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  1. There are even people here giving the usual deluded reasons why this bubble is different, when it isn't. Like all bubbles it is sustained by cheap debt, once that ends the bubble implodes, it is that simple. Which is why the useless BofE has had to be dragged kicking and screaming into interest rate increases. Unfortunately for the useless BofE, the Fed has forced their hand. Unless they keep up with the Fed, the pound collapses and inflation gets even worse. Bye bye housing bubble, you won't be missed.
  2. Time to get out the popcorn, as Boris wrecks the most successful electoral machine in British political history. The Conservative Party are in full panic mode, running around in circles like headless chickens. The brexit purges and Boris's paranoia have ensured that this is a government of mediocre lightweights. Boris is leading them off a cliff and they can do nothing because there is nobody to replace him. It is absolutely glorious, hopefully this shower of sh*te will be wiped out come election time.
  3. Utter joke and a complete waste of time. The housing bubble is sustained by cheap debt, the only way prices can increase by insane amounts each year is if people can borrow more and more. To sustain this they keep moving the goal posts. Insanely low interest rates, tax cuts, help to buy, allow banks to recklessly lend and now this madness. Yet all these measures are futile because whatever they do, eventually a point will be reached in which mortgages become unaffordable and the market collapses.
  4. Britain is definitely heading for a property crash. The market is only sustained by cheap debt and even at these absurdly low rates, there will be a limit to how much people can borrow. When that limit is exceeded, the market crashes. Whether that happens in the short term is down to how much damage the useless Bank of England and incompetent government are willing to do to the rest of the economy, to sustain the housing bubble. Sadly it looks like their number one priority is protecting the bubble but history shows that no intervention can sustain a housing bubble forever.
  5. The new member of the MPC is an incompetence who doesn't want to increase rates. They are letting inflation run out of control because the housing bubble must be protected at all costs. It is an utter joke.
  6. The reaction to this in the UK, especially from British feminists is ridiculous. They are acting like Roe vs Wade being reversed is a threat to abortion here, which is utter non-sense. America is a different country, with a different culture and their politics doesn't influence us on these kind of issues. Otherwise guns would be legal here, for example. Frankly it reeks of a desperation to hang out with the cools kids because American politics are much more exciting than ours. Otherwise why don't British feminists campaign against abortion bans in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan? There are many countries which treat women like crap and the feminists in this country say nothing. It is only when it is the USA, they give a crap.
  7. Bizarre isn't it? Feminists getting outraged when someone brings up the objectively true fact women are getting fatter. Maybe wokes think type 2 diabetes, heart disease and Osteoarthritis are attractive and empowering?
  8. That is what pisses me off about Guardian greens. They want rewilding and less intensive agriculture but at the same time they want open borders. Try to question them about how we add 100's of thousands of people to the population every year, while reducing the food we produce and they get outraged. Most of the time you are simply censored, if they do respond it is with non-sense about the whole country going vegan. They simply don't live in the real world.
  9. Have we gone back to a time when we still had an industrial sector, a trade surplus, cheap housing and owned most of our economy? Sadly no, we haven't gone back to that era. No non-sense about the economic miracle of the 80's, the Tories had North Sea oil and pissed that windfall away.
  10. The RMT don't get that strikes are won and lost in the court of public opinion. They can't break the government, it is opinion polls that frighten them, not stoppages. If the public blame the unions and not the government for the disruption. The RMT can strike till the end of time, they won't get what they want. The reality is, the railways are only used by a minority of the population and they are loss making. It is highly unlikely the public will support higher subsidies for the railways to increase railway worker pay. This is a strike the RMT simply can't win.
  11. Which will become increasingly unaffordable. The great delusion of pensioners and the boomers, is there is some big pile of gold they have been building up during their working lives. Maybe guarded by some kind of dragon. In reality all the NI they paid was really just another form of income tax that funded day to day government spending, non of it was saved. Even pensioners with savings are in reality reliant on younger workers. Ultimately the pound reflects the strength of the UK economy, if the economy tanks, the pound tanks. We now have an astonishing 12.5 million pensions, sustained by a working population that is only going to shrink. You can only squeeze working age people so much. If all the countries wealth is directed at mostly economically inactive pensioners, instead of investment, training and the working age. The very economy pensioners rely on will die. The coming housing crash is an example of that, all that boomer housing wealth is an illusion sustained by cheap debt. When interest rates increases, it will all disappear.
  12. Sri Lanka was in trouble already, their insane government decided to introduce organic farming across the country. They basically banned the import of fertilisers. The result was inevitable, farming yields collapsed and they created shortages. This meant food imports shot up and with the world wide inflation crisis. Things have simply got worse.
  13. You're all missing the point. The problem here isn't increasing pensions, it is the hypocrisy. The Tories say workers, both in the private sector and public sector have to accept their living standards crashing and in some cases being driven into poverty, for the greater good. They must do it to fight inflation. Then they turn round and give 10 million plus pensions a huge giveaway in the form of the state pension. No money for public sector workers but that magic money tree is alive and well for pensioners. It isn't just the disgrace of a Tory government I have a problem with, it is also hypocritical pensioners. Go to the Daily Mail, the same pensioners who are condemning workers asking for a pay rise, get outraged by anyone who questions the huge increase for pensioners. If workers must suffer austerity, the same young workers who put their lives on hold to save pensioners during Covid. The pensioners should also suffer austerity. Can't have one rule for the young and another for the old.
  14. This fool should be sacked immediately, he is doing nothing while inflation runs out of control.
  15. People of working age have been told to accept mass poverty to fight inflation, including the very low paid who will struggle to pay for the basics. Yet the government has just decided to reinstate the triple lock for Tory voting pensions. Apparently giving millions of pensioners inflation level increases won't drive inflation. So either the Tories are lying about a wage spiral or working age people are getting screwed twice over. We are being told to accept poverty for the greater good, to fight inflation and our sacrifice is being rendered pointless by giving 10 million plus pensioners an inflation level increase. Which, according to government logic, will drive inflation higher and make those of working age even poorer.
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