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  1. 19 minutes ago, msi said:

    Hmm  a thread critical of BoJo suddenly getting hijacked by Br*xit and S*ville posts....

    MODS:  Could we keep an eye out here?

    I think the most desperate defence of Johnson is when the lickspittles claim "he almost died" even though I don't believe he was anywhere near that, the fact he was going around hospitals unmasked boasting how he was shaking hands with everyone shows a high level of stupidity equalled only by Rees Moggs claim that Tories don't have to wear masks in Parliament as they all know each other.

  2. 7 minutes ago, byron78 said:

    (*I'm convinced drugs remain illegal because cartels want them to remain so for instance.)

    It takes the same effort , space and time to grow a cannabis plant as it does a tomato plant , the difference is street value where one is worth up to 100 X the other. Illegality keeps the price high , deters dealers and attracts the young who love to give 2 fingers to society. Cartels don't make the laws they are just part of the control system that operates a very lucrative black market. I am in no doubt that Govt control and protect these cartels as evidenced by various CIA drug smuggling operations that have come to light. Afghanistan was turned into a narco state once the West had moved in . 

  3. The problem is Johnson has surrounded himself with incompetent lightweights who are dependent on him for their position. Sunak can't deal with confrontation and is now conflicted by writing off fraud claims , Truss is a complete airhead  , Dorries , Gove, Patel, Javid , Mogg, Raab , Coffey are for various reasons totally unsuitable. Hunt is a dark horse who has distanced himself from Johnson but his history with NHS privatisation will go against him. They are probably all aware that the SHTF moment is rapidly approaching so will want to keep Johnson at the helm so he takes the rap hence their support for him . They need a Jim Hacker character but I can't think of one who fits the bill. 

  4. Interest rates may not be the trigger to the collapse , the bottom line is affordability . More of peoples income spent on food, heating , fuel , rates etc leaves less to pay mortgages anyway. Banks will be crucial of course as they determine the criteria for lending and any tightening in that market signals a sea change in general. Collapsing the property market is beneficial to the cash rich who can pick up the assets for a fraction of their current price. Boom and Bust has been policy for a long time . What they want is a scapegoat for the bust and Covid/Brexit/Johnson gives them that . The bigger the collapse the greater the profit margin once the recovery begins. They have more reasons to bring it down than prop it up imo.

  5. 50 minutes ago, Pop321 said:

    but we could be in real trouble.

    There's no could about it .  This is implosion territory , we are going the same way as Turkey ? The EU and US are in deep shit as well and there comes a time where it's easier to step back and let it all collapse than forever trying to keep the balloon inflated. All this great reset talk is precisely about this 

  6. If you are not outraged at a man responsible for 1 million dead, millions more injured, displaced and livelihoods destroyed including 100s of dead British military all based on a known lie what exactly does outrage you ? A dozen people in a dinghy on a Kent beach ?

  7. Escalating gas prices and Putin making a move on Ukraine could collapse Europe and the ‚ā¨ and then the other currencies follow. The great reset can then be implemented and the people will be so desperate for food and shelter they will agree to anything. You will own nothing but be happy .............. apparently.

  8. 10 minutes ago, msi said:

    So long as Patel or Sunak spout Gammon policies they'll be fine.. Patel is already there but is tainted by Foreign interference.  Sunak is tainted by Associated.  Javid has a chance, since is resigned from BoJo and Cummings, but he isn't seen as 'one of us' by your Gammonati (love that term!)

    I think they tolerate them in lower positions but as leader of the country ? Your average knuckle dragging numbnut to your Jeremy Clarkson types would be spitting . Don't think the Royals would be too happy about it either , personally I wouldn't mind seeing it just for the reaction. Scratch the surface and the UK has a large percentage of intolerant racists especially amongst the right wing.

  9. The problem is they have all backed Johnson to the hilt and in doing so have lost any credibility. A week is a long time in politics and Johnson has already began spontaneously combusting. They know they have to ditch him or he brings them all down . The job is a poison chalice , Starmer doesn't want it at the moment and the Tory front runners know the future is bleak . Gove is a liability due to cocaine history , Raab and Truss are village idiots and Patel and Sunak would have the Gammonati imploding . Jeremy Hunt has been very quiet of late so that's who I would put money on . 

  10. 9 hours ago, Racing Piglet said:

    So where do we think rates need to get to to cause a crash?

    And is now the right time to buy a house on a long low fixed rate or not?

    Lots needs factored in not just mortgage rate rises . Unemployment levels , wage rises ,council tax rises, deposit %ages , tax benefits for LLs, housing benefit cuts etc. A cut in housing benefit could see a rush to sell from LLs , raisng the deposit levels would cut off many FTBs . Rates rising don't just increase mortgage payments they also increase all other debt obligations as well.Just general cost of living increases gas electric fuel transport takes money out your pocket and affects your ability to pay the mortgage. If I was tempted or had to buy I would go for a 10 yr fix just to protect myself , that way at least you know what's going out on that bill.

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