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  1. I grew up in the countryside. Great when a kid Complete PITA when a teenager. At which point I left. My mum always hated the isolation and moved into suburbia as soon as we kids left home. I don't understand these 50/60 somethings buying "a house in the country" to live in. Once you get to a certain age and can't drive you need doctors, public transport etc. This is absent in most areas of the normal countryside. As you say, getting the "good life" small holding is a full time job with no days off. People like the thought, but, the reality is usually a complete hassle if you want to
  2. Lol - good luck! And before anyone accuses me of racism, that's nothing to do with it. Once you've factored in different time zones, cultures, expectations, different employment laws, and, paying the third party company for supplying the "cheap" staff - who ultimately you, as a customer, have no control over, other than just "firing" them - after the dwindling pool of onshore staff have just spent six months "training" them.... Even before covid, I used to go and sit in a semi-empty office and think why bother making the effort to travel, just so some halfwit could say he was "managing" a
  3. Bosses at my place can't wait to get us all back to the office. Complaining about the lack of communication with each other and lack of team work. Hah funny. I have to be back in the office to work with all my colleagues asap. .... who have replaced all the people who used to work in our office, now working from Philipines and India - working for the outsourcing company that replaced all my colleagues! ... the same cheerleading managers who wanted to get rid of all the expensive UK staff, 'coz they could get 2 for 1. (shame they only do 1/4 of the work...) UK (mis)mana
  4. I'm having to pay to charge my phone now as well. Used to do that in the office. It must be costing me at least an extra 10p a month.
  5. Yeah, I used to charge my phone up at work as well, now it's costing me at least 10p a month at home! 🥵
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