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  1. Karachi just had a mini heatwave of 40°C for four days in a row, and that is Spring!
  2. The Establishment needs high inflation to reduce the real value of the massive government debt incurred due to COVID in UK and everywhere else in the western world. https://www.economicshelp.org/blog/3015/economics/why-inflation-makes-it-easier-for-government-to-pay-debt/
  3. Inflation by country at this link, ranges from -2% in Rwanda (how did they manage that) to 686% in Venezuela. So not even Venezuela has hyperinflation if the definition is >1000%
  4. Celebrity nimby https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10352159/EXCLUSIVE-Singer-RagnBone-Man-WINS-round-battle-stop-developers-building-34-homes.html
  5. Here's a UK power networks study. Page 2 says EVs represent an additional 0.3kW contribution to residential peak demand per household. As EV uptake rises, there is an increase in the number of voltage violations with the additional EV load. However, it is anticipated that the majority of these will be fixed through local LV reconfiguration works, with only a handful of events triggering any investment works. Of the investment-triggering events, these would have occurred due to the background load growth and will need to be brought forward by 1 to 2 years due to the additional EV load. Page 3 says The anticipated impact of HP (Heat Pump_ loads on the network was found to be minor; however, it was still significant and twice the expected contribution from EV charging.
  6. China and Russia are getting friendlier with each other. An apocalyptic prediction might be that to overwhelm the West's capabilities, Russia invades Ukraine and China invades Taiwan in a coordinated move, with maybe Iran invading Iraq, Kuwait and Northern parts of Saudi. This will send oil soaring, semiconductor supply will be cut in half (Taiwan's TSMC supplies the world with most of the very advance semiconductors). So there will be too much going on at once for the West to respond quickly or effectively! Thus a fait accompli, with the fall out dragging on for years in the form of economic sanctions.
  7. Even buying the lease seems a right hassle. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/property/article-10153527/Why-not-able-sell-leasehold-flat-Myra-Butterworth.html
  8. There are almost 4 million refugees in Turkey (source). So I suppose the logic might be that if whatever Turkish lira they get is buying less and less, they might decide to leave and migrate to the EU and some might come to UK?
  9. Sunday Times article today Slough’s suburban landscape has long made it an easy target. The poet Sir John Betjemancalled for friendly bombs to rain on it, and when Ricky Gervais wanted a humdrum setting for The Office, the Berkshire town offered the perfect backdrop. The local council, though, has been doing its bit to try to shrug off that dull reputation. Last week, Slough’s Labour council was taken over by ministers after blowing a £100 million hole in its budget in the wake of a string of commercial property acquisitions. The council’s spending spree, which catapulted its borrowing to £760 million, took in an Odeon cinema in Basingstoke and a Waitrose supermarket 80 miles away in Gosport. In the town centre, the council spent £42 million developing a Thunderbirds themed hotel in partnership with Morgan Sindall. “They have been spending like the Kardashians and these property deals are not a healthy way of spending residents’ money,” said 59-year-old local resident Sharon O’Reilly. “This is not a joke — we have a homelessness problem and the food bank is running at overcapacity. This will really affect people.” Disgruntled locals wrote a protest song last summer with the chorus: They spent all our money, Rishi What ya gonna do? Send them to the dungeons That’s what they used to do In fairness, Slough is not the only one. In the past six years, local authorities have splurged £6.8 billion on commercial property, according to the estate agency Savills. While some of those deals were motivated by a desire to take greater control of local regeneration projects, others were a desperate attempt at generating income to offset a 38 per cent real-terms cut in central government funding over the previous decade. Twenty-four local authorities now have commercial property portfolios worth more than double their annual budgets. And a Sunday Times analysis of their accounts reveals that the cumulative value of those property portfolios has tumbled by £202 million in the past three years, leaving local residents to foot the bill for poor investment decisions. “It was a disaster waiting to happen and everyone knew it. How can local councils compete with savvy, seasoned investors out there in the marketplace?” asked real estate tycoon Nick Leslau, owner of Alton Towers and the Manchester Arena. “We didn’t do this, but, candidly, there has been a period of time where investors could sell problem properties for top dollar to local authorities.” Slough council is now selling half its £1.2 billion of assets. Councillor James Swindlehurst said the local authority’s property portfolio had provided more than £5 million of income a year, helping to fund frontline services that would otherwise have been cut. He acknowledged, though, that managing the portfolio had been a challenge. Slough council followed in the footsteps of Croydon by, in effect, declaring itself bankrupt. In 2018 Croydon’s then Labour council leader Tony Newman sanctioned the £53 million acquisition of a local retail park and a £30 million deal for Croydon Park hotel, which went bust last year. Auditors from Grant Thornton said the council lacked understanding of the retail and leisure markets and that its strategy of investing its way out of financial trouble was “inherently flawed”.
