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  1. There's no could about it . This is implosion territory , we are going the same way as Turkey ? The EU and US are in deep shit as well and there comes a time where it's easier to step back and let it all collapse than forever trying to keep the balloon inflated. All this great reset talk is precisely about this
  2. Don't buy a house I have a bridge to sell you instead.
  3. She must have had shares in Haliburton
  4. If you are not outraged at a man responsible for 1 million dead, millions more injured, displaced and livelihoods destroyed including 100s of dead British military all based on a known lie what exactly does outrage you ? A dozen people in a dinghy on a Kent beach ?
  5. Escalating gas prices and Putin making a move on Ukraine could collapse Europe and the € and then the other currencies follow. The great reset can then be implemented and the people will be so desperate for food and shelter they will agree to anything. You will own nothing but be happy .............. apparently.
  6. They were tested at testing centres rather than diy lateral flow and they all have symptoms so they seem genuine cases rather than false positives .
  7. In the last 2 years not a single person at my work tested positive (35 people) this week we have had 3 positives (1 vaxed 2 unvaxed) this variant seems more transmittable but hopefully less dangerous.
  8. Impossible to say really and my wife is a nurse , Belgium does have a high vaccination rate and the people are very compliant with wearing masks though this latest version has a high R rate.
  9. I'm in Belgium , I expect many Dutch will now come here to finish Christmas shopping .
  10. It's nice to see it in intensive care on the verge of being unplugged and it's all down to those who wrap themselves in the Butcher's Apron,
  11. The Netherlands going into full lockdown for 4 weeks from tomorrow, only essential shops open .
  12. I think they tolerate them in lower positions but as leader of the country ? Your average knuckle dragging numbnut to your Jeremy Clarkson types would be spitting . Don't think the Royals would be too happy about it either , personally I wouldn't mind seeing it just for the reaction. Scratch the surface and the UK has a large percentage of intolerant racists especially amongst the right wing.
  13. The problem is they have all backed Johnson to the hilt and in doing so have lost any credibility. A week is a long time in politics and Johnson has already began spontaneously combusting. They know they have to ditch him or he brings them all down . The job is a poison chalice , Starmer doesn't want it at the moment and the Tory front runners know the future is bleak . Gove is a liability due to cocaine history , Raab and Truss are village idiots and Patel and Sunak would have the Gammonati imploding . Jeremy Hunt has been very quiet of late so that's who I would put money on .
  14. Lots needs factored in not just mortgage rate rises . Unemployment levels , wage rises ,council tax rises, deposit %ages , tax benefits for LLs, housing benefit cuts etc. A cut in housing benefit could see a rush to sell from LLs , raisng the deposit levels would cut off many FTBs . Rates rising don't just increase mortgage payments they also increase all other debt obligations as well.Just general cost of living increases gas electric fuel transport takes money out your pocket and affects your ability to pay the mortgage. If I was tempted or had to buy I would go for a 10 yr fix just to protect myself , that way at least you know what's going out on that bill.
  15. I was talking about drops in percentage terms rather than seeing 45k again but I think you knew that
  16. Cui Bono Spoiler , they don't care if people lose their homes . One man's misfortune is another man's opportunity. This has been a long term debt trap and when they bring it all crashing down through higher rates (blamed on the virus)the cash rich will hoover up all the bargain basement assets like houses,business' and Porsches . A trickle can become a flood very quickly . This generation have been herded into the pen and it's shearing time. The next generation will fall for the same trick in 15-20 yrs time once the lessons of this collapse has been forgotten just like this generation didn't learn from history either. Being an old fart I can remember rates going to 18% and 100k terraced houses in London going for 45k . Could it happen again ? well it won't need rates that high to do so and Yes most certainly. The Conservatives are a busted flush just as they were with Major , the people have lost faith and trust and Starmer will take over spouting "change we can believe in" or "make Britain great again" or some other cheap and nasty soundbite that the mug punters will fall for at least in the short term.
  17. Cash for honours, profiting during a crisis , let the bodies pile high , f*kk business, habitual lies, outlawing protest, appointing Patel after she was sacked for treason , selling the NHS, filling the rivers with excrement, cash for Jennifer Arcuri ....... every day a new scandal followed by more lies or running away . I despised Thatcher she was pure evil but she was professional with it , this twit is making a mockery of the country and every member of his party that backs him is just as tainted. He should be facing criminal charges and a lengthy spell in prison not stepping down or offering an apology . John Bercow summed him up perfectly yesterday
  18. The Emperors new money , nobody can see it or touch it or even meet the person who created it . "Where does it come from" asked Li Bai ? "from solving a sum" said the Emperor "The answer to the sum must be very valuable then" said Li "Well no" said the Emperor "it's because there are only 21000000 sums to solve" "So we have 21000000 answers to 21000000 sums that nobody needs and that's valuable?" "Stone the blasphemer " screamed the Emperor and everyone lived happily ever after. Except Li Bai of course.
  19. I was 18 when she came to power , she was pure evil , she sold off all the state assets at a fraction of their worth so her pals could profit , split the country , destroyed industry , started the destruction of workers rights , supported apartheid til the end , friends with Pinochet who had concentration camps in Chile , sent UK troops to train the Khmer Rouge , supported the death penalty ............ she has probably been reincarnated as Priti Patel or even Johnson . The corruption in parliament accelerated under her rule and much of what we see today is down to her "greed is good" influence. She was a fukkin monster ....pardon my French !!
  20. People in Parliament own stocks and shares so there will never ever be a stock market crash ?, even in the most controlled countries like North Korea they have market crashes and currency collapses. They can influence and manipulate things but money and its markets have a mind of their own . There are many people who will position themselves to profit from both currency and property collapses just like Soros did in the past . Those who want to hoover up assets for the lowest price will want rates to rise so the cash rich can get the best value per £. Debt is a trap and the trap has been set , the vultures want their prey.
  21. Are you an accomplice to mass murder, money laundering , theft , corruption , treason ............?
  22. Are savings rates rising in line with mortgage rates or are savers still being screwed?
  23. More like 50 years , the UK is built on Empirical plunder and exploitation as it died so did its income . The 70s saw the 3 day week ,power cuts and the end of socialism , the 80's were Thatcher's heyday of greed is good as she sold off every nationalised industry to the yuppy filofaxers for pennies and the loadsamoney culture grew . Houses boomed until the economic reality smacked them with escalating interest rates and it all came crashing down . They clung on under Major until the controlled opposition of Blair was in place to pick up the establishment baton which was fine for PFI and other capitalism with a smile policies that ended up with the debt escalating . Brown was as charismatic as a deep fried Mars bar and led inevitably to Cameron and the current shitshow we now experience. Can you imagine if this wasn't bolstered by the North Sea oil bonanza that aided mostly Thatcher . The UK is what it is , an offshore money laundering centre that sells weapons to despotic regimes while hanging on to the US coat tails hoping to profit from the many illegal wars it wages around the World. There's nowhere left to go but to print cash , screw savers with negative rates and feed the public sunny upland BS from a narcissistic socio-pathic liar in chief that our propaganda media happily promote. The UK is just a very refined version of North Korea but with less choreography
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