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  1. Imagine being so lucky as to have ''quite severe ongoing mental health problems' and 'blagging' something for it.
  2. My statement was in inverted commas with a question mark because I was responding to another post that made that claim. I was asking the claimant to justify their statement because I didn't believe it was true. Glad to help.
  3. Labour Centrists (Labour right) went into meltdown when Corbyn got elected leader twice and tried every trick in the book to get him out. They are so frightened of his ghost coming back to haunt them they are still trying to get him out,
  4. Only one constituency on Oxfordshire is Labour. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Parliamentary_constituencies_in_Oxfordshire Turning on the news isn't a substitute for actual data. Socialists aren't interested in who owns the wealth only in how to redistribute it. I would be interested to see the combined wealth of the 'quite small group of Tories' v the combined wealth of 'mega rich lefty Labour supporters'?
  5. This property expert? Lol Television property expert Phil Spencer's company owed more than £500,000 when it went into administration. Papers signed by the Location, Location, Location star reveal the full extent of his company's financial turmoil. When it folded in February Garrington Home Finders owed creditors £576,052.
  6. As if we're ever going to get a leader to enact some of that stuff, oh, wait a minute.
  7. I refer you to the other sentence in my last post.
  8. I have an active interest in politics and that also encompasses the reasoning behind such comments so I'm way past trying to understand the root causes. If I am to engage with such a poster it's important to pin down the claim and go from there.
  9. I'm not really interested in understanding people like that. I work on the basis that disassembling claims will be seen by many more people than the poster and will carry greater affect.
  10. If someone wants to make wild unsubstantiated claims and throw insults and blame at another group of people I think that should be challenged. Don't you? At least it should be determined what the poster is actually claiming instead of a generic rant involving poor stereotypes.
  11. Because he asked this question: 'So how do we get these horrible, awful, frothing at the mouth left wing idiots to just leave us alone to get on with our lives?' Oh, and because calling someone out and pinning them down exposes their nonsense. He was just randomly ranting.
  12. Late show Stephen Colbert's take on recent events
  13. I asked the poster how this left wing radicalism has personally affected them and that he the example they gave.
  14. Right, so pretty much every aspect of your life has been taken over by left wing radicalism and I ask you to tell me an example of where it's personally negatively affected your life and you claim some stuff about FB posts that I now have to google because it's something you now just think? I do understand how the economy works but thanks. Role models are subjective. Not sure of the relevance of their skin colour. That link you posted was for actual crimes from laws that haven't been set by the radical left.
  15. How can I know your personal experience or what your understanding is without asking you? So are you saying that you've had a squad of thought police kicking your door off at three in the morning because of something you posted? Are you talking about the a capitalist country run by capitalists printing money and deficit spending (not sure what that even means?) Why are you now talking about white role models?
  16. How has your life been negatively impacted by 'frothing at the mouth left wing idiots'? What crazy ideas have destroyed the economy that are to do with left wingers?
  17. It's interesting to note that Johnson build his journalistic career on inciting outrage at the EU by publishing hysterical nonsense stories about the shape of bananas and other such triggers. Maybe he did have a master plan after all especially given he used to be pro EU..
  18. It was interesting how much of a threat Corbyn was to the centrists and establishment to the level they are still trying to destroy him. That odious little man Ian Austin and some other toad whom I can't recall were trying to equate Corbyn with Trump after this all happened. In a way it's this embedded establishment that got a real fright in 2017 and they pulled out all the stops to trounce the man personally because his policies were popular with the electorate. Izzard is from the Blairite school of thought that was responsible for the imminent collapse of the red wall. It's all par
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