

    If this is indeed true I wonder if all the Jewish run banks and investment houses around the world had prior knowledge and had thier short and long positions ready to make a quick buck.  I always remember the jewish banker who made a fortune after the battle of waterloo by getting the result the quickest so he could make a few bob.

    Could they have been involved in the COVID 19 outbreak as huge money made if you sold in March and bought back in again a few weeks later.

    Could Mossad do something stupid to get the US back into afganistan having previously failed and finally do as you suggested go after Iran/Pakistan. 

    Firstly there is a distinction between Jewish and Zionist , not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews and indeed many Jews oppose the State of Israel . Pakistan is not a threat to Israel but Iran is deemed to be so . As for money to be made on 9/11 there were 5x as many short positions as normal taken out on United Airlines and American Airlines that day 

  4. 27 minutes ago, Huggy said:

    Have you seen the COVID thread? There are a few on there who would welcome your alternative views.

    It's important to have ridiculous conspiracy theories in order to discredit the credible ones . The term "conspiracy theorist" was brought into play by the CIA in order to discredit people asking difficult questions. If you are happy to accept whatever you are told by Govt and media that's your choice 

  5. The US invaded Afghanistan due to the attack on 9/11 that they blamed on bin Laden however bin Laden was never indicted for the crime of 9/11 by the US and when asked why they said " no evidence links him to that crime. There is however plenty of evidence that links the US and Israel in their involvement . The 5 "dancing Israelis" who were arrested that day dressed in Arab clothing and filming the attack from a roof top and celebrating as the towers were struck. They were released without charge 3 months later by Michael Chertoff ( head of homeland security) who held joint Israeli citizenship and helped write the Patriot Act. 3 of the released then appeared just a few days later on Israeli tv admitting they were Mossad agents and had been sent to NY to "document the event". This is an admission that Israel had prior knowledge of the attack . Larry Silverstein (joint Israeli citizenship) a personal friend of Netanyahu doubled the insurance premium on the WTC complex against terrorist attacks just 3 months prior . Netanyahu himself was the first person to suggest bin Laden was to blame , he also stated just 2 hrs after the attack that " today is a very good day for Israel" . Of course 9/11 paved the way for the subsequent war on terror and Israel's 3 largest enemies were taken out or neutralised (Iraq,Libya,Syria) . All these wars (and more) were confirmed by General Wesley Clark to have been pre planned when he told us the plan was to take out 7 countries in 5 years and the final country would be Iran.

    George W Bush refused for over a year to hold an investigation into the attacks and only relented under public pressure however he restricted the investigation by time and spent less on investigating the largest terrorist attack in history than they did investigating the stain on Monica Lewinsky's dress. The Co Chair of the investigation stated " we were lied to ,evidence was withheld , we were underfunded , set up to fail and we urge everyone to keep asking questions as to what happened that day"Bush himself refused to testify under oath and would only do so if it was in private , no transcripts were taken and he was accompanied on the witness stand by Dick Cheney. Of course if we had listened to Bill Cooper who had been described as the most dangerous radio show host in the US just 3 months before 9/11 we would have known what was about to unfold. He told us there would be a massive terrorist attack on the US and that bin Laden would be blamed and if we believed it we were idiots. 3 months after 9/11 Cooper was shot dead at his home . 

    There is so much more to 9/11 than what we have been told , Norman Mineta (transport secy) testimony told us that Cheney ordered the Pentagon to stand down and allow the attack to happen , Major General Albert Stubblebine (head of all US intelligence ret) told us no plane hit the Pentagon and he believed it was a missile and of course Rumsfeld the day before telling us that 2.3 trillion couldn't be accounted for and since the strike hit the Navy accounts office the next day we would never ever find out.

    It's far easier to scream tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist than it would be to have an open and Independent investigation to what really went on (and I've barely scraped the surface)

  6. Are the majority of the UK affected by Stockholm syndrome? 

    The Royal family,the House of Lords ,the Conservative Party, Starmers faux opposition . All I see is a disorganised crime gang constantly pillaging the coffers while wrapping themselves in the Union flag singing Rule Britannia as HMS UK flounders on the rocks. It was another Johnson who warned us that "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel" . These people don't give a Castlemain XXXX about this country or those who reside within it . Democracy in the UK is an illusion so go ahead and adorn your mantelpieces with framed portraits of these criminals if you want , I'm sure your subservience will be appreciated by them.

  7. 50 years ago (almost to the day Aug 15th 1971)  Nixon said 

    "I have directed Secretary Connally to suspend temporarily the convertibility of the dollar into gold or other reserve assets, except in amounts and conditions determined to be in the interest of monetary stability and in the best interests of the United States."

    He was lying , it's what they do , it's what they did then and it's what they do now. The real rate of inflation measured by the 1980 criteria is 12%, by the 1990 criteria it's 8%. We are all (nearly all) being given large pay cuts in real terms and our savings are being eaten away but Oh look a dinghy with 4 illegals ....

  8. We already have an insurance policy to pay for the NHS it's called National Insurance however should we need extra cash then I suggest the billions spent on nuclear weapons or the billions spent on HS2 or the billions spaffed up against a Serco track and trace system that other countries provide for a fraction of the cost, or the 1 Billion given to the DUP to bribe them to vote with the Govt. Maybe we could just start taxing twats like Branson instead of paying him when his Virgin Healthcare doesn't win contracts. The people who benefit from a run down NHS are the private health care providers that people resort to out of desperation. 

