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  1. There are global issues and there are various ways of dealing with them . France capped energy rises to 4% while Johnson has allowed the energy companies to cash in . "Where is the corruption" is that a serious question ? VIP lanes for cronies to sell useless PPE at 5X the cost and endanger our health care workers during a pandemic , tip of the iceberg . Johnson is an utter charlatan and duplicitous thug and if you cannot see past him then I think waking you up to reality may be a danger to your health although fortunately we have 40 new hospitals to care for you in.
  2. It's the crashes that make the most opportunity and best of all it can be blamed on Covid , the EU and the BoE.
  3. The issue is that it is the mismanagement and corruption that will lead to the people having to suck it up rather than those responsible for taking it there but good to know "you're all right"
  4. If buses are all full of pensioners staying warm and people needing to use buses as they can't afford fuel for the car which they now need to sell to pay the electricity bill and Govt saying working from home is bad for office lease profit and my company has just fired everyone and re-hired us on half wages and I can't afford the bus fare anyway as my 30p a day wages now goes on food should I get on my bike and cycle to Rwanda to claim political asylum ?
  5. It's very sad to witness such a collective of callous,greedy, duplicitous scoundrels abuse their authority in order to empower and enrich themselves at the publics expense. They have done immense damage to the structure and fabric of the UK the effects of which are yet to be fully realised.
  6. Johnson ignored Security advice on Lebedev and has now refused to release the Security advice he was given as it may be a threat to national security , Priti Patel who Johnson put in charge of national security had to resign her previous job as she was a threat to .... national security. Meanwhile the man in charge of all the money has given all the money away to the people who already had most of the money anyway. The man in charge of health has no experience of working in health but he does have experience of offshore banking , tax havens and registering as a nom dom so you can avoid paying taxes that the health service requires to function properly. He could of course ask the former Health Minister for advice as he co-wrote a book on how to asset strip the health service then privatize it. Anyone and everyone will be thrown under the bus to save Johnson and his sycophantic gang of groupies in the Cabinet will back him to the hilt.
  7. I think we are less than 24 hrs away from some bumbling halfwit in Govt suggesting that poor people could start grazing on Common ground
  8. Is that Thatcher who was pals with Pinochet , who supported the apartheid regime in South Africa til the end , who sent British troops to help train the Khmer Rouge and tried desperately to get Savile knighted despite being warned of his unsuitability by the security services? Oh and as I have pointed out in the past the North of Ireland is not part of Great Britain it is part of the island of Ireland . So to sum up , Thatcher was evil and no part of Ireland is British . PS. Scottish Nationalists are now running a part of Great Britain , the sun is finally setting on the ******* Empire (see Barbados and Jamaica for further details)
  9. Who do you think has been running the North of Ireland previously ? It was the DUP or the political wing of the UDA / UFF aided by the PUP who were the political wing of the UVF both of whom were protected by the UDR who had their backs covered by the British Army . Sinn Fein were largely rejected by the Nationalist community during the troubles and their current success has only come since the IRA have laid down their arms and disbanded. Unfortunately the UDA/UVF/DUP are still an active crime gang involved in drug running,prostitution and extortion . It was the mass murder of civilians in Derry and Ballymurphy by the British Army that was a recruiting call for the IRA , time some people took the blinkers off and recognised some of the real terrorists involved .
  10. I think he sees himself as smarter than everyone else or at least thinks he can always bluff his way out . Politicians in general are sociopathic in nature which in itself is rather frightening but Johnson in particular ticks more boxes than most Profile of the Sociopath (mcafee.cc)
  11. There must be a case to try Johnson for treason , we were warned of his character and re-reading this article has shown that Max Hastings had him summed up perfectly I was Boris Johnson’s boss: he is utterly unfit to be prime minister | Max Hastings | The Guardian
  12. To add to the Brexit woes Sinn Fein is now the largest party in Ireland (North and South)and that bastardised apartheid state that was set up a century ago to ensure eternal Unionist rule has turned Republican and will never be back in Brit hands . To top that off the SNP increased their share of the vote and a second referendum next year is almost guaranteed to deliver Independence (and no they don't need permission from Westminster to do so) For the triple whammy there are now no Conservative councils left in Wales. The Butchers Apron will be consigned to the dustbin and England will be left isolated outside the EU eating chlorinated chicken and Fukushima popcorn . What then for their position in the G7 or their place as one of the 5 permanent members of NATO . Once the Queen goes and that can't be too far away then the Royal family is also under pressure to survive . How do Empires collapse ? Slowly at first ,then all of a sudden .
