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  1. I would have been more impressed if you had provided evidence of a plane hitting the Pentagon than attacking the messenger which incidentally struck the Naval Accounts Office that were searching for the $2.3 Trillion reported missing in the accounts just the day before by Donald Rumsfeld . An eye watering sum which has never been accounted for but almost exactly matches the reported cost of the war in Afghanistan https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2021/04/16/afghanistan-war-cost-more-than-2t-and-240000-lives-report-finds/
  2. The planes at wtc were flying way beyond their capabilities , showed no signs of stress on the wings and cut through the building rather than impacting it and breaking up . I don't know if they were real , holograms or upgraded to achieve what they did. If explosives were used to bring down the towers then a rubble pile 12-16% the height of the original building should have been evident , there was very little rubble . To cut to the chase I don't believe the official version and I believe we need an official independent investigation into what happened . NIST only investigated up to the point of collapse not the collapse itself , Bush refused to hold an investigation for over 400 days then refused to testify unless he did so in private, no transcripts were taken , he was not under oath and was accompanied on the stand by Dick Cheney. The Co Chairmen stated they were lied to ,set up to fail ,evidence was withheld,underfunded,limited by time and encouraged everyone to keep asking questions as to what happened , they could have just said this is a whitewash.
  3. I'm only interested in evidence , there is no evidence of a plane at the Pentagon , the Head of all US Military Intelligence Maj Gen Albert Stubblebine told us "no plane hit the Pentagon" despite having 72 cameras on that side of the Pentagon and numerous cameras in the immediate vicinity which they confiscated they have never shown a single image of any plane . At Shanksville there was also no evidence of any plane , the local coroner said "there were no bodies , no luggage , no seats not even a drop of blood , It looked like they had dug a hole and dumped some trash into it." Add on the impossible speeds they claimed , the g force those airframes were subjected to and the 5 steel lamp posts knocked down by the wings without ripping the wings off and I would say I agree with General Stubblebine
  4. The arrogance of Govt and their contempt for people grows on a daily basis. We are now at the point where they think (know) they can get away with anything and everything. If you think the big short is bad don't look into the events of 9/11 where a man who couldn't fly a 2 seat Cessna in a straight line managed to fly a Boeing 767 like a top gun pilot .
  5. One of the smarter PR moves the Tories did was to capture the Union flag as their own symbol and play the patriot card to a public that has been brainwashed for decades (if not centuries) into forelock tugging subservience evoking Churchilian staunchness while fighting those pesky immigrants on the beaches. We rarely if ever see a Tory not surrounded by Union flags and a pic of her Maj on their sideboard. Corbyn was effectively stabbed in the back by Starmer and fellow Blairights (sic) and the opposition was brought under their control. If the Tories become so unpalatable then Starmer is waiting in the wings to carry on with the agenda. They are coming for everything , the NHS is being sold off in tranches behind our back , the welfare state has been replaced by food banks and loans , the houses will be bought up by banks etc etc. There is very little left in public ownership after decades of theft but not to worry "you will own nothing but be happy" apparently.It's very sad to see these con men at work and succeeding.
  6. They ALWAYS raise the debt ceiling so unless they want to collapse the markets they will do so again. On the issue of a $1 Billion platinum coin , if it was worth its weight in platinum it would weigh 1,036,269,430 oz and take 172 years at current mining rate to dig out the ground.
  7. Out of chaos comes order , first create chaos. Our last 3 PMs were all pro EU , Cameron, May and Johnson all supported the Euro ideal . Cameron had to go as he couldn't do a 180 and retain any credibility , May was inept and had to stand aside for a more professional con man , a man who could lie with impunity without any shame. The UK and the Tories in particular have always been a thorn in the EU's desire for a one world Govt (starting with a 1 Europe Govt) 5 years ago the EU was coming apart at the seams , the PIGS (remember them) were threatening to pack up and go it alone . What Bruxelles desperately needed was to send a warning to any dissenters . The rest of Europe is watching the UK disintegrate and if the UK can't deal with it what hope for the smaller PIGS like nations. Brexit (and Covid) has been incredibly lucrative for this Govt and their chums , they have filled their pockets with £s and swapped them for hard assets . The result will be carnage for the economy and the £ in particular . As the people get squeezed they will accept any solution to get back to some semblance of normality even if it is rejoining the EU and adopting the € as a result. Nobody will dare suggest leaving the EU again for a very long time. Sounds far fetched ? If the NWO 1WG 1WC is a reality then I cannot imagine the British Elite would not be a part of it in fact I believe they would demand a seat at the top table. If it all fell apart they already have the leader of the opposition in their pocket to carry on regardless. I suppose the real question is do you trust them ? If the answer is Yes can I have some of what you're smoking.
