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  1. You would be surprised at how many people are out there that really do have to sell in a hurry. As a first time buyer you are in a pretty good position at the minute. Jesus christ i sound like an estate agent . If i was you, i wouldnt like you say over anaylze everything.
  2. I will get stick for this but i just have, i get the keys on the 16th of this month. My reasons are this, house valued at £150000 already sold but fell through and back on the market, I offered £125k and was accepted within the hour(forced seller,divorce, facing repo), I have 25k saved up as a deposit. Halifax lent me the mortgage @ 5.72% fixed for 5 years, survey showed a small bit of structual work(lintal on front elevation) so a negotiated another 3 grand of the price. Now i don't care what happens to the housing market, my heart no longer sinks when merv says hold again for another month, and more importantly i can get on with my life, ok i now have a 25 year debt but i intend to clear it before then. It just seems all the hatred and bile i have for EA, landlords, boe, property porn shows has all just gone,i no longer give a shit. I have lurked here for a few years and will now be watching this whole mess unfold from here aswell. Fair enough i could of held on a while longer and got a bigger discount , but i would of missed out on a better mortgage rate, but i dont care, i have wasted enough of my time and energy waiting for a crash and refuse to do it any more i now have a 3 bed semi with a front and back garden and a garage for my motorbike. I fully intend on staying put for a good few years and weathering out any crash if indeed there is one at all.
  3. That leaves £341 per week left over, although im a bear i think you could quite easily afford a house using those figures, Home ownership has never been affordable.
  4. If i remember rightly a motorsports degree involves a lot of design and engineering, its not just watching f1 and moto gp then sitting a test. I think TVR used to take on quite a few graduates.
  5. I also thought they may be running out of money, why is it the last few weeks rbs are offering £100 to bank with them, and all the adverts on tv seem to be more in the way of opening savings accounts rather than borrowing?
  6. I liked this reply Overheated housing market, classic cars prices shooting up. Havent we been here before?
  7. That house looks even worse in real life, it's only about a mile or so away from where i live. looks like it has a flat roof too, i will check next time im passing.
  8. Ok this has nothing to do with house prices, but look at the comment, third one down from the top. http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=efd6...f8652f60.632761
  9. These people surely cannot be real. The divorced women that is so rich she trys to barter with everybody. Im pretty sure they are all actors.
  10. I would love to be really rich, but if it made me like anyone on this program i would sooner die in a fire
  11. Bwahahah i remember watching that thread as it happened, the scammer ended up seriously out of pocket trying to get his anus laptops. Saying that he probably used a stolen credit card.
  12. I think gazumping will be a common occurence, sellers wont feel guilty about accepting higher offers when they have paid for surveys etc.
  13. I live in preston aswell, im currently trying to find a house that needs work. My parents said if you get a mortgage you dont need to pay board(stay at home till house has been done up). So far i have looked into three repossed houses all of which needed lots of work doing to them, i put offers in at what i thought was reasonable considering the jobs that were required to bring it up to standard. Every offer has been rejected and the prices they were asking were the same as other houses which only required decorating to your taste. It seems to me there are still a lot of idiots out there paying way over the odds for a poor condition property just for the sake of owning something. One house i put an offer in had not been decorated for years needed a rewire, central heating, new gutters, had obvious damp problems, whole house stank of dog piss, front bedroom had been used for keeping birds in , 1970's kitchen/bathroom and the d/g windows were all loose and half of them had condensation in the middle of them. Somebody paid asking price and have moved in . Now im an electrician by trade and a few of my mates are plasterers/plumbers so building works arent a problem for me. But for somebody to pay over the odds for a house and then borrow on the mortgage to carry out the work is stupid. They are in negative equity already or are living like tramps in a crack den. Anyway rant over im just going to keep building my deposit up and keep playing the waiting game.
  14. http://www.google.com/trends?q=free+porn&c...ate=all&geo=all
  15. Thers a good reason why the catholic church want more children entering the church. But i wont even start disscusing that, this topic will hit 1000 posts easily without throwing that one in.
  16. There was no speech, Its also an offense to send offensive images through the post. The crazy old b*****d should be making the most of what little time left he has on this earth. What is it with hardcore religous types, and animal rights/human rights morons, constanly ramming their very one sided views down everyones throats,i pesonally despise those types of people when they start with there rantings. The problem with this country and many others is that to many people give a shit.
  17. Hi all, i saw that program was it the couple in the three storey town house. They bought some furniture and couldn't get it up the stairs ,and the wardrobes were to tall to stand up in the bedroom . The guy on the program last night spoke to a designer and said people bought new houses and couldnt fit their cars in the garage, and furniture in the show houses had specially made furniture (30% smaller) to make the house look bigger. Yet people are queueing up like sheep to buy into this con. Well they will double in price in 5 years, won't they???
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