  9. Bought a new Hyundai iX35 (cash) in 2013 and was so happy with it I traded it in for another one in 2016 , was looking at trading it in again but don't like the Tuscon that has replaced it so will just keep it for a few more years . I have a Kawasaki klr 650 that I bought 10 yrs ago and use as my commute to work , contemplating changing it for a new Dacia Sandero as it's just so cheap to buy and run .

  10. https://www.moneymagpie.com/manage-your-money/jennifer-arcuri-says-you-should-take-your-money-out-of-the-banks


    An interesting interview with Jennifer Arcuri who advises buying gold/silver and cryptos to protect against the upcoming banking collapse where she hints at bail ins and mortgage debt forgiveness. Firstly a pinch of salt may be needed when someone involved in crypto currencies advises people to buy crypto currencies . Secondly they say birds of a feather flock together and she was flocking Boris Johnson behind his ill wifes back for many years so not sure if she is an entirely honest and moral person to be trusted. 

    I do not believe for one minute that the banks have trapped people in debt over many many years just to let them walk away not only debt free but owning property they haven't paid for while at the same time stealing money from savers in order to balance the books. If anything , Arcuri is suggesting people take on large mortgage debt in order to keep the bubble inflated for a short while before these mugs who think banks would give them something for nothing end up as debt slaves .


  11. According to shadowstats the real rate of inflation (using the 1980 method for calculation) is 13%

    so a 10% cut in real terms add on the proposed 1% rise in NI and taking into account the savings rate of fresh air then a newly qualified nurse once they have repaid their student debt should be able to rent a tent within a decade. 

  12. 4 hours ago, Pindar said:

    I'm not convinced that Cummings is what we're told he is.

    I'm not convinced any of them are what we are told .

    George Galloway has gone from marching with Nicola Sturgeon and claiming he hates the Tories with every bone in his body to wrapping himself in the Union flag and actually voting Conservative.

    Starmer is another , as a member of the Trilateral Commission   an organisation Noam Chomsky described as "undemocratic ,they talked about how the public needs to be reduced to its proper state of apathy and obedience. Another member who allegedly had long weekly phone conversations with him was Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was a Mossad agent, Starmer has pledged unequivocal support for Israel , Patel had to resign for having secret meetings with the Israeli Govt.

    Who do these people really work for because it sure as hell isn't the People of the UK.

  13. 3 minutes ago, Timbuk3 said:

    Ship them all to Langley, USA because it was the CIA that started destabilizing all their countries in the first place and causing their displacement.

    And we walk hand in hand with them , we are happy to ride their coat tails hoping to profit from the crimes , we are an accomplice in all this . We are in Afghan,Iraq ,Libya,Syria helping to create this instability

  14. 9 minutes ago, Locke said:

    Do you have a solution which does not involve robbing White people to hand over the stolen wealth to hand to not White people?

    How much of that "wealth" came from the rape of Africa, of India, from slavery , from forcing the Chinese to buy opium from the illegal invasions of Iraq , Afghanistan etc. The wealth that came from our glorious Empire was stolen , your self entitlement and sense of superiority is very sad and the fact you divide people between White and not White says it all.

  15. 41 minutes ago, scottbeard said:

    Sometimes I think people actually like to believe that there is some sort of all-powerful cabal running the world.

    It's not possible to organise such a thing is it?  And even if "they" (whoever they are) tried you can clearly see how things like Brexit and Trump being elected are clearly not what anyone in a cushy elite position would want.  The last thing you want if you have all the money and power is anything to change.

    They don't have ALL the power but they do crave it. This is why there are people like Epstein out there entrapping the powerful to act in "their" interests. We are currently threatening journalists with 10 years imprisonment if they "embarrass" the Govt .Brexit is all going to plan , very soon we will be begging to return to the EU and nobody will ever suggest leaving again . Any countries inside the EU thinking of following the UK will quickly realise it's Hotel California.

  16. Johnson has done what was asked of him and is now becoming damaged goods so they are preparing the next puppet to step into his shoes who will get a honeymoon period where they advance the agenda further before they themselves have to fall on their sword. When it gets to the point where the entire Party is unelectable in steps the controlled opposition with Sir Keir Establishment Lackey Starmer telling us he is "change we can believe in."  Democracy is just an illusion in the UK 

  17. If the New World Order , One World Govt is a reality project then I would imagine the UK would be in it up to their necks .

    The reasoning is to create 5 large political Unions (N. America /S. America/Africa/ Greater Europe and Asia Pacific) before merging all into one easy to manage package . Is Brexit really designed to give Britain freedom or is it the ultimate warning of what happens to those who think they can break away . Cameron , May and Johnson were all pro Euro before the Brexit vote and despite what Johnson now claims his history of lies means he cannot be trusted to tell the truth . The ultimate aim of the game is control and the way things are headed they will be buying up all the property , all the land from bankrupt farmers and install a pay as you go health system that produces massive profits. The constant bickering about EU membership has been a thorn in the side of the Globalists for decades , after all this is over and we are begging to go back to Brussels will anyone ever entertain the idea of leaving again (from any EU nation) . I have no idea if this is what is going on but am now at a stage where I have to question everything politicians and the media tell me.

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