  8. Johnson has til May 2024 until the next election , that isn't that far away . Normally the final year is spent bribing the electorate in order to hold onto power however if Starmer is still leading Labour then it won't matter to those behind the curtain who becomes the next puppet as they control both sides. It seems to me the fruit is ripe for picking and crashing the market allows those who are cash rich to fleece those up to their eyeballs in debt. This is the game of boom and bust that the gullible fall for every time. The Tories are losing all credibility and change is inevitable , whether that's a new Tory leader with new cabinet or they go with Starmers gang is something for Murdoch and Co to decide. Before that happens I expect the pillaging to occur so any time soon for me.
  9. The only threat to Tory rule was the majority of Scottish seats who used to vote Labour however the real loss would be the money that Scotland brings in and the assets it has , oil, whisky,fisheries,tourism, agriculture, deep water ports for the nuclear subs , fresh water etc etc.
  10. We always hear how England subsidises Scotland, if that was true they would happily get rid of them . At the moment Scotland is cut off from the EU with just trade with England and Wales unaffected . There would be a new border with England and the red tape issues would be a negative but massively offset by opening up the open market with the EU again . The same narrative is being played out that they used with all the other nations that gained Independence from Britain over the years .Too small , don't have own currency , never survive without Britains guidance etc . Of the 56 (I think) nations that have gone Independent how many have come back asking for the Brits to rule over them again? The answer is zero because once free they realise they were being plundered and mismanaged . Scotland hasn't voted Tory since 1955 but has had to suffer being governed by them for the majority of the time since. They also voted by 67-33 to remain in the EU , the vote to stay in the UK was in part due to the lie that they would be kicked out of Europe if they were Independent . If Scotland go Independent and ask to rejoin the EU Bruxelles will see it as a massive coup . Brexit has been a calamity for the UK and the EU are loving the mess as it deters other nations from leaving.
  11. The Conservative mindset is utterly vile , greedy self serving , selfish , arrogant and elitist . The Labour Party is dead , Starmer is a bought and paid for establishment lackey . The Lib Dems sold what ever they stood for when they teamed up with the Tories . The Green Party are a single issue protest vote and not credible contenders. The only real option is to move to Scotland , vote SNP and rejoin the EU. Once Scotland leaves and Ireland is united again then England will rapidly disintegrate , its importance on the World stage will be gone forever . As I live on mainland Europe I don't really care but over here Johnson and his gang are seen as an utter joke.
  12. Cheap labour prepared to work cash in hand and rent off unscrupulous buy to let landlords who will pack them to the rafters . Patel is quite happy to talk tough and do nothing . All she has to do is announce that anyone arriving from a safe EU country bypassing customs will automatically have any request for asylum refused and returned to their country of origin.
  13. People need to wake up and realise that it's a rigged game controlled by the elite who place their puppets in all the different parties to ensure that whatever the outcome they still hold the strings. They control the media, the monetary system and all the levels of the establishment from the monarchy to the military and police and local councils. Getting rid of Thatcher and bringing in Blair changed nothing , the coalition between Tory and Lib just exposed the Libs as forelock tuggers . Starmer was a member of an organisation Noam Chomsky described as "undemocratic ,they talked about how the public needs to be reduced to its proper state of apathy and obedience. That organisation was the Trilateral commission where he served alongside Jeffrey Epstein. That's Starmer who failed to prosecute Jimmy Saville when DPP despite being handed evidence of 3 cases of rape against young girls . That's Saville , the procuror of children for the elite who also just happened to be besties with our next Head of State Prince Charles. That's Charles whose brother was friends with procuror of children Jeffrey Epstein and lets not forget Theresa May who helped lose all those embarrassing files on her Westminster colleagues. We have KGB agents buying seats in the House of Lords , our Home Secretary having secret meetings with foreign Govts and a sociopathic narcissist who lies habitually as a Prime Minister . The UK is a broken,bankrupt and rogue state , it's Empire has crumbled and its Union disintegrating , the vultures have gathered to feast on its carcass .