  13. That would have been my choice as well
  14. That's for the people of Scotland to decide , the EU has positives and negatives but the complete isolation under Brexit has no benefits unless you have a secret stash of cash in an offshore tax haven.
  15. they don't need permission from Westminster , it's just a courtesy , Scotland just needs a mandate from the people of Scotland which they already have , this Union is finished ,Ireland will be United , Scotland will be Independent and rejoin the EU and England will be left naked and afraid laundering cash for crooks and selling weapons to despots .
  16. They were conned into believing that the only way to stay in the EU (something they voted overwhelmingly for)was to remain in the UK , they are now out of the EU and ruled over by a Conservative Govt something else they voted overwhelmingly against . There will be another vote and the Con men won't get away with it a second time .
  17. No , I just want the right to live in an Independent country that the people of that country vote for not have a Conservative Party forced onto us that the people of Scotland haven't voted for since 1955 .
  18. Not in the UK but would have voted SNP , would never ever vote Conservative as they repulse me and always have.
  19. Getting on the property ladder now just to find out you've landed on a snake instead . As many have already pointed out sentiment is a major factor and things across the whole economy have turned much darker . Interest rates are only a small part of the picture , as Mr Micawber noted “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen [pounds] nineteen [shillings] and six [pence], result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.” Wage growth is not keeping pace with prices , savings rates have been a lose lose for years , fuel costs have gone through the roof and as everyone tightens their belt there is less to go round. Inevitably this leads to lenders lending less for more and higher deposits required for any deals at all. Part of the reason they have booms is so they can profit from the inevitable bust and the bigger the bubble the larger the collapse. I believe the crash has just started and has a long way to go yet .
  20. The trickle is becoming a flood , those who continue to back him will be dragged down with him , some like Dorries and Mogg are doomed anyway as their support has been total and it's too late to jump ship. It's all about self survival now and the latest polls after the FPN have shown them that the public mood and tolerance has changed . You can't fool all the people all the time and the faux contrition followed by bluster the next day has exposed him once too often . The majority of Tories didn't care about partygate or the continuous lies they only cared that they got away with it now they have to acknowledge the public are not buying it any more so have to act to save themselves. I see Truss is the bookies favourite and Sunak has dropped to 5th which is rather concerning considering what a complete air head she is , my money would be on Jeremy Hunt who has kept a very low profile for months . Johnson does appear fatally wounded and the smell of blood is in the air , those with aspirations will be making their moves behind the scenes right now.
  21. The only thing that can finish him before a general election is for his own Party to ditch him , as most of them are compromised and/or too cowardly to stand up to him then the prospect of him going voluntarily are slim. He has surrounded himself with ministers that are woeful and need him for their own future. The list of scandal involving Johnson is ridiculous and would have brought down most other PMs with just a fraction of his activity . He is a rogue PM backed by a rogue cabinet and a majority of rogue backbenchers . To this day there are still more than 85% that back him and that shows getting rid of Johnson will not solve the problem.
  22. Fast forward a couple of centuries and we turned Afghanistan into a narco state supplying 90% of the world's heroin. Not bad considering the Taliban had reduced it to just 2% before "Freedom and Democracy " invaded .
  23. Eventually and probably sooner rather than later those with less wealth will not take this debt on as they will work out by doing so it puts a noose round their neck .
  24. Ad hominem , the will is missing from Govt to act in a responsible and caring manner for all but themselves , if you voted for them then you are part of the problem.
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