  10. From https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/oct/12/time-millionaires-meet-the-people-pursuing-the-pleasure-of-leisure
  11. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/year-hell-now-trail-filth-20970106
  12. Homes now cheaper to rent than buy https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-9679113/Homes-cheaper-rent-buy-time-2014.html
  13. First hand experience report. Interesting quote https://www.standard.co.uk/homesandproperty/property-news/trying-out-sky-pool-reporter-london-aquarium-in-sky-b939567.html
  14. Two-bedroom cottage in Padstow measuring just 8ft 2in wide - making it narrower than a London bus goes on the market for nearly £430,000 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9639793/Two-bedroom-cottage-measuring-just-8ft-2in-wide-market-nearly-430-000.html
  15. Some recent photos https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9639815/Swimmers-enjoy-worlds-sky-pool-115-FEET-ground-London.html
  16. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9604789/Untrained-nine-week-old-sheepdog-Lassie-worlds-EXPENSIVE-puppy-selling-7-6k.html A working dog, so perhaps different to lockdown puppies.
  17. There would still be a bureaucracy associated with UBI I think. Somebody has to decide and record who qualifies and keep the list up to date. If, for example, it was decided to give some form of UBI to every one living in the UK on a certain date, there needs to be a list of those people. After that date, you need to keep the list up to date for births, deaths, emigrants, immigrants etc. Do immigrants qualify immediately, or only if they are British citizens, or after a certain period of time if not? Do illegal immigrants coming over the channel in dinghies qualify? Do people in prison qualify, given the state is providing all of their basic needs? If not, this needs to be recorded, as people go into and out of prison. Do people in long term NHS or care paid for by the state qualify? It seems there could be lots of such bureaucratic issues associated with UBI and lots of ever changing records needing to be kept, modified, corrected etc. So the DSS staff might still be needed to do all that, thus no money is saved at all.
  18. From what i've read, Sinovac is only about 50% effective, whereas AZ is about 70% and Pfizer about 90%. So that may be another reason for Chile having problems despite high vaccination rates
  19. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/feb/20/i-was-told-it-was-as-safe-as-houses-savers-owed-thousands-as-firm-fails "guaranteed 10% return and absolutely safe" would immediately raise red flags for me, even seven years ago!
  20. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9219191/Hampshire-three-bed-bungalow-pylon-garden-goes-sale-380-000.html A three-bedroom bungalow with a gigantic electricity pylon in the back garden goes up for sale for £380,000. The Hampshire home is for sale with Jeffries and Dibbens in Portchester and appears to be a lovely family house. It boasts three bedrooms, a conservatory and garage, as well as a huge electricity pylon in the back garden.
  21. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-9121499/Father-one-1-million-budget-spends-FOUR-YEARS-Grand-Designs.html A father-of-one baffled and delighed Grand Designs viewers in equal measures last night in the 'craziest episode ever', after he spent four years and £4.5 million transforming an abandoned Neo-Gothic cemetery lodge into his dream home with a swimming pool and a moat.
  22. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-9115043/Buy-let-investors-pension-plans-wiped-cladding-scandal.html
  23. Daily Mail article The houses that just won't sell If you've ever struggled to sell your home after putting it on the market, spare a thought for the owners of these homes which have been listed for up to nearly nine years without a buyer. A £325,000 three-bedroom detached bungalow in Leicester has been on sale since February 22, 2012 - the longest time of any property in Britain, despite having an 'excellent sized loft' and garden with paved area. Other properties on the market for a very long time include a £57,000 studio flat in Leeds since December 2013 and a £100,000 flat in Nottingham and £1.35million deluxe apartment in Central London, both since 2014.
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