  14. The object of the game is for those at the top of the ladder to steal as much as possible from everyone else below them . There are many ways to do it and generally they employ them all . The gradual chipping away by keeping wages and rates below the real level of inflation , the extortionate rate of pay day loans on those with the least and the once in a generation collapse of the property markets once they have herded as many into the debt trap encouraging high levels of debt with the lowest rates of interest. What is even better is when they have a patsy to take the blame like Brexit or Covid (or both) anything but banker corruption will do. What's the point of fattening the turkey if you let it live out its days at the turkey sanctuary . If I was a greedy unscrupulous sociopathic elitist then now would be a great time to prepare the stuffing. They can then waffle on about a great reset and building back better and prepare the next generation to get into bricks and mortar because property only goes up. Once they raise rates , stop incentives like help to buy , end furlough and the tax holiday this games a bogey .
  15. We cannot afford to spend billions on nuclear weapons (that we can't use without the permission of the US)but we do We cannot afford to spend billions on a track and trace system that doesn't work but we do We cannot afford to spend billions on HS2 just so we can get to Birmingham 10 minutes quicker but we do In order to fund these vanity projects that allow millions to be siphoned off to chums we Cut the lowest pension in Europe Cut Universal credit Cut incomes through NI increases What we really cannot afford is this corrupt incompetent Conservative Government
  16. And in a few months time 20 extremely wealthy F1 drivers will take the knee as a show of support against discrimination while in Saudi Arabia . I can guarantee none of them will make a stance against the discrimination and abuse women suffer in that country or any of our media will bring it up . The difference between Saudi Royals and Taliban leaders can only be measured by the thickness of their wallets.
  17. Good point , the "Taliban" were our friends when fighting the USSR just as Saddam was our friend when he was fighting the Iranians , it was even the West (through a German company) that supplied him with the gas used on the Kurds in Halabja.
  18. I believe many people are terrified by the truth and are happy to live in the comfort of the lie . The 9/11 propaganda is straight out of the Goebbels playbook , if you are going to tell a lie make it big and keep repeating it and the people will accept it as fact. The " Project for a new American century" the Neo Con think tank group stated 18 months before 9/11 that what they needed to advance US interests was a "new Pearl Harbour" that is what 9/11 delivered and gave the green light for all the conflicts that have since happened. Are we honestly to believe that the most heavily defended building in the World with its own missile defence system could not defend itself against a Boeing 767 with 85 minutes warning . Is there a reason why even with 72 cctv cameras on that side of the Pentagon that not one image of a plane has been shown . These people lie habitually , they are sociopaths , they think nothing of murdering innocent people if it's in their interests. We have our own liars and sociopaths who would let the bodies pile high or tell us about imaginary weapons of mass destruction to allow them to create chaos. Who are the real terrorists ?
  19. Well half of those named turned up alive and well within weeks of 9/11 stating they were not involved , pretty obvious considering they were still alive and well .
  20. Probably the Saudis who want to expand their version of extremist Islam , how much our Govt has received for facilitating it less so but they would sell their Granny if the price was right.
  21. Compared to the billions spent on a failed track and trace system and the HS2 railway to nowhere it's a pittance , I'm sure the money made from the opium smuggling more than covers it
  22. It's not looking so clever now is it. However when you run the World Reserve Currency and can print to infinity you can gamble on weighing up the costs and the benefits of taking control of other countries riches and infrastructure . At the end of the day the little people pay the bill and suffer the consequences , their objective was to expand their influence and their Empire
  23. Firstly there is a distinction between Jewish and Zionist , not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews and indeed many Jews oppose the State of Israel . Pakistan is not a threat to Israel but Iran is deemed to be so . As for money to be made on 9/11 there were 5x as many short positions as normal taken out on United Airlines and American Airlines that day
  24. "Bring back the British Empire" lol it can barely keep hold of Gibraltar , the North of Ireland and Scotland never mind expanding its Empire.
  25. It's important to have ridiculous conspiracy theories in order to discredit the credible ones . The term "conspiracy theorist" was brought into play by the CIA in order to discredit people asking difficult questions. If you are happy to accept whatever you are told by Govt and media that's your choice
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