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  1. How do predict a share price movement ? This share was hovering around the 1 p mark and shot up to 4p then bombed back to 2p. Why is the share so volitile ? - I lost a few grand but some must of lost tens of thousands ? I really thought this share was going to drive ? Any suggestions ? not happy chappie at the moment !! :angry:
  2. What advice would you give to the following questions for amature investors with £ 5000.00 to risk. 1) in terms of share performance and risk - is £1000.00 worth of 10P shares more risky than £1000.00 of 100P shares. Would a low value share perform better ? 2) stops losses set at 5 % ? 10 % or higher ? 3) When do you aim to sell - 30 %, 40 % gain ? 4) How do you determin if a share is over or under valued ? 5) How long should you invest in a company before dumping it ? Many thanks for any replies
  3. I've started buying shares in the last 3 months and things have gone v.well...until the last two weeks ! I started with 2 K and invested in debt companies of which have been doing good - i sold all debt shares and made an overall gain of £ 800.00 in three months. Reinvested in some other companies and am now back to my original 2K ! Is it possible to predict the top end price of a share and how long do you hold ? - 20 % rise, 30 % rise etc etc When do you sell and when do you hold - if i had kept the debt companies shares i would now be £ 1200 up !! How do regain confidence when the decisions you make are the wrong ones and you loose money !!
  4. Debt free direct share price soaring !
  5. Gold futures :- - Please explain gold futures - Please explain options - How do you trade these methods ? - Is 5 K enough to play with ? Thanks Foxytrader !
  6. Should the UK go into a full blown recession next year which markets prosper ?
  7. Local small businesses starting to go bust - have you noticed any around your area ? Local plastic window and conservatory business that has been trading for over 25 years has gone into liquidation this week. Owner offered to re-mortgage his house in order to ride the slow market. The bank manager refused to accept and stated " if you have been unable to make a profit the the last 12 months you certainly will not be able to in the next 12 months - call it a day now and keep your house " Local Koi fish pond shop also gone bust - Poor sales last 12 months and bank calls it a day. Owner tells me many garden centre related businees will be going bust big time very soon. FOUR local lorry business that deliver aggregates to the construction industry have gone bust due to reduced work load and high fuel prices - All have been running a less than cost for over a year ? When you think of how many business are linked to debt boom we have just had - how many more are going to go to the wall ?
  8. If I were to purchase £ 5 K of gold today how much would it cost to buy and sell in fee's and where is the best place to make such a purchase ? Many thanks
  9. Serpico May I ask what similarities do you see in 2005 that you saw in 1985. Are we on that cliff edge ? Given that Joe public is up to it's ******** in credit could we be in for a mega reccession in your opinion ? Ta !
  10. Would people react to selling houses on mass like they did buying fuel during the most recent fuel protest ? Is this an example of herd instinct making people situation reactive and unpredictable ?
  11. Oil embargo best response to nuclear boycott By Hassan Hanizadeh Thursday’s resolution of the International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors, issued under pressure from the United States and the European Union big three, actually indicated that the status of international organizations, including the IAEA, has declined seriously in the face of the blackmail of the neocolonialist powers. The resolution was ratified despite the fact that the Islamic Republic had proven its good faith and observed all IAEA regulations. Unfortunately, under the tutelage of the U.S., the EU trio of Britain, France, and Germany drafted an unfair resolution against Iran by fostering disunity among the member states of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). The resolution, which violates the terms of the Tehran and Paris accords, was ratified to meet the objectives of the Zionist regime and the United States. Many political analysts say the IAEA resolution also violates the terms of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty because the NPT states that signatories have the right to access nuclear technology meant for peaceful purposes. The double-standard policy applied by the U.S. and other Western countries to the nuclear issue and other global issues is one of the most significant challenges facing the modern world. Although several countries, including the Zionist regime, Pakistan, and India, are producing nuclear weapons, and most of them have conducted nuclear tests, the United States and its Western allies are trying to deprive Iran of its right to gain access to civilian nuclear expertise. This double standard on international issues obliges NAM members, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, to review their relations with the West. The U.S. and other Western countries are making use of the natural resources of various countries, including the fossil fuel resources of the Middle East, to power their military and civilian industries. The continuation of the unequal relationship between Third World countries, particularly Muslim countries, and the U.S. and other Western countries, which have adopted an unfair attitude, will never benefit the countries of the global South. Therefore, the oil-rich countries, including Iran, which possess the most significant pressure lever, should wisely use this tool to punish the Western neocolonialist countries. Oil is the lifeline of the West, and most of the West’s military industries are dependent on it. Therefore, it is the most potent economic weapon for settling scores with neocolonialist countries. The Iranian nation clearly has the right to stand up to the dictatorship of the EU3 and the U.S., and the best act of resistance would be to impose an embargo on oil sales to those countries. Iran is a country with great potential to respond to Western meddling. Therefore, after consulting with some OPEC countries, Iran should propose plans to confront the hegemonistic actions of the West. Islamic countries must unite and formulate a political strategy to respond to Western neocolonialist countries, since the efforts to prevent Iran from accessing nuclear technology are the first step in the plan to prevent other Islamic and Third World countries from developing this vital technology. Question IF IRAN WERE TO SUPSEPEND / REDUCE IT'S OIL CONTRIBUTION WOULD THIS SEND THE PRICE OF OIL TO 100 $ + PER BARREL AND CREATE A RECESSION IN WESTERN COUNTRIES